Spring is not always warm and sunny so I've decided to show you two spring outfits for colder weather. What are we do to do when it is spring but it is still cold? I pretty much answered that question in some of my last posts with these instruction: dress warmly but opt for spring accessories (such as straw hats), or/and wear lighter colours. In addition, opting for light colours can help you achieve that spring feeling. Layering is always a good idea, but if you want to wear less layers, another way to feel warmer is to simply opt for warmer materials such as cord, wool or velvet. A blazer made from thick material can be just as warm as a long coat made from a light material. You can have a look at some of my early spring outfits here, herehere, and here. Moreover, reaching for quality vintage denim can be a good idea. Both of my styling proposals for today will feature a pair of vintage Levis 501 jeans. 

My first outfit features a straw hat and a beach bag. Truth be told, it was so windy that day I had problems keeping my hat on my head, but that's another story. Another way I tried to bring some spring into my outfit was by styling it with lighter colours such as blue and green. The bag is green and blue, and so is this hand painted top. The denim sneakers are another good early spring choice. This whole outfit is super casual and comfortable. 

Location for this photographs is the famous Old Bridge in Mostar. I think I was around three years old when I visited Mostar for the first time and I do remember walking on this bridge and how tricky it was. It is still a bit tricky, especially when there is a crown of tourists and the wind is blowing. However, Neretva river is always beautiful and it is a special pleasure to behold it from this historical bridge, one of the landmarks of this city. Who could have imagined (on my first visit) that I would live in  Mostar some day? If you want, you can see also read my other posts about Mostar, I'll leave my list with links to old posts bellow. 

1. You can see Mostar from the bird perspective in my previous posts (herehere and here).2. One of my favourite streets in Mostar here and here.3. Musala bridge (also known under its old name Tito's bridge here and here)
4. You can see photographs of Mostar's catholic cathedral here.
5. You can see images of Mostar and its famous Nertva river herehere and here.
6. You can see the park area of one of its most iconic catholic churches here.
7. You can see both photographs of old bridge and my drawing of it here.
8. Another one of my favourites when it comes to streets here.
9. You can see photographs of Croatian cultural centre/theater here , here here here and here.
10. You can see photographs of the main city park here hereherehere and here.
11. You can see images of Spanish square herehere here here and here.
12. You can see photographs of Custom's bridge here and here.
13. You can see photographs of the new bridge here and here.
14. You can see early spring photographs of Mostar city here. 

15. Another post that showcases Mostar in Spring. 


Another outfit proposal that I have for you features a vintage white blazer and a faux fur scarf. I love faux fur scarves and stoles for transitional styling. Wearing faux fur items always makes me feel warmer and I don't feel I need as much layers. I often pair faux fur scarves with blazers. For this styling, I toned it down on colours (a bit). Bellow you can see an outfit that is a mix of items for warm and cold weather: ankle boots worn with a straw bag. Why not? Sometimes it is good to mix styles, and transitional weather is perfect for that. Do you like to mix styles as well? I do like how this outfit turned out. This combo of a vintage white blazer and Levi's was also super comfy.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.  Have a lovely day!


  1. I never thought I would like wearing jeans but I find my Levis are so comfy that I am in them most weekends!

  2. Mi piacciono entrambi i look ma il primo è il mio preferito, mi piacciono molto i colori!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Great styling ideas! I love both looks. The Old Bridge is gorgeous with that backdrop! Your straw bag is fabulous.

  4. Jeans are one of my fave go tos because they are so comfortable and easy to style. I love how you wore your jeans both ways here.

    xo, Maria

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    amazing tips and awesome look :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. Hihi, dearest Ivana,
    a straw hat is a funny idea for cold spring days - but I think it's not easy to keep it on the head when it is windy ;-)) You a always wonderfully dressed, no matter if the weather is cold or warm. I love your mixes! Your white vintage blazer with that (vintage?-)fur looks so pretty on you.
    Hugs & happy weekend,

    1. the blazer is vintage, the scarf is imitation fur and not vintage.

  7. Such a creative post Ivana! Didn't know you were experience the same situation in the other side of Europe... spring here isn't that warm neither, which makes me think we will have a very long and sunny summer, is it good or is it bad hahaha?

    Anyway, denim is an essential part of my wardrobe, but I just have some jeans, most of this fabric is in my jacket and in shirts.... But the possibilities with this material are endless right? Love all your option, but the one with the fur is so cool because of the contrast between the two materials :)


    1. thank you so much Pablo! The fur creates a nice contrast for spring.

  8. mi piacciono entrambi look, anch'io amo i jeans e li porto abbastanza spesso, mi piace la tua giacca con pelliccia.

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