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Floral dresses are one of the key elements of spring fashion. Since most of us have at least one floral dress in our closet, it seems worth while to ask ourselves the following question: 'How to style a floral dress in as many ways as possible?' One of the ways of getting the most of our floral dresses is by playing with layers. My outfit proposal of the day includes a floral dress, and it aspires to be a feminine and elegant styling. 

Basically, today I'm going to show you one of my favourite ways to layer floral dresses. You see, I like to layer floral dresses by wearing blouses and shirts underneath them. Here I styled a white shirt under a floral dress. I also wore a blazer on top of that. I finished the look with block heels and a mini bag. I think this is a pretty cute spring styling. What do you think? Besides, the outfit today I'm also show you around one charming little city. 


The location for this photoshot is Čapljina (pronounced Čapljina), a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not far from Mostar, and quite close to the border to Croatia, this city makes for a great getaway & weekend destination. Exploring Neretva river, exploring the gastronomical offer, visiting Roman villa Mogorjelo and horse riding are some of the things you can do in the area. Don't forget about Hutovo blato nature park! It is located in the vicinity and it's simply a must visit if you're in the area. Moreover, in Hutovo blato park there is a bridge that is even older than the old bridge in Mostar. Most people miss it, but it's literally right there at the entrance to the nature park (visit this post to see what it looks like). Čapljina is a very pretty and pedestrian friendly town, so do pay it a visit if you can. 

As I wrote here on blog many times, there really are many lovely locations in the vicinity of Čapljina,  such as Mogorjelo (ancient Roman villa site) and right next to it there is a Equestrian club Vranec, a place where you can ride horses and enjoy historical sights simulatenously. If you a horse and history lover, here is a change to join those two loves. I've already talked about these locations on this little blog of mine, so here are five links to some of my previous posts showing off Čapljina:
1. Mogorjelo ( a post focused on describing the historical sight Mogorjelo)
2. Wearing a red puffer and Taking a stroll in Čapljina ( an outfit post but one featuring many photographs of the city as well)
3. Another Strolling Around Čapljina Post (the link is pretty self-explanatory)
4. More Photographs of the City Centre (again the link says it all)
5. Train Station in Čapljina (perfect for train lovers and photo taking, you can also take a train from Mostar to Čapljina but the lines are not too frequent. You'll have to look them up for more details).


Layering dresses in spring is not hard at all. Whether we are talking short sleeve or long sleeve spring dresses, once you get the hang of it, you'll see that there is nothing to it. You can layer your spring dresses by:
- wearing a leather jacket with your spring dresses (the perfect spring outwear some would argue)
- wearing a blazer with them (super trendy this spring),
- wearing a crochet jacket or top with your spring dresses,
- wearing a vest with them (layering with vests is always fun, isn't it?),
- wearing a blouse, a t-shirt or a shirt over them (great way to achieve a relaxed look)
- wearing a blouse, a t-shirt or shirt under your spring dresses (always look elegant)
-wearing a cropped top over your spring dresses (a lovely way to make your look more visually interesting or to emphasize your waist, by wearing anything cropped you'll elongate yourself),
- wearing a body chain over your spring dress (we can layer with accessories too!)
- wearing a scarf around your waist ( a trendy alternative to a belt),
- wearing a scarf as a poncho (that will keep you warm and will look cool),
-wearing a regular poncho (perfect if you like bohemian chic), 
- wearing a skirt over it (this way you'll be able to turn your dress into a top),
- wearing them with jeans or jeggings (spring dresses can look amazing with jeans),
- wearing them with leggings and tights (this one is kind of obvious, but it is worth noting)
- wearing them with cycling shorts ( for a classy take on the cycling shorts trend),
- wearing a crochet or a light duster coat over your spring dresses (this way you .won't be too hot),
- wearing your spring dresses with long, normal and long cardigans (pick a colourful one if you want to get noticed)

 Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. Let me know what you think about the outfit & the city. I shared with you. Have a lovely day!


  1. Cute look! I love floral dresses. They always make me feel girly. The city looks charming, particularly with the hilly background. I would love the nature park!

  2. I love how you styled the floral dress! Floral dresses are the perfect clothing piece for spring. It looks so good with the white blouse layered underneath and I love the chicness the blazer gives! And this looks like a beautiful city too. Thank you for the styling ideas!

    x Kara |

    1. thank you so much Kara. Floral dresses are great for spring.

  3. A lot of great tips my dear! You look stunning in this combo :-)

    1. thank you Alice, I'm glad you found the tips helpful.

  4. I'm loving your amazing layering! That dress is beautiful on you!

  5. Such a fun way to layer a floral dress for a cooler spring day! I really like the scarf belt too around the blazer :)

    Hope your week is going well so far :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. It is, and I hope yours is going well as well.

  6. Such a lovely styling :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  7. I love how you styles this Ivana!! Especially with the belt!!
    One of these days I want to come make me feel like I already know the area!!

  8. I love pairing floral dresses with blazers that are the same shade! You always have such great styling tips.

    xo, Maria

  9. Spring is definitely a great season since it is usually not too hot. I like how you styled your outfit, and the fabric sash belt is lovely. Thanks for being our virtual guide -- Čapljina looks like a great location.
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week, Ivana.

    1. Thank you. I enjoy being a virtual tour guide. :)

  10. i like how you styled the dress! i also love to wear a vest with spring dresses!

  11. I think these are all wonderful ideas for layering a dress. I really like the way you styled your floral dress with the blazer and fun belt. It's a perfect way to make a floral dress a bit more formal, yet still fun.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  12. You look fantastic! I do love the layers with the white button up!

  13. Your pretty dress looks lovely and I really like your layering and excellent tips for making the most of our dresses. Thank you for a look around your city too.

    1. Thank you Jill. I'm glad you enjoyed my tips.

    2. Čapljina is not my city, but it's not far from where I like and I like to visit it.

  14. thanks, my friend :D

    ohn, so nice tips! you look really cool :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  15. Thanks for the tour of Čapljina , I love those hills in the background, marvelously atmospheric.
    That's a great way of making a casual dress look office-worthy with the formal blazer and mini briefcase.

  16. questo completo mi piace tanto *_*

  17. Great inspo - the flower skirt looks fab on you ♥


  18. That skirt looks amazing!Lovely outfit:-)

    1. thank you Olga. It's actually a dress but worn with a blazer it looks like a skirt.

  19. Ты всегда очень стильно выглядишь! И фото красивые получились )))

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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