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Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

I'm having so much fun shopping my own closet right now, that I'm not even sure how I will ever get back to regular shopping or will I. Not too long ago, I wrote about why shopping our closet is ecological and ethical thing to do (you can read that post here). In the meantime,  I've enjoyed shopping my closet more than ever before. Perhaps it is because Spring is finally here and I'm feeling those spring vibes. Not that I'm preaching this approach or anything like that. Everyone knows what is best for them and if buying new pieces regularly is a part of your style, that's perfectly alright. Rather than to preach anything, it was my intention to share what works for me personally. I find that shopping my own closet helps me feel less stressed and more in control of my wardrobe, but that might be just me. That all being said, I do believe there are some clear benefits to re- wearing clothes, and that was the point of that rather long article I wrote. Anyhow, I've rediscovered a few pairs of heels in my closet, so I felt that I was all set when it comes to this trend. 

#Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print #Skirt

Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt


Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

I was going to name this post kitten heels, but then I actually measured this pair of heels and they're not kitten heels at all. They may look like kitten heels but they are not. Do you like kitten heels? Do you wear them? What do you think about this trend? As you can see, I'm ready to temporary set my stilettos aside so I could embrace this trend of smaller heels. The only problem is that I don't actually have a pair of kitten heels in my closet. I have to admit that I googled 'kitten heels', because I wanted to be sure what exactly qualifies as a pair of kitten heels. If we are going to trust Wikipedia, what falls under the category of kitten heels are any shoes that have a short slender heel ranging from 1.5 inches / 3.5 centimeters to 1. 75 inches / 4.75 centimeters. While we are on the subject, I think I saw a lot of 2 inch heels out there being called kitten heels, but that is to be expected when something becomes trendy. I almost made the same mistake myself. I've literally made a pause while I was typing this, took a meter and measured all the heels in my closet. The shortest heel I have in my closet is 8 cm. I was quite surprised to learn that. I was sure I have a lot of kitten heels laying around, but what I have are shoes that feel like kitten heels in the sense they are very comfy but aren't actually kitten heels. I learned something new today. If you want to check out my other outfits with this pair or a similar pair of heels, you can do so here (2016) and  here (2014). 

Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

#Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

#modaodaradosti #modniblog


Another trend I quite like for this Spring is the bold pattern one.  To create this Spring outfit I paired a bold print skirt with kitten heels. As for the rest of the outfit, I opted for a grey light silk bow shirt and a blazer. When it comes to bold print clothing items, for example parsley or floral prints, styling  them can be a little tricky. Sometimes it is best to try to coordinate the rest of the outfit with the colours on the print. This skirt has an interesting floral print, that is parsley like in appearance. Plus, it has ruffles and lace details. I think it can be said that it is the statement item in this outfit. So, I've kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple. You can see more outfits featuring this skirt here and here. You will probably see me wearing this skirt again. 

Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

Outfit: Heels Worn With a Floral Print Skirt, Silk blouse and blazer

#neretva #spring

Now a few words about the location.  There is a new promenade by the river Neretva, and naturally we had to check it out. The old promenade was lovely, but this new one is even better because it is wider. Anyone in mood for some river magic? Do you like strolling by a river? I love it. So, when we went to visit some relatives in Capljina, (proper spelling is Čapljina, and please bear in mind that 'č' is pronounced as 'ch' in church), we also took the opportunity to go for a stroll. The new promenade is utterly gorgeous. I already see myself going for walks there often, no matter the small fact that I don't live in this small city. Isn't this area enchanting? I swear, river Neretva seems to get more beautiful every day. Perhaps this mighty river is most dazzling during the spring season. The new promenade starts at hotel Mogorjelo (you can see it behind it and for a detailed view check out this post) and it ends about 500 meters later on, but don't you stop there. This little city is perfect for taking a stroll, as you can see in my old posts (here and here).

blazer: vintage, shirt: old, skirt: Azel, shoes: Peko, bag: no brand




#springoutfit #blazer #vintageblazer
blazer: vintage, shirt: old, skirt: Azel, shoes: Peko


  1. Ammetto di non avere dei tacchi come questi, mi sa che non li ho mai avuti, a te stann molto bene e sono perfetti con quella gonna. Noi non possiamo fare una passeggiata lungo il fiume qui a roma, è talmente tanto sporco che rischiamo un'infezione!

  2. Such a beautiful location and outfit!

    xx Chelsea

  3. Gorgeous look! You look great! Lots of love! Wonderful post dear
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  4. Mi piace moltissimo la tua gonna, hai creato un look davvero stiloso!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. I rarely buy clothes, maybe a few times a year and that's it. I usually wear what I have and these days I almost never buy new beauty stuff either. I'm happy shopping my own stash.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. me too! I don't know why but I find shopping tiresome. I sometimes go a whole year without buying anything.


  6. I love the look! The dress is so pretty!

  7. Sei molto bella ed elegante con questo look Ivana!
    mi piacciono soprattutto la giacca e la blusa, trovo che anche come colori ti donino molto!
    Certamente è più divertente rivedere i capi che già abbiamo nell'armadio in primavera (o autunno) dato che le temperature permettono abbinamenti più originali ed azzardati!
    Quanto ai kitten heels, a me piacciono tantissimo! Ne ho due paia, ed effettivamente i tacchi sono molto più bassi dei tuoi (diciamo che in foto assomiglierebbero più a bellerine che a scarpe con il tacco), ma ciò non toglie che le tue scarpe abbiamo comunque il loro perchè!
    Bellissime foto!

    1. grazie cara Silvia, si e' sempre molto divertente rividere i capi!

  8. Oh dear, you look amazing in that outfit
    New post up in my Lifestyle Blog !

  9. Fantastic Location for your Pics! Gorgeous Outfit, it suits you perfect. I love the Skirt <3


  10. That is such a beautiful skirt and I really like the velvet blazer and bow detail top with it, you paired it perfectly! :) When I first started working in an office I had so many heels, and quite a few kitten heels. Now I only have a handful and I don't wear them much after a knee injury, sadly most heels are too much for me.

    Hope you are having a great week so far! I'm feeling a bit under the weather unfortunately, trying to rest up (as much as you can with two kids, ha!).

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Hello Ivanna,

    I really want to congratulate you for keeping up with the initiative of shopping your own closet, such an interesting move nowadays when fast fashion is taking over the place and we really have to take a look to our endless pieces we can already find at home :) Love the upgrade you gave to this velvet crimson outfit, is such a classy proposal but the ruffles and the flowery details put it the modern touch :D

    Best dear!

    1. thank you, I love ruffles and floral print so this skirt is one of my fav items. I do agree that there are many (trendy) pieces we can find at home, if only we try.:)

  12. I like your skirt! Nice outfit and amazing pictures!


  13. You look great, what a cool jacket!!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  14. Coole Schuhe, klasse Look, geniale Lokation . Ich bin begeistert
    LG heidi

  15. Estas estupenda!!!!Te espero por mi blog bonit@!!!
    Feliz tarde de JUEVES!!!❤💛💙

  16. Dear Ivana, what you wrote here about kitten heels was also new for me. But I know I have kitten heels in my shoe closet as not all my heels are at least 8 cm :) Nevertheless I would call your heels kitten heels as they really look like such shoes. And you are right, the new promenade at this river is really beautiful and I understand why you assume you think you will stroll there very often although you don't life there!

    And for sure I like your outfit of today. It is also understandable you don't want to go "real" shopping as you have definitely fantastic pieces in your closet.

    Have a nice rest of the week.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. A usual very interesting) Have a nice weekend)

  18. Your skirt is lovely and so is that beautiful blue sky and pretty promenade.
    I've had many of my clothes for years. I think if you buy things you truly love you'll never go off them so every time you open the wardrobe doors you'll be delighted by the contents.

  19. You look beautiful Ivana :) xoxo


  20. The walk you took along the river is gorgeous! The Neretva looks a beautiful river to walk by! I love this outfit! The lovely contrast of the claret jacket and the paisley skirt is fab!!

  21. that's fabulous!

    xoxo, rae

  22. Thanks a lot :D

    amazing combo, my friend :D I'm in love!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  23. A me piace molto riscoprire vecchi capi abbandonati sul fondo del mio armadio e riportarli a nuova vita!
    Kisses, Paola.


  24. I am in love with your new blog layout and design. Finally, I get to read comfortably as I think I've grown old over the years somehow and had to squint to read a small font! Can you believe that? I just love your outfit as I'm partial to this rustic brown shades. As for kitten heels, I have been known to avoid them and 8 cm heels? I will be in the drain. Hahaha. I grew up wearing simple flats and sports shoes that I never felt comfy in heels at all. Back in uni, I had suffered blisters when I wore something heeled but I'm certain it wasn't that tall. My mistake for walking too long in them as I really didn't know that and I walked everywhere usually in flats. So, no too heels unless they're the chunky or wedged variety but not too tall. Love the pictures and the greenery in your shots and most importantly, you and your smile :)

  25. So cute!

  26. You're so right about reshopping our wardrobe, it's such a great concept that is great for so many reasons. For me as a student the biggest plus is the fact that it helps with saving money, something very important for me at this time haha. I love the outfit, and the heels are lovely. I have some quite similar that I also haven't worn for a while, so maybe shopping my closet is perfect for this. And that location! Stunning, I love rivers and this one is really wide and scenic.

    Wandering Everywhere

  27. Amazing outfit, you look fantastic.Great combination-) And the pics are amazing.

  28. Awesome pictures!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  29. You have updated your blog layout, haven't you? It is sooo pretty! The first thing I noticed when visiting your blog is how colourful and pretty it looks. :) Fab template, hun! And also, the outfit is gorgeous, I really like the skirt and how you've styled it with the rest of the outfit. I love heels, but don't wear them much myself. They look fab but I'm terrible at walking in them! Hope you're well, my lovely. <3 xoxo


  30. Mnogo mi se sviđa izgled tvog bloga, jako je elegantan i pregledan! O outfitu da ne pričam, izgleda fantastično

    Mihaailo /

  31. first of all gorgeous blog layout update Ivana :) I love it & you look absolutely gorgeous <3!!!!

    Serene xoxo

  32. You look so lovely in your pretty skirt and blazer and these cute shoes! I also wasn't sure what kitty heels exactly are - a lot of times I use terms loosely. The pictures are beautiful - your country is gorgeous! And yes, a river walk is always refreshing and invigorating! <3

  33. i love that look a lot!!! specially this blazer and blouse is so sweet! you take the right choice on this look - all items are great.

    i love that pic, where you sitting on this bench - it seem so, you are in dreams and thinking over something...- so cute.


  34. That means you have some great pieces in your closet. Love that skirt.


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