New Fashion Illustration + Places To See Near Mostar

 Hi, there! Today I'm back with some new fashion drawings and location recommendations. First, I'll show you some new designs I've been working on and then I talk a bit about Planinica and Goranci. Both of these locations were featured on this blog often enough, but once more can't hurt, right? Besides, don't you love these views? I always loved mountain views. What about you?

This double fashion illustration portraying two ladies in mermaid gowns was a result of insomnia. Chronic paint makes it hard for me to get a good night sleep. Not getting any sleep makes my pain worse. Living with a severe autoimmune illness feels like a vicious circle at the best of times. I can't take pain killers because that will upset my already weaken digestive system (or what's left of it after the resection operation) and being in pain all the time makes it impossible for me to rest. Not to mention that I also have fever- all the time.  So, you can imagine how wonderful my life is. Not saying there aren't wonderful moments. What can we do? Millions of people live their lives with a chronic illness. Some days are harder than others. I guess we just have to fight on. Moving onto brighter subjects. I first sketched this design in pencil. I didn't use a reference. I just decided to draw two girls in stunning mermaid dresses. The design of the first dress was inspired by a church window (of all places). You know those beautiful stained glass church windows? I've always been fascinated by them and somehow they inspired me to make this creation. The second dress (the red one) was inspired by a mixture of things, partly by Renaissance gowns and partly by flamenco dresses. You can't beat that fiery red, I always say. Scroll down to see photographs of 'work in progress'. I used coloured pencils and markers to fill in the original pencil sketch.

Friends Fashion Drawing Collage by IvanaKada
Framed Print

Studio Pouches Friends

Another thing I drew that night when I had problem sleeping was this lady with curly hair. She is still unfinished as I'm not sure where to take it from here. Should I continue filling her in with a pencil or should I use coloured pencils? Should I use watercolours? I haven't decided what I should do yet.  Maybe I'll play with digital editing a bit. Maybe I'll stick with a regular pencil. Black and white does have its appeal. Speaking of which, I uploaded a new design to my redbubble shop, you can see it here. So, how do you like these fashion illustration? Do you think I'm going somewhere with this style?

Friends Fashion Drawing Collage by IvanaKada

As I explained in my last post, my parents came to visit me and being a good host that I am, I took them to many lovely locations in vicinity of Mostar. So, where did I take my parents? To Goranci (a nearby village), Hum (a hills overlooking Mostar) and Planinica (another hills overlooking Mostar). 


First we took them to Planinica. It's a hill overlooking Mostar city. I blogged about it a number of times. Anyway, when we got there, we were fortunate to spot some wild horses. As you may or may not know, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the home to some of the last European wild horses. I'm not sure these horses are completely wild, though. I'm positive about the ones in Livno region, they're officially listed and protected by law, but these ones seem to belong to semi-wild category. Still, you can't be sure just by seeing them. They do seem to wander on their own. Anyhow, if you want to see more of these horses you can visit this old post of mine. I hope their status will be resolved in the future.
Semi-wild horses (photo taken about a week ago)
Photograph taken at this location a few yeas ago

Are you interested in learning more about Planinica? You are welcome to check out old posts here, here, here, here and here. That's a lot of posts, isn't it? This place deserves it, though. I could probably find more if I really tried, but for now this is enough. Anyhow, Planinica is one of the hills that overlook Mostar. It is 862 meters tall. It offers fantastical views of Mostar city and the surrounding mountains and hills. If you ever visit Mostar, I do recommend visiting it. There is a mountain track, but you can also get there by car (whether rent a car or taxi). 

  Planinica offers amazing views of Mostar city.

Photograph taken a few years ago (same horses, though)

Another place we visited was Goranci, a small village in vicinity of Mostar. Because this place was featured on this blog so very often, I'll leave you with  a single photograph and a link to my old posts about Goranci and Planinica.

Interested in learning more about Goranci? Why you're welcomed to check out these posts.

1. Nature Park Goranci
2. Sights to see, places to visit (Goranci )
3. Goranci (photography post)
4. A day in the country (Goranci)
5. Cropped chic outfit in Goranci


  1. Great review and beautiful photos! :)

  2. Hello dear! The illustrations have been wonderful, when I saw the purple dress I thought of a stained glass and reading below I read that was the reason for inspiration, I hope it improves the conditions of your health, I see that the illustration relaxes you not stop continuing to cultivate your talent , Kisses and happy new year!

    1. Thank you Rebeca. How lovely you thought of stained glass when you saw the purple dress.

  3. Amica mia.. tu sei come quelle vetrate colorate. Attraverso te passa la luce.. dell'arte, della fantasia, dell'eleganza. Sei piena di talenti e.. sì. Io credo che tu andrai lontano con i tuoi bellissimi disegni.. uno stile originale e senza eguali!! <3 E' vero che il dolore è grande, e sai che mi dispiace tanto di questo. Ma tu sei forte, perchè trasformi il tuo dolore in qualcosa di stupendo: l'insonnia, anche se difficile, ti fa disegnare soggetti incredibili. Well done dear.. and that places are amazing!!! <3 Ti voglio bene!!

    1. che bel complimento, grazie:). Spero di fare come dici, tranformare il dolore in qualcosa bello.

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  5. Great photos and amazing place! xx

  6. I'm so sorry about the insomnia, Ivana. It's such a catch 22.
    You do such lovely drawings...I always like the color ones so much!
    And getting out with your parents sounds so nice.

  7. Sorry to hear that you had trouble sleeping but at least you were able to use your time for some new creations. Both of those dresses look so dreamy. Looks like you had a nice visit with your parents too.

  8. Dear Ivana, I'm so sorry. Your life is everything other than easy but you still don't lose courage. You are really a very impressing woman! And the illustrations you created during this sleepless night (with huge pain and fever) are wonderful! What a fantastic idea to create a dress with a pattern of church windows! I love both of the illustrations and as I'm not as creative as you I don't have any suggestion what to do with the 3rd drawing.
    You visited beautifuls places with your parents and that there are at Planinica even these semi-wild horses is wonderful! Thanks a lot for sharing all the stunning pictures!
    Hopefully you will feel at least a bit better soon ...
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you Rena. I'm sure I'll figure what do to with the third drawing eventually.

  9. Intanto fammi dire che amo entrambe le illustrazioni, i due abiti a sirena sono bellissimi!
    Poi non so se ti ho detto che io ho lavorato per anni per un azienda che fa farmaci biologici per la tua patologia, tu immagino che sia sotto terapia con uno di questi e la mesalazina?
    Lo so che è davvero una brutta bestia, purtroppo ad oggi si riesce ancora a fare poco.
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. si, sono sotto terapia con Imuran, Pentasa e alcuni altri medici. Ho usato Humira per 5 anni ma adesso non funiziona e non posso usarla piu.

  10. Hello! Sorry to hear that you had trouble sleeping but at least you were able to use your time for some new creations.

  11. You're always so talented! Love the drawings and art you create! Happy new year, looking good in that coat too!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  12. Love the colourful illustration very much, Ivana! Looking fwd to more of your drawings! xoxo

  13. Your illustrations are wonderful !I think that second one would look great if you continued it in black and white, but you should see where your mood takes you! :)

    Those spots sound like lovely places to take your parents too - how nice they could visit.

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with your health lately though, I hope you get some rest soon.

    Away From The Blue Blog

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  15. Hello lovely!! These are gorgeous illustrations and places to see. Looks so fantastic and peaceful. Love horses, so that would have been enjoyable to see. Your illustrations continue to get better and better. Hope you have a great day x

  16. Wonderful Images, what a lovely Post!

    kisses <3

  17. I love your Illustrations Ivana, Happy New year <3

    Serene XO

  18. Mi dispiace tanto che tu (oltre ai già gravi problemi di salute) soffra anche di insonnia, Ivana!
    Mannaggia, mi piacerebbe poterti aiutare in qualche modo ma non ne so nulla di queste cose e so che qualunque cosa ti possa dire in questo tipo di situazioni è del tutto inutile...
    Però vedo che, per fortuna, il tuo spirito rimane forte, e penso che incanalare la tua sofferenza nell'arte sia un ottimo modo per conviverci! Sei di grande esempio per tutti!
    bellissime anche le foto dei posti che hai visitato, soprattutto i cavalli selvaggi! Non ne ho mai visti e non immaginavo fossero così amichevoli!
    Deve esser stato molto emozionante incontrarli! :)

    1. Grazie per le tue parole cara Silvia, sei molto gentile. Vivere con una malattia e' difficile ma che possiamo fare?
      Si, e' semre molto emozionante incontrarli.

  19. Dearest Ivana, I love your two "mermaids"! What a great output of insomnia, although it is certainly unpleasant to be unable to sleep because of the pain. (By the way - I think you wanted to write "Chronic pain" but you wrote "Chronic paint"... Do you know the term "Freudian slip of the tongue"?)
    Oh, and the photos of Planinica and the wild horses are wonderful - I really would like to see this place and the horses! May be one day? And then I will read all your posts of ist.
    Hugs my dear!

  20. Beautiful illustrations and photos as always Ivana!

  21. thanks, dear :)

    wooow, you rock. fantastic ilustrations!!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  22. Sure! I like the views. Great designs and good work. Keep it up.
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  23. Mi spaice per il tuo problema di insonnia, cerca di rilassarti , troverai una soluzione.
    Sei sempre così creativa, bellissime le illustrazioni e stupende le foto!
    Kisses, Paola.


  24. nice pics my dear, but it seems a little bit cold...;-)

    i like your very "big" coat - surely very warm in there.


  25. Oooh, your illustrations are beautiful, particualrly the stained glass one- so beautiful- would love to see that in actual garment form! So nice you were able to take your parents around- the ponies are cuuuuuuuuuuute!

  26. bellissime illustrazioni,sei bravissima!

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