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How To Style a Ruffle Skirt? Awesome's Girls Club

Ruffles are here to stay! Is it just me or have printed ruffle skirts really been trending this summer? I keep seeing printed ruffled skirts around, especially in midi length. I really like this trend so I prepared my own styling suggestion. My outfit proposal of the day is all about styling a ruffle skirt so it's suitable for every day wear, but it still looks a bit dressed up (which is basically something I'm always trying to achieve because I like to feel a bit dressed up). Anyhow, I paired this ruffle skirt with a printed t- shirt I got from my aunt. I do like the print: 'Awesome's girls club'. It's sounds like a club I would like to join! Perhaps I should start one? What do you say? My aunt (who doesn't speak English btw), had actually asked the sale's girl to translate the writing before she bought this tee. Isn't that sweet? You know, I'd say that printed tees are a great way to make any outfit more casual and daytime appropriate.  Still, since I wanted this outfit to feel feminine and chic, I added a pair of elegant sandals and a fancy bag to the mix. Printed t shirts look lovely worn with feminine items, because that always created a bit of style mix. Plus, I think the colours work quite well in this one. What do you think? 

I'm always amazed by what a difference a simple walk can make. For me, personally it is one of easiest ways to deal with stress. A simple walk! It costs nothing and supposedly it has many benefits. Our bodies are made for motion, doctors say. A sedentary lifestyle is linked with many health risks. It is incredible that these days we seem to have forgotten about the befits of a simple walk. Strolling around can be both a physical activity and a way to relax. What better way to rest our eyes from screens? Walking is such a simple and democratic pleasure. As I have I just pointed out, a simple walk is more than a pleasure, it's also good for our health. A short walk does everyone good. Busy is a word we all often use these ways. One thing is certain and that is that life waits for no one. We must never become so busy that we forget to live our own life. That is why taking the time to simply breathe and/or stroll around is so important. 

Because life goes on, with or without us. Time flies by. It doesn’t care whether we’re not in the mood for something. Every thought, every action, every decision, every choice we make- those are the things that shape our lives. The show must go on, as they say. So, does life. It goes on. When you come to your senses after being shocked with one bad news or the other, you realize there is comfort in life itself. Comfort in simply breathing. Comfort in seeing that Summer is just as beautiful as always. In seeing that its colours are still pure magic. No matter what chaos might be going in your head, there is always beauty. The nature is still beautiful and so is the city- if you choose it to be. You can still find comfort in it. It is calming- in a way classical music is calming. In a majestic sort of way. Life goes on. There is still kindness in the world. Humanity is not entirely lost yet. Yesterday it seemed all is lost, today life seems worth living again and the sun is out. I’m going out too now, to greet the sun. 

t-shit: gift, skirt: bought at Azel store, bag: bought at Borsa store, sandals: bought at Retro shoes store



  1. Ruffles are one of my favorite style details because they are such a lovely way to add a touch of feminine flair. That is a lovely skirt and the way you styled it is so effortlessly fun and chic. Yes I agree that a simple walk can do wonders. It's actually one of the things I like to do to feel re-energized or need to clear my mind.

    1. me too! It always helps me to clear my head.

  2. Mi piace molto il contrasto tra la gonna romantica e la tee più sportiva, tra l'altro hai un fisico pazzesco ivana

  3. Thanks for sharing
    Lovely post

    New post

  4. This skirt is awesome and I love your bag!

  5. Very interesting idea, I love ruffles, they are very chic and cute!

  6. Io adoro le balze e le ruches e non potrei esser più contenta di questa tendenza! Speriamo che duri il più possibile! ^^
    E' deliziosa la tua gonna e mi piace moltissimo come l'hai abbinata, hai creato un mix moderno e femminile che ti sta benissimo!
    Belle foto e bella tu!

  7. You are so right---a walk can breath new life in must be those endorphins?
    And the ruffle skirts?? They are so pretty for women of any age. Maybe I should try that theme soon for the 3 of us?

    1. Thank you Jodie. It's a great idea for a theme post!

  8. You look so classy. Have a great week! xx

  9. Lepo si uklopila boje u ovoj kombinaciji. :)

  10. Mi piace molto come hai sdrammatizzato il romanticismo della gonna con una tee più casual... bellissime le foto che hai creato!
    Kisses, Paola.


  11. La t-shirt è stupenda ed hai creato un outfit davvero incantevole.

  12. I really like this look. The skirt is beautiful and the sandals are wonderful. I love the whole look. The t-shirt says a lot and shows how wonderful it is to be a woman! Loved it!

  13. That's a fun graphic tee and you're right it pairs so nicely with the ruffle skirt. I always like a little ruffle, such a nice touch! :) Lovely gift from your aunt.

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. I also adore ruffled skirts and even more so when they're in midi length form. Speaking of which, this ruffled skirt looks so lovely on you Ivana; you always look so effortlessly cool and stylish in whatever you wear :) Hope you're having a lovely week so far! x

  15. I loved your shirt. Cool pics :)

  16. Great outfit:) I like your skirt and shoes:)

  17. Loving this ruffled skirt!


  18. Mi piacciono molto le rouches... Bellissimo il tuo look!

  19. Well done my dear... You are most definitely what your T-shirt says. An 'Awesome Girl' ❤

  20. There is always beauty in every situation and life goes on indeed. Beautifully written and loving your skirt a lot. So chic!! You look wonderful Ivana.

  21. the look isreally nice and suits you really well!! :) love the bag too!

  22. Love this look. I agree that a tee is a great way to tone down an outfit. As for the rest of the post, it's definitely true that there is always something good in any situation and life goes on no matter what.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  23. Love the look! Your skirt is super cute.
    I agree walking is the best. Feels nice and refreshing!

  24. Thanks a lot :D

    cool tips :D you look amazing :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  25. Loving the uplifting message in this post! :) I agree with you entirely, a pleasant walk is an amazing way to de-stress (and I definitely stress out far too often!). I love the outfit, you have such an interesting style and I think it's refreshing to see in the fashion blogging world! :) The skirt is super pretty, very classy but the t-shirt definitely makes the whole look very casual and effortless. And yes, you should deffo start an awesome girls' club! Can I get an invite? :D Hope you're well, beaut. xoxo


    1. thank you Kay....and yes, you're definitely invited.

  26. Ja sam veliki ljubitelj karnera na odeci tako da pretpostavljas ovaj outfit mi se jako dopada :) Super ti stoji.


  27. I love your positive message Ivana, I completely agree with you that a simple walk does wonder sometimes. I love evening walk and whenever I find me stressful and in pain I took help with this method. Listening music also a nice idea to De-stress ourselves especially the Sufi music which touches our soul. Anyways, coming to your outfit, I love ruffles skirt in midi length form. But what does the matter is the way you styled it with that lovely cold shoulder top. You are looking so pretty and the editing you have done with the pics is just amazing.
    Kisses <3
    Have a great day!

  28. Such a nice post!

  29. I LOVE ruffles, and I am delighted with the trend! Your ruffle skirt is beautiful - very feminine and pretty! I also like the 'Awesome Girl's Club' cold shoulder graphic T-shirt you wore it with.

  30. Thank you for sharing these tips, they are useful to all girls. I like to wear skirt but do not know the combination, thank you very much. you are so Beautiful

  31. Eu amei seu look, está linda e as fotos um arraso!
    Beijos. ♥
    Diário da Lady

  32. Jako zanimljiv i lijep outfit, majica i torbica mi se mnogo dopadaju! Super fotke!

    Vildana from Living Like V

  33. Awesome skirt and bag! I really like your outfit!


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