Wearing A Floral Crown, But Being Aware It Is Still Winter: Outfit Post of the Day

I always wanted to try wear a floral crown and with the help of right placement on some of these photographs it looks like I am even if in reality the only thing I'm rocking are boxer braids. One of the reasons why I'm fascinated by floral crowns (and braids for that matter) is that they are a part of European folklore. I love studying folklore, it is such a fascinating field. I always wanted to wear one of those beautiful folklore floral crowns. In this case, however, the floral crown effect was almost accidental. 'Don't move!', he said and I had no idea why until I took a look at these photographs. 'See, it looks like you're wearing a floral crown' he said. Imaginary floral crown, but a very pretty one. Beats those Snapchat filters for sure. These images were actually taken back in January. These Japanese almond trees blossomed as early as January. It was on the news and everything, almond trees blossoming in January. I didn't want to share these images before because I didn't want to rub in it to those of you who live in colder climates. However, we had our share of cold this March. Right now the regular almond, peach and all kind of trees are blossoming as well, so it is seems like an appropriate time to share these. 

Wearing A Floral Crown, But  Being Aware It Is Still Winter: Outfit Post of the Day

Once again, I'm wearing an outfit suitable for cold weather. I layered a turtleneck under a sweater dress  and wore a pair of flare jeans. I have this theory, basically  I believe that flare jeans make our legs feel warmer because they create a quasi vacuum of warm air. When we wear flare jeans with boots, it's like having a double protection against the cold. That's my theory anyway. I'm not sure if there is a scientific basis for it. Anyhow, this was a very warm outfit, just what it takes to feel comfy during these cold Winter days.

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Let's talk about my addiction to pointy shoes

Hello, my name is Ivana and I'm a pointed shoes addict. I've always loved pointed shoes. Here I'm wearing a pair of pointed boots with high heels (you can't see it because I paired them with flares but you can take a look at this old post). Pointy shoes are one of the trends for Spring/Summer 2018 and nobody is more happy than me. I can't wait to style my pointy boots with spring outfits. Do you like pointy shoes?

Wearing A Floral Crown, But  Being Aware It Is Still Winter: Outfit Post of the Day

Wearing A Floral Crown, But  Being Aware It Is Still Winter: Outfit Post of the Day

Today I kept seeing flowers everywhere, bouquets are literally being sold at every corner and it made me so happy to see that. A nice reminder of what tomorrow brings. Tomorrow is International Women's Day, so don't forget to do something nice for women in your life, even if it is a simple thank you note or taking a second to call them and congratulate them. Do you celebrate International Women's Day? Where I'm from, it is a big deal, there is a lot of celebrating going on. I love this celebration because I believe we have a lot to celebrate. Us ladies can be pretty amazing. Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Do you have a special tradition?

coat: Bajina Bašta, jeans: piazza Italia, boots: peko, bag: vintage, turtleneck: terranova, sweaterdress: terranova


  1. Great juxtaposition to create a floral crown for yourself. I keep seem small floral buds and signs of spring as well but it's still cold and we're getting a big snowstorm in NYC today. Looking forward to spring for sure.

    1. I hope that the snow goes away soon, it's time for the spring to arrive.

  2. Oh my God, what a wonderful idea of wearing a floral crown. You made me smile. You are looking so pretty and the flowers look beautiful. I also love your outfit especially the coat and of coarse your hairdo. Have a great day <3 Kisses <3

    1. thank you, I wear this hairdo very often cause it's hubs' favourite.

  3. Dear Ivana, you're wearing a wonderful floral crown! Your husband had definitely the right sight and the pictures are a dream! I can't believe they blossomed already in January - here in Bavaria everything still is bare. Therefore, a huge pleasure to see this pictures!
    And now you have even more blossoms what is wonderful - and this is your look, too! I could imagine you are right with your assumption, that flare jeans are keeping you warmer than other trousers :)
    And for sure I love pointy shoes as well as you do :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. You look pretty in your improvised floral crown and this gorgeous coat! Happy Women's Day! It's a huge holiday in the former USSR countries, so yes, a big deal. Even living here, I used to organize parties celebrating women, inviting friends and acquaintances from around the world. I enjoy my solitude now, but for sure will send my greetings to Mom and a few good friends. Maybe a blogpost, if inspiration strikes. :)

    Lots of love! Stay warm!

    1. I will write something for my blog if inspiration comes as well. I love this holiday and this year I'm really in the mood for celebrating. I haven't planned anything for tomorrow, I'll see where inspiration takes me.

  5. Ma che bella idea originale usare i rami fioriti dei mandorli sullo sfondo come corona! :D
    Personalmente amo le coroncine di fori, le indossi soprattutto in estate al mare!
    Anche qui a Roma quest'anno gli alberi sono fioriti molto prima del solito, pensa che la mimosa che è il fiore-simbolo della festa della donna è fiorita un mese fa ed orai fiori gialli sono già quasi tutti sfioriti!
    Buona festa della Donna, bellezza!

  6. Hello Ivana, hope you're having a good week and again thanks for taking the time to write so meaningful feedback and opinions on my site. Definitely I always take your thoughts into account :)

    First of all I really like the direction you're giving to Moda Odaradosti, it seems that you're full of creativity and you're putting it not only in drawings but also into stories and outfits that have a reason behind.

    I enjoyed reading the short tale about flowers, i remember back in my childhood flowers crowns used to be a naif things and back in the 70s they used to be worn by some urban tribes, but little by little the definition and the meaning behind this accessory is changing (for better or for worse but it shows us that anything could be inspiration for upcoming trends). Anyway you look gorgeous with this unexpected flower crown and I really love how it combined with the outfit. You look so happy!

    And for Women's Day I recommend you to read "We should all be feminist" is a small book that I got today, I'll let you know if I like it but it was definitely a good purchase and it only has like 60 pages, so is pretty easy to read. Also there will be a pretty big march in Barcelona.

    All the best Ivana! I'll stop by the other posts I missed!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm a big fan of flowers in all shapes or forms so for me it's always a fun topic.

      To be honest I'm not sure we should all be feminist, I'm not a fan of third wave feminism. I have the utmost respect for the first and the second wave of feminism, but there are some fishy things about modern feminism that I just can't ignore so I'm not sure how I would like this book, but I certainly will pick it up if I find it.

  7. The floral crown is perfect with that coat and it all picks up the colour in your lips and cheeks! I love braids too though I haven't worn then since I was a child and not sure I can pull it off now. Perhaps I will try when my hair gets long enough. I like a single french braid and I know that works for me. I also like pointy toe shoes but was shoe shopping recently and there were none to be found. I didn't find what I was looking for at all so most disappointing.

  8. The hairstyle is just adorable and you have been so good at it, well done Ivana! Looking so lovely! xo

  9. Super ti je kruna na prvoj slici :D
    I sviđa mi se kaput jako.

    O trapericama i zimi neću, čekam da zatopli da ih uopće počnem nositi :)

  10. what a great idea to take a shot - so cool!



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