Fashion illustrations of the day (red, red, red) / Modne ilustracije dana (crvena, crvena, crvena)

Nothing is easy. Just about anything worthwhile doing takes time and effort if you want to get it right. Even something as seemingly simple as a fashion illustration. If you feel like you can do something better if you only push yourself harder, then why not push yourself harder? In the end, we should be the ones who know ourselves best. We should learn when it is time to push ourselves harder and when it is time to take it easy. One thing that I’m certain of is that you can’t improve your skills unless you work on them. 

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Whatever that set of skills may be, the old ‘no pain, no gain’ applies.  Not that you literally need to be in pain to get something right. In fact, this year I suffered a hand injury because I failed to inform myself about the danger of drawing too much without stop. Supposedly, some artists ruin their hands for good this way. It is because painting and drawing takes so much concentration that most people tend to override the feeling of pain.  So, like just about everything else in life it is about finding a balance between working hard and knowing when to take a break. It is definitely possible to love something so much that at times you are not even aware of how hard you are working on it. Sometimes people improve their skills without being aware of it, just because they do something that comes naturally to them. That doesn’t mean they haven’t invested time and effort into it, it just means they loved what they were doing so much they didn’t notice they were actually ‘working’ on it. 

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Recently  I mentioned (and probably not for the first time) that fashion illustration was something I always enjoyed doing. Since I was doing it for myself, I figured that it doesn’t really matter if my illustration don’t look professional. There was also this another thing and that was that I didn’t want them to look professional, I wanted them to feel like my own, I wanted to be able to see that I made them. I didn’t want to imitate the prevalent style of illustrating. I suppose that what I wanted (but haven’t figured it out yet) was to develop my own style of fashion illustration. I was doing it the wrong way, though. You cannot get better at something, without working on it. This time working on it meant not simply drawing more but getting back to basics, learning more about fashion illustration and trying to find a way to do them that I would feel comfortable with. 

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About a year or so ago, on Instagram, one fashion illustrator left me a comment saying she doesn’t understand how my illustrations get likes on Instagram because they are really bad. That comment made me think. Were my illustrations really bad enough to motivate someone to write a comment like that? I obviously didn’t consider myself an illustrator, least of all, a fashion illustrator but does that mean I shouldn’t post my illustrations?  I thought about it for a while and decided that if I was to use the hashtag fashion illustration, then I better put a bit more time and effort into my own fashion illustration. If you’re posting something out there, either as a hobby or a job, you’re going to invite criticism. Does that mean you should always make an effort? I think it depends on a situation, but in this situation, the right answer was a big yes. I needed to make an effort. If I was going to use the hashtag fashion illustration without looking silly, in other words- I had to earn it. You can’t break the rules, if you don’t know the rules. So, today I’m grateful for that comment because it is probably one of the things that drove me to work more on my illustrating skills.

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Besides that negative comment that turned out to be a good motivator, I did also get a lot of rather encouraging feedback from artists, much more than I expected to. Sharing one’s art can be nerve-wracking, but all things considering, I don’t regret anything. Naturally I’m also grateful for all the positive comments and feedback from you guys. In reality, that might be one of the main reasons why I kept posting my art. The opinion of my readers is important to me. If you say you want to see more fashion illustrations then that is probably what you’re going to get. I do, occasionally, miss doing outfit posts but you when it comes to blogging you can’t have anything. Sometimes you have to let go of something you love, to make space for something that, at that moment at least, feels more important. Blogging is often about choosing, about editing, about deciding what to keep and what to let go of. If you choose to focus on one thing, it will probably mean that you have to push other things in the background or in some cases totally ignore them. Sometimes those other things will be something you enjoy just as much, but you have to make a choice. There is so much self- questioning involved in blogging. Questioning ourselves. Questioning our choices, our content, the things we choose to focus on, write and post about. 

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This article is turning out longer that I had planned but when it that not the case? It turns out I talked about everything related to fashion illustration, apart from the two fashion illustrations that I’m actually posting today. One of them is a casual outfit, while the other is obviously a more dressed up one (a gown). You can take them as a suggestion for a New Year Eve day and night outfit. Some people believe that red brings good luck, you know? I love it regardless of whether I believe it, but  sometimes it is not that terrible to allow ourselves to be a bit superstitious.  Anything that can motivate us can’t be that bad, right? Anyhow, the first painting shows a casual outfit, jazzed up with a lovely red fur jacket. I think it is a very cute choice for everyday wear. If you have something like that in your closet, why not wear it on the first day of New Year? The second outfit is something that I think could be perfect for New Year Eve. Very glamorous, very eye-catching and feminine. What are you planning on doing this New Year Eve? Are you going to celebrate it? If yes, how do you plan to celebrate it?

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 The medium for both of them is watercolour on paper. I did sketch them with a pencil prior to applying watercolour and I think you can actually see that on the paintings themselves. Sometimes I delete the pencil, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I don’t even use it but go straight for watercolours. I’m not sure about the brand of the paper, but it is nothing fancy. Typically, I buy ordinary sketching notebooks and use them for my fashion illustrations and paintings. I might invest more in high quality paper in the future. I might also work more on my watercolour skills in 2018, I feel like I have much to learn. I’m also posting a few images where you can see some other paintings I’m working on at the moment. You might also notice that this time the format of these fashion illustrations is a bit larger, but it is not that I don’t use larger format as well. I enjoy working in all formats, it is just that your typical A4 format can be more easily stored. One more thing, I didn’t made this bouquet myself, a friend of mine made it for me. Isn’t it beautiful? I think it is even better looking than professionally arranged ones! I loved it so much that I dried it and kept it. Dry flowers can be beautiful as well. Well, you know how much I love flowers. I often use it to ‘dress up’ my fashion illustrations. That would be all for today, thank you for reading!

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  1. We must work harder for the best.'' A balance between working hard and knowing when to take a break''. Thats the point.

  2. OH jeez, I never get why people insult other's people's efforts. Do they get a pleasure boost of this, are they sadistic assholes, it makes me angry.
    I myself am struggling with a need to be perfect, if something isn't perfect for me, I do not post it. This has made me resent everything I have done in my life, because I do it with such distress and self criticism it makes me wanna vomit.Suffice to say that we have to find the golden middle, where you strive to be better but don't discorage yourself and hide yourself from the world because some moron thinks we are not good enough.
    I definitely enjoy your drawings and the clothes on the models as well. If this gives you enjoyment, go for it, I love it. <3

    1. I'm not sure about her motivation, maybe it was just a sincere comment but there are definitely some sadistic people out there.:)

      I can understand it, this need to be perfect, I also suffer from what I call 'a perfection disease'. I'm never happy with anything I do. I take self-criticism way too far.

      Finding the golden middle might not be easy, but maybe it is the only way for us not to go crazy in the long run. :):)

  3. Guarda Ivana, tu hai fatto senz'altro benissimo a prendere la critica come motivazione per migliorarti,ma io continuo a pensare che la gente che lascia commenti del genere sia principalmente da ignorare, dato che secondo me il loro scopo è unicamente quello di ferire il destinatario. Insomma se tu vedi una cosa che non ti piace su Ig o Fb la ignori e vai avanti mica ti metti ad insultare che l'ha pubblicato, no? A che scopo poi? Se quklcuno l'ha pubblicato evidentemente per lui era una cosa di un qualche valore, ti pare?
    Comunque fai bene a voler cercare di esse r sempre milgiore, anche io sono così , in tutti i campi, e come te con il tempo ho capito che ad esagerare ci si rimette, quindi, ok fatica e lavoro ma con misura!
    Ti auguro un meraviglioso anno nuovo, tesoro!

    1. Hai ragione Silvia, se non ti piace un dipinto o una foto, perche devi scrivere un commento cosi negativo, perche insultare? Basta dire nulla.

      Fatica e lavoro, ma con misura- una bella filosofia. :)

  4. Oh, dear Ivana! This comment was so rude and is definitely not true! I love your fashion illustrations and the illustration you show today is perfect again! Please let nobody stop to do what you love and in what you are so good!
    Lovely greetings, Rena

    1. Don't worry, if I want to do occupy myself with painting, nobody can stop me and certainly not a bit of negative feedback. :)

  5. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  6. Come sempre sei bravissima Ivana!

  7. I agree with you dear, that everything is achieved with effort and perseverance, let me tell you that after a while I return to visit your blog and see how your fashion ilsutration technique has evolved, I think it's great that you have taken the criticism and that that has driven you to make a little more effort, I congratulate you!

  8. Those illustrations are so pretty. I love them.

  9. Lovely illustration !!! Great talent you have, keep it up.
    Wish you a very happy new year.
    I am your new follower, hope you would follow me back. Please visit my blog.

  10. Hello Ivana! Such lovely fshion pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us! Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year! Thanks fpor your great blog with so many ideas and a lot of heart! Best Wishes, Nessy

  11. Cara Ivana se la gente perde tempo a criticare ha comunque dato attenzione a quello che fai, guarda il lato positivo a volte è dalla critica che si crea popolarità poi capisco che non sia piacevole. Che ti importa tu ami quello che fai e questo va al di là dei giudizi altrui, migliorarsi sempre il nostro obbiettivo: Mi piace troppo il primo dipinto e le foto dei tuoi lavori in mezzo ai fiori. Sei speciale Ivana non dimenticarlo. Buon Anno Nuovo

  12. Thanks a lot :D

    another amazing work! you are so talented!!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  13. I'm so sorry to hear you injured your hand, as well as another fashion illustrator criticising your work, how cruel of them! On a brighter note, you've certainly put a lot of work into your illustrations - these are so beautifully feminine and whimsical. Well done!! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2018 :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. ps. I love how you've detailed the pink jacket, so pretty! x

  14. "About a year or so ago, on Instagram, one fashion illustrator left me a comment saying she doesn’t understand how my illustrations get likes on Instagram because they are really bad." - i´m sorry my dear! i´m feeling so sad to read this. i like your illustrations a lot - i cant do this!!!

    i like your passion for drawing a pic of fashion - you are so creative about that.

    and i LOVE your place where your creations come to life. this looks very comfy!

    i wish you a happy new year and please stay healthy Ivana!!!



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