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colour coordinated (with my dog) / usklađenih boja (sa mojim psom)

So my puppy is not exactly bag friendly, (I couldn't possibly carry her in my bag the way legally blond does because my doggie weights a pretty sum) but I'm not exactly a fashionista or Paris Hilton's look alike, so we make a good couple anyhow...and this time we're both dressed up and all elegant in black and brown. She has a lovely new collar and a leash that make her look all grown up (isn't she getting enormous? even the vet says so) and I (besides matching her colours) have a leather bag that resembles her leash...and I must say, taking photos with her was so much fun!

Dobro moja vučka baš i ne stane u neku šminkersku torbu kao onaj mališa u Plavuši sa Havarda (sama pomisao je smiješna, još malo pa će me dostići po težini), ali nisam ni ja neka hiltonica tako da si skroz dobro odgovaramo. Što mi se toliko sviđa kod ove odjevne kombinacije je da smo savršene usklađene što se tiče boja, oboje u crnom sa malo bež i smeđe. Ona ima novu kožnu ogrlicu sa kojom izgleda baš kao veliki pasonja, a njen povodac i moja torbica...zar se sve nekako lijepo ne slaže? Ovo fotografiranje bilo je baš zabavno moram priznati!


  1. Pas ti je presladak!!! ♥ Ti si bonbonček, haljina ti odlično stoji! ♥

  2. Beautiful! <3 <3 Sweet, elegant.. and your shoes are really amazing! I love your cute dog tooo <3 <3 Kisses with all my heart, dear little star <3

  3. I prefer you at Paris Hilton, your dog is so so cute!! I like also the dress. Great couple ;)

  4. Great dress and I like dogs. But I have only a small one. xa. Have a great day.

  5. Elegant lady with dog)) Like

  6. I think you look better than Paris Hilton anyways and your dog is way cuter too, so sweet. Gorgeous x

  7. Kakav par! :) Baš se uklapate a ti predivno izgledaš u toj haljini i cipelama! :)

  8. Your dog is getting bigger, but she is still so cute :D
    And I like your dressed up look!

  9. Love how you colour coordinated with her lol. She's growing well, xoxo.

  10. Come sei elegante, bellissima coi tacchi e con questo vestitino!

    wildflower girl
    Facebook page

  11. oh wow you look so dressy and sophisticated here in the beautiful lbd and heels! that dog is so cute I looove dogs. xx. gigi.

  12. Adorable puppy. You look sensational with this little black dress.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. Wow, you are looking truly eelgant! i am so in love with your dress and shoes and that dog is super cute!

  14. Incredible style and blog! Just followed you :)

    I am a FASHION STUDENT AND BLOGGER from London. I would like to invite you to my BLOG to take a look at my ideas!

    My Blog:
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  15. Haha, so cute! You look beautfiul, I like your dress, most especially those heels hun. xx/Madison

  16. Dearest Ivana, your both are really beautiful but to be honest you look indeed better than your wonderful dog and I like you with this black dress and the great shoes!

    And it would be so funny if you would really carry your dog in your handbag ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. So beautiful look, my love ^__^

    This doggy is soooooooo cute ^______^

    Many kisses,


  18. oooo.. i love your dog-so sweet :D

  19. You look so pretty, dear Ivana!!! I love your dress!!!
    Have a good week!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  20. such a gorgeous outfit! and your dog is the cutest <3

  21. I love what you put on , enjoyed flipping through your blog ,

    ( Love Me Some Neutrals ) new outfit post on my blog .


  22. So pretty, very classy beauty. This dress is perfect on you.
    Your dog is so cute :)

  23. oh how beautiful you look here! you remind me of audrey hepburn with the glassed and the little black dress;)

  24. Hello Ivana,

    here we go again: take a walk with your dog in heels - i love that!!! You dont look like you take a walk with your dog - you look like you would go to a special ceremony. Because your fashion is just stunning and so elegance! Not many women would go outside in these clothings with a dog.

    Even your handbag is such an eyecatcher - are there dog goodies inside???

    What can i say to your peep toe heels - just awesome, right my taste!!!




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