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Eternal city (part one)...Vječni grad (prvi dio)

All roads lead to Rome is an ancient proverb that makes sense in more than one way. Rome is also known as the eternal city. After spending a few days there, I can certainly see why. So much history... so much to see and so little time... I'm not going to tell you about the places you must visit because I haven't seen them all myself.  I'll just show you the places that I have visited myself. It was on an organized trip, I had a guide and that like everything  else has its pros and cons . Discovering city by yourself is always fun, but when you're going somewhere for the first time it is practical to have someone to show the city to you. However, I still wish I have had at least a bit of time to myself.

I haven't actually drank this beer. I never drink any alcohol for health reasons. The salad was great.  This place where we had eaten was not far from Vatican but I can't remember the name.

This is the Papal Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls (in italiano: Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura). What can I say? It is really beautiful.

This basilica is just as magnificent inside as it is outside. The entrance is very reminiscent of ancient Rome.
detail ...I think this photo was taken my hubs, not me, he is very good with the zoom.
Oak wood that the details on the ceiling are made from came from Slavonia (region in Croatia) or so our guide told us.

In this church (every basilica is also a church) you can see all the portraits of all Popes and the light is still on Benedict. When the new pope is elected the light will be on him.
Outside the church there were some ruins that looked interesting.
.... a lovely house right next to it. I like the colour of the walls.
When it started raining, this scarf I had bought as a souvenir came in really handy.

This is me (the photo is blurry because it was raining) entering another basilica,  this one is called Santa Maria Maggiore.
A few photos of the interior....

This is me being fascinated by the stones...I want to make something like this some day.
A photograph of the altar.

Svi putevi vode u Rim stara je poslovica i istinita, pogotovo je to važilo prije. Rim još zovu i vječnim gradom i jasno mi je zašto nakon što sam tamo provela par dana. Toliko toga za vidjeti, a nedovoljno vremena. Ja sam tamo bila na isplaniranom putovanju, imali smo vodiča  i puno toga za pogledati, cijeli dan je bio ispunjen. Praktično je imati vodiča, pogotovo kad negdje ideš prvi put, ali ipak mi je nedostajalo slobodnog vremena. Pozdrav svima:)


  1. Divno, divno, koji savršeni odmor :))

  2. lijepe slike, vidim da si se lijepo provela!

  3. Really perfect pics. Have a great day.

  4. As I can see you have an amazing trip in Italy.

    I am really so happy for you.

    Have fun, my darling.



  5. These photos are so awesome =D It looks like you had a fabulous time!

  6. Podni mozaici su predivni, ja bih rado jedan u kupaonici :)) Vidim da vam je bilo jako lijepo, sviđaju mi se postovi s putovanjima :)

    1. i ja bi...zapravo planiram sama napraviti jedan mozaik, ima se gdje kupiti materijal, samo mi treba nekretnina u kojoj ću to napravim:)

  7. Wow beautiful pictures, I would love to go myself one day. I also don't drink alcohol, maybe once a year if that, xoxo.

  8. Predivne slicice :)
    Svrati kod mene :*

  9. Oh my friend! What a beautiful photos!! <3 I'm happy that you liked the tour. I love Rome, it's fantastic.. and I really like the mosaics too!! Thanks for sharing and I'll wait you in Milan, when you want.. you're precious to me <3 <3 :) p.s. You know that I don't drink alcohol, for health reasons too?! :P ahah!

  10. wow,you are so lucky!!i had never been to Rome,have fun my dear Ivana!!The photos are amazing waiting for more!!many many kisses!!

  11. whoua these photos are great!

  12. the place is totally amazing and magnificent!

  13. Hey darling,
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know, i stay home so i follow back right away!

  14. Sei a Roma, Ivana! Che bello! Un abbraccio. Caterina (

  15. love Rome, I think it is one of the most beautiful city in the world!

  16. oh i´ve never been to rome but how beautiful it looks on your fotos!
    enjoy your trip darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  17. Absolutely stunning pictures Ivana...

  18. You are in the very heart of the world!
    Thanks God you show a piece.:)

    best Dressed Poland

  19. Nice places!


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