Today we'll talk about styling printed dresses for spring and summer. I think printed dresses are a great option for summer and spring. They are a statement piece in themselves. Prints and patterns are always fun. There are lot of different printed dresses one can choose from. There are the more classical prints like stripes, polka dots, floral and animal prints. Modern prints such as stars, hearts, comic book or graphics are also a good option. If you're adventurous, you can also choose a mixed print dress. If you don't like bold prints, you can opt for more subtle ones. I have all kinds of printed dresses in my closet and I wear them often. I often wear my printed dresses in the colder months as well. With the help of layering, printed dresses can be virtually worn in any season. With the start of spring, I decided to think of different ways to style my printed dresses. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
What I like about printed dresses is that there are many ways to style them. You can opt for something more classical and pair your printed dress with simple accessories for a more clean look. Alternatively, you can choose to wear bold accessories and layers.  Dressing up printed dresses up and down is pretty easy as well. It is easy to dress them down with sneakers and dressed them up with heels. For spring, a simple pair of heeled sandals or mules might be the ideal solution to elevate your printed dress. You can also have fun with exploring different tonalities and colours.  Prints and patterns come in many shapes and forms. Take floral print for example. You can opt for retro, maxi or mini floral print. Many prints look completely different on a different background. A floral print won't look the same on a mustard and a white background. Dark floral prints can look very elegant styled with blazers. Similarly, white floral prints can be quite elegant as well. Floral for spring is kind of obvious, though. Don't forget to explore other printed options. 
There are a lot of options for layering printed dresses in spring. The first thing that comes to my mind is layering your printed dress with a blazer. A nice cardigan is also an option. You can also wear a shirt  or a jacket over your dress. Layering in spring is often a necessity. 
Once you've thought about it, you'll realize there is a number of options. I'll write down some of them for you. You can layer your summer dress by: wearing a vest with it, wearing a blouse, a t-shirt or a shirt over it, wearing a cropped top over it, wearing a body chain over it,  wearing a scarf around your waist, wearing a scarf as a poncho, wearing a regular poncho,  wearing a skirt over it, wear it with jeans, wear it with leggings, wear it with shorts, wearing a crochet or sheer jacket over it.

If you're not happy with how the dress fits you or you don't feel confident enough to wear a dress, maybe proper undergarments will help. Shape-wear can never be a substitute for eating healthy and exercising regularly, but it can give you a boost of confidence when you need it. Choosing to wear a corset or something of the kind with a dress might help you feel more confident. If you opt for this kind of undergarment make sure it's something comfortable, such as a latex waist trainer for women. Wearing a belt is also a good option. Belts can be a great way to accentuate your waist. I often wear belts with dresses. Another thing I sometimes do is to layer my dresses under a skirt. That way a dress serves as a sort of under dress and makes sure everything is smooth. When it comes to dresses, undergarments can really make a difference so choose them wisely. If you want something to make everything smooth, than a simple under dress or a slip dress should be enough. If you want to alter your shape or appear slimmer then you need shapewear.  
1. Digital detox (because sometimes we are tempted to check our phones even on vacay):
 Resting our eyes from the screens is pretty important and what better way to do it than by taking in some beautiful landscape in? Exercising outdoors is a great way to remind ourselves that the best panorama is not on Instagram or Pinterest but rather there where we can enjoy it, aka in the real world. Nothing wrong in searching for inspiration online but sometimes we really do need a digital detox. 
2. Physical activity (because potato coach lifesytle comes with a health risk):
Great thing about outdoor exercising is that you can adjust it to your fitness levels. It doesn't have to very long or intense if your health or general fitness state doesn't permit. Listen to your body. A slow walk is appropriate even for the elderly and chronically ill. Physical activity is an important aspect of overall health preservation and maintenance.
 3. No noise, less stress (because we all need some peace and quiet):
You hear warnings about the dangers of prolonged screen times, but often we are not aware of how much the noise we're exposed to daily can increase our stress levels. Resting our ears might be as important as resting our eyes. Don't underestimate the effect of silence. In addition, nature sounds such as the sound of the waves, a creek or the bird song can have a relaxing effect on many.
4. Fresh air (because our lungs need some TLC as well):
Our lungs works hard and so does our whole body. The air we breathe in isn't always of the best quality. Often we spend our time indoors and we don't get nearly enough fresh air. Even when we do get out (especially if we happen to live in a city), the air we breathe in might be problematic. A typical urban settlement has its own fair share of traffic and we know how polluting the city air can be. Fresh air is obviously beneficial for our lungs and overall health. Fresh air boosts our immune system and spending time outdoors can lower the changes of depression.
5. Inspiration and a change of scenery (because it can boost creativity and make us feel better):
Nature can be a great way to find inspiration and get our creative juices flowing. I always say that the nature is the best artist. Indeed, observing nature (both flora and fauna of some place) can teach us a lot. Working our outdoors can be a perfect way to get inspired and  this doesn't only apply to artists or people working in creative field. A change of scenery is a good for anyone really and we all need it sometimes. Best thing about working out outdoors is that it is free. It doesn't cost anything and it is  a fantastic way to change up our routine. 

Shapewear items work best if you know what you want. What are the areas that you want to focus on? Is it your waist that you want to accentuate. Often it will depend on the dress you want to wear it with. There are different kind of shapewear items you can utilize for different effects. 
If you want an undergarment that will hug and shape your entire body,  not just your waist, you can opt for shapewear bodysuit.

You can check up FeelinGirl site (#ad) for more information about their shapewear products.
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


  1. I have to admit that most of my dresses are prints. In fact, I have been making an attempt to buy some that aren't. I love them all.

  2. I love a good print! I've worn two printed dresses this week (one abstract, one floral) and I'll be wearing another one tomorrow! I find that prints lend themselves to accessorizing so much better than solids, as they help me settle on colours.

    Your dresses are amazing. That white one is so pretty, but I think my heart belongs to the yellow one (such a great colour). I hope you are doing okay, Ivana!

  3. Although I'm not a fan of shapewear - it just looks painful and uncomfortable! - i do love a printed dress, and you have some very cute ones! I really like that yellow one :)

    Hope you are having a good week :) It's a bit cold here - winter has arrived a week early!

    Away From Blue

  4. Your dresses are gorgeous!
    The white printed dress looks very sweet!

  5. Che belle stampe hai scelto, mi piace sopratutto quella del primo vestito che è anche molto il mio stile!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. Outstanding Outfits - The First Set Is My Favorite For Sure - Gorgeous Locations - I Appreciate You Sharing These - Stay Strong


  7. Anche io ho una vera passione per i vestiti stampati, soprattutto a fiori!
    Infatti adoro quel tuo maxidress bianco a fiori, in tutte le versioni!
    Le tue idee sono sempre molto stilose e utilissime! :)

  8. You've got some lovely printed dresses in your wardrobe, Ivana! I particularly love that yellow floral one, although I'm also very taken with the first outfit you're showing us here, as I love the shawl worn over that dress. As you know, most of my dresses are printed ones. I only have a handful of plain ones, and I don't wear them very often. Definitely not a fan of shape wear, and especially not the extreme variety as shown in your post. It looks very uncomfortable and I really doubt it would make me feel more confident! Wishing you a restful and relaxing weekend! xxx

    1. the problem with shapewear is that ot can be really unhealthy if worn too tight and I'm afraid many wear it the wrong way. I have worn shapewear in the past and found it comfortable but the sizing needs to be right.

  9. You wear all of these lovely floral printed dresses SO well! As always, I love seeing your local nature surroundings via your blog :) Have a lovely weekend!

    aglassofice.com x

  10. Gorgeous dresses. I like such dresses :-D

  11. I absolutely agree that printed dresses are a fabulous option for spring and summer. You have a lovely collection of them. I've fallen back in love with my dresses lately and even though I have no where to go I have been wearing them at home and out on my terrace. It's little things like this that are making me happy right now.

  12. Šarene haljine su super za ljeto, i lako se kombiniraju i taman pašu za stanje uma.

  13. I love all of your looks!!


  14. You look lovely in all your printed dresses. I only own one plain dress without a print or embellishment, I find them harder to wear than a pattern! xxx

  15. I love your blog ♥ ! Hope you are having a great week.


  16. Hey Ivana, another great look with information that could be useful for your followers but also with inspiration that looks so editorial!

    I must confess that I don't own right now tons of clothes with catchy prints, since I moved to Europe I noticed that my style changed and I'm wearing a lot of neutrals, but I'm trying to change that looking for more funny and personal garments.

    Love that despite they are very catchy prints you find a way to pair them with another clothes :D

    Stay safe!

    1. I've started to embrace neutrals too, but I still love to wear prints.

  17. Your layering are always amazing! I really love he first outfit with the big floral stole, and it inspires me!! Thank you for sharing many outfits!!



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