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Yesterday I was wondering about how I could thank my dear readers for all of their support and then it occurred to me that I could host an art giveaway. Nobody has ever complained about getting free art- not that I know of.  Besides, it has been a while since my last art giveaway, hasn't it? I have made some new art recently so the time seems right. Yesterday I posted my first fashion illustration of the year on Instagram (after not using this platform for months and was surprised that so many people still remember and follow my account). Anyhow, I'm here with a new art giveaway that will include not one but three watercolour paintings. I decided to include a painting from yesterday's post in this giveaway as well. The start of a new year always makes me want to be more productive.

fashion illustration work in progress


The rules of this giveaway are very simple. You should write why you want these paintings. It doesn't have to be an essay, one or two sentences can be long enough. You don't have to follow me on any social platform, you can stay anonymous if you wish. You don't even have to leave a blog comment. You can email me at ivana.kardua instead of leaving a blog comment. Whatever method do you prefer. Just write why you should get these paintings and I'll pick an answer I like. When I select a winner, I'll get in contact to ask you for your address. You can also email me your address right away and I might consider you for a future  art giveaway. If you want a free painting of mine you can always ask for it, and I'll see if I can afford to give it away or not. 

New paintings available in my art giveaway


Let's start with the first fashion illustration I'll be giving away. It is also the first illustration I have painted this year. As you will be able to see once you scroll down, I used an ad from Dior as an inspiration for this fashion illustration. This ad is from 2018 Dior Fall editorial. Lovely editorial it  was. This Dior tote bag is quite something, isn't it? I also love their new tote bags from 2019 cruise collection (here), but the price not so much. I think I'll stick with my own tote bags, thank you.   Anyhow, another thing I love about this editorial look is the dark blue suit. The cut is very classical but it feels modern at the same time. You know I'm a sucker for wide trousers, don't you? There is always something so elegant about them. I believe Jennifer Lawrence modeled for this Dior campaign, and it looks like she even got a bag with her own name for the new 2019 campaign. 

I've also decided to include some 'making of' photographs in case you're interested in that. If you scroll down, you'll be able to see how the original pencil sketch looked like. Like I do often, first I drew a sketch in pencil, and then I filled it up with watercolour. I used coloured pencil for some details, but it's mostly watercolour on paper. This fashion illustration took me about an hour to finish because I applied a few layers of watercolour (maybe too much? I hope not) and there were some details that I needed to take care of. However, as I'm happy with how I turned out, I don't mind that I put in some extra work. It feels nice to have finally taken the time to do a proper fashion illustration.  It's been a while since I was able to do that. People often ask me is it hard to draw fashion illustrations? Well, it is not very hard, but it's not easy either. You need to be mindful of proportions. It also helps if you  know what you want. Like with everything, practice makes it easier. I wrote more about it in my fashion illustration post


The next painting I'm sharing is more whimsical and less realistic. It is not a fashion illustration even if it depicts a girl in a red dress. It's really more about the feeling, then about the clothes. I wanted for  this painting to have a fairy-tale quality. I didn't drew the sleeping beauty, but the girl I drew has her eyes closed. I wouldn't say she is sleeping, though. It's more like she is relaxing. You know what they say, the most important things in life are invisible to eyes. I actually planned to paint only the face with closed eyes but then I changed my mind and painted the body and the dress. I used pencil to sketch the face but no pencil for the rest of the painting. I applied several layers of watercolour on the face and the hair, aiming to make the details visible but the rest of the painting is not detailed at all, the dress and the background is aimed to fade away. I'm not sure how long it took me to finish this painting because I didn't exactly time myself. My guess is about half an hour or maybe even less. I'm pretty sure it didn't took me a long time or I wouldn't have been able to finish both of these paintings yesterday. 
Photograph taken under natural sunlight, no editing.

Fashion Painting Vs. Whimsical Painting

How do you like these two paintings? Which one do you prefer? For me it is hard to compare these two, because not only is the theme different but they're painted in a different styles. They do have two things in common. They are both watercolours and I painted them both yesterday. 

win free art
Photograph taken under natural sunlight
 As I said, the watercolour painting of a girl with long hair (posted yesterday) is also a part of this giveaway. Have I remembered to name this one? Maybe I should go for girl with big eyes and long hair? If comments are to judge, you liked this painting and anyhow I'm feeling generous.



Photograph taken under natural sunlight, no editing
 So, that would be three watercolour paintings in total. If you want these watercolours, tell me why you want them. The winner will be announced in my next post.


  1. What a wonderful giveaway Ivana! I would love to enter as I am particularly enamoured of the girl with her eyes shut in dreamy contemplation BUT I know my husband would be awkward about letting me put them up- I have several pieces of Doctor Who art that I have been given over the last few years or so and he's really grumpy about letting me put them up so they are sitting in a satchel in the spare room. Thus, I know he'd be grumpy over fashion art which is super annoying as we are looking for some art for our living room and we can't seem to agree on something thus far. But I hope someone enjoys receiving these beautiful pieces!!xx

    1. I can totally understand. My husband is the same way, he is not exactly crazy about fashion art. I hope you'll be able to find some art you both like soon enough. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Che bellissimo modo per iniziare il nuovo anno! Illustrazioni stupende!
    Tantissimi auguri di un meraviglioso 2019, cara Ivana! :)

  3. How exciting for your winner Ivana! You have such a talent and I love to see your fashion illustrations; totally with you on the Dior bag by the way. Dior never fails to put on a smile on my face haha. Happy 2019! x

  4. Such a great giveaway! :) I think anyone would be lucky to have them! I'd particularly like them as they all feature a little blue, especially the Dior one, and blue is my favourite colour :)

    Hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. you're the winner Mica. Congrats! Send me your address and I'll ship these.

  5. You're so talented! This is a lovely giveaway.

  6. what a cute gift, Happy new year!
    IG @grace_njio

  7. you are very talented girl, such a lovely giveaway edition dear xx

  8. A wonderful giveaway Ivana
    Happy NY

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Such a great piece of art! I love it! Awesome giveaway <3 Thanks for sharing..

  11. Beautiful illustrations! I really like the close-up one of the girl with the closed eyes. She looks like she's day dreaming!
    Have an amazing 2019!

  12. It is so cool that you're doing a water coloring giveaway! Love the talent you have - the water color art looks cool! Good luck to everyone who entered!

    Nancy ♥

  13. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I like and appreciate your work. Keep up the good work. Advanced Thermal Solutions

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I'm really amazed to see these beautiful illustrations. It's great that you are doing a water color giveaway. Best of luch to the participants <3
    Have a happy Monday!

  16. Son unas ilustraciones muy bonitas! :) Feliiz 2019!!!

  17. I always love your sketches dear! Please keep them coming!
    Jessica |

  18. Toliko su savrsene ilustracije da je prosto nemoguce odabrati omiljenu :***

  19. Happy New Year!
    It's a lovely post and give away, very sweet from you to do that.
    I like a lot the first one, very nice.


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