Fashion Illustrations of the day: Rihanna for British Vogue + Making of a Fashion Illustration

Today I'm back with another fashion illustration of mine. I'm sure that for fashion lovers the image of Rihanna gracing the cover of September British  British Vogue is nothing new.  You've probably all seen it by now.  But you haven't seen my drawing of this cover (or maybe you did in my stories?). I think this was the first time I've ever illustrated a fashion cover. What did you think about the cover, btw? I obviously liked it, since I drew it and all. I do like this dramatic and theatrical make up look. Not something for every day, but perfect for that editorial. It was sure fun drawing this one.

I drew this little illustration some time ago (about two weeks ago, I think). As you might have noticed, I've been a bit absent from the blogging world. Thank you for all of your kind messages. These past two weeks were a real challenge for me, but let's hope it all works out well so that I might return to blogging again. For people suffering from immune and chronic illnesses (like myself), the change of seasons can be especially hard. Although the weather has been nothing but sunny and extremely warm, my health has suffered a lot in the past few weeks. I can't really promise to be more active in the blogging word, because that will depend on my health status, but at least today I'm back with a new post. My illness robs me of much time, but I think the best thing is not to dwell on it too much. With good time management skills and a bit of self-discipline, I do often manage to find time for art. It is true that art is very time- consuming, but I have no plans on giving up on it. I guess for me art is simply worth the time invested in making it. 

Today I'd also like to share with you the process of a making of one fashion illustration. I drew this fashion illustration to practice, but I like how it turned out. Lady in red and all that. Red is my happy colour, you could say. I often feature red outfits in my fashion illustrations. This pencil drawing was a pleasure to draw. Maybe I'll upload it to my shop, maybe not. I'll think about it. How do you like it? I still haven't posted photographs from my last joined art exhibition. Maybe I should save that for the last post. That's about it for today. My new post will probably also be devoted to fashion illustration. Have a great start of week! Thank you for reading.



  1. Mi sa che sono l'unica a non aver visto quella copertina, comunque la tua illustrazione è stupenda come sempre Ivana, hai un dono!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. Your Rihanna–drawing is so beautiful, dear Ivana! I Hope you feel bettet soon!!! Hugs Traude 😘

  3. such a cool sketches!! LOVE them x
    have a wonderful day!

  4. Lovely sketches, especially that last one, makes me want a red swimsuit, haha! It's good to see a post from you again, I'm sorry you've been so unwell lately and I hope your health improves.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I'm sorry to that you haven't been at your best health lately Ivana. I also suffer from a chronic condition so I feel for you. The change in seasons can be quite difficult and trying. Just continue to take good care and make yourself your first priority. We will be here whenever you can find the energy/time to blog. It's good that you were still able to work on your illustrations. Being able to do what we enjoy is not only satisfying but it is also a wonderful form of self care.

  6. Anche a me è piaciuta molto quella copertina, ma d'altra parte Rihanna ha un bellissimo viso e non è molto difficile che risulti così bene in foto!
    In ogni caso è davvero bella e somigliante la tua illustrazione, Ivana, bravissima!
    Mi dispiace che tu sia stata male e, anche se sono contenta che tu sia tornata nella blogosfera e abbia trovato anche il tempo per disegnare, cerca di non sforzarti troppo e prenditi i tuoi tempi!

  7. Hai davvero tanto talento Ivana, complimenti!
    Kisses, Paola.


  8. You are so good not to dwell on your condition, and to look at the positive things!!
    Of course I envy your talent that you show here!! Such an amazing illustration!!

  9. The portrait is AMAZING!
    I would love to see more of these styles from you.
    You are gifted with a huge talent.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  10. Complimenti per il tuo disegno, è bellissimo! Buona giornata.

  11. Dear Ivana, I'm so sorry you had to go again through such hard times and I'm sending you simply the best. You are so brave and your attitude impresses me once again. Please take care of you!
    I'm even more impressed that you despite your illness find time for such wonderful illustrations like this fashion cover from Rihanna. The illustration turned out perfect and I really really love it!
    Sending you love!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Hi dear Ivana, I was hoping to see new content from you and I'm always happy to see your drawings, your energy and the way you display your creative tools always motivate me to keep drawing :D

    I saw this Rihanna cover the other day and I think it was a good idea to illustrate it, she's such an icon and not only talking about fashion and music, but also about the way we understand topics like feminism and body love. The result is great and looking forward to see more topics related to fashion illustration, as you may know is one of my favorite topics dear :)

    Best regards!

  13. You're very talented with your illustrations Ivana! Great job!

  14. art is your thing
    new post:

  15. I love your artwork, keep it up because you'll only get better! =)

  16. Wow! I really loved that last one, it is so beautiful. Kisses!

  17. Wow! I love your illustration, it is georgeous! I'm a little worried about your health and wish you all the best!
    Kisses, Nadine

  18. wow so stunning pictures dear- you have a talent in your hand xx

  19. Such a beautiful illustration, I'm really impressed!
    I hope you will fell better soon!

  20. Ti faccio i miei complimenti!!! Sei bravissimaaaaa

  21. Great illustrations you have here dear! I'm definitely impressed. You have so many gorgeous ideas.

    Jessica |

  22. Looks really amazing!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  23. I'm so sorry you have been so unwell- it is rotten that you have to cope with the illness and condition.
    Your Rihanna picture is marvellous- the likeness is uncanny! I love the textures you created and how her eyelashes seem to come out of the page!!

  24. Great post.

  25. So glad you found time to write regardless of our health. I hope this change of season is not too hard on you. Keep pushing, I'm rooting for you always. I loved that cover very much. The makeup is so on point. Just last night I was looking at this very dark skinned girl that had bright orange eye shadow and my daughter and I agreed that it must have been done for the runway and not for everyday. I just hope the skinny brow Rihanna is sporting is not about to make it's way back cos I can't stand it. LOL. You nailed that cover! I love the red illustration as well. Art is you girl!!!

  26. Sei bravissima, sembra proprio lei, bella illustrazione

  27. I'm so sorry to hear that your are not feeling well. I also have been suffering from fever, cold from last few days. I love these illustration and this Rihanna picture is just gorgeous. Please take care of yourself my dear friend and get well soon.

    Happy Monday <3
    Kisses <3

  28. great post!

  29. Great sketches as always Ivana. How are you feeling? :-)

  30. How fun to have illustrated a magazine cover! Funnily enough, that's something I've always wished I could do, haha. I love how you've drawn Rihanna's eyeshades - very pretty! Hope you're having a lovely week so far :) x

  31. Those are really cool! Love them!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  32. Beauitful illustrations, I love the colours

  33. Definitely love to try drawing some day! You're such an inspiration, Ivana! xoxo

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