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What To Wear When Travelling? A Printed Dress Worn With Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

What a delirious but also somewhat sweet start to Monday I have had! But first things first. These photographs were taken at the Zagreb international bus terminal. It's a well organized terminal, I have to say.  I can't say the same for the various bus companies I have had the (mis)fortune of riding with in the last two weeks, but that's another subject. Travelling by bus is not exactly my first choice, I have to be honest, it's more a case of not being able to find a plane ticket that doesn't cost a small fortune. Still, to be fair travelling by bus  has its perks. Sometimes you get to see an awful lot when you travel by bus, so in that sense travelling by bus isn't that bad, especially if you, like myself, like to look around. I just get annoyed when buses are constantly late. Do you? Anyway, you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that the capital of Croatia is absolutely gorgeous, because this time I don't have any photographs to show for it. Besides these ones taken at the bus terminal, but you can't see that much of the city here, maybe you can spot a pretty building or two in the background if you try, but that's about it. With my operation going wrong, visa problems I've been having and etc, I didn't get to spend any time strolling Zagreb. I ended up spending the majority of my time there either in the hospital or bed ridden. All is well, that ends well, right? Let's just hope it will end well this time. ;)

#modaodaradosti #blogger #fashionblogger

#modaodaradosti #summerdress #printeddress

I didn't get a wink of sleep yesterday because my surgical wound/cut (not sure what to call it) got infected. After a rather crazy night with me cleaning my surgical cut and trying to get the swelling down, blood (and other more sinister fluids) gushing out of my wound in an seemingly endless stream, and me freaking out over the scar that I'll end up with (I have some experience with this kind of stuff so I wouldn't call thinking I'll end up with a bad scar a wild guess), I managed to find a good surgeon this morning. First we headed off to a private clinic, but they didn't have a surgeon at stand by and recommended that I pay ER a visit. Reluctant to do that, we decided to look for my husband's friend who checked me the other day and who has multiple specializations, maxillofacial surgery being one of them. Fortunately, we ran right into him. He had cleaned my cut thoroughly and prescribed me some antibiotics. I had spend the afternoon sleeping for 5 hours straight, exhausted from many a sleepless night and a great deal of pain suffered. Now I'm in a pretty good mood and shape, and ready to write a blog post, filled with some some travel style meditations and book recommendations.

#WhatToWear When #Travelling? A Printed #Dress Worn With #Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

 I would say this is a nice and comfortable travel look for summer. Dresses and sneakers are pretty much my 'go to' outfits for summer and I find that fun prints help to take the outfit to a new level, making it more summery, carefree and fun. I've must have worn this dress a hundred times, but somehow it looks brand new and the colours are just as vibrant as on the day I bought it. Sometimes we just get luck with our purchases I guess. A printed dress paired with sneakers is cool and all that, but I also decided to add something extra to this look at that would be this oversize scarf. I like its colours and I wear it often. I was planning to take it down if there is too much air conditioning in the bus and I did that, but until then it was fun to wear it like that. Travelling in style is certainly possible. I've seen many do it, and I always try to take inspiration from that. Sometimes all about thinking of multiple ways to wear something. The less we carry, the lighter we are. So, we must rely on our creativity to be stylish. Limitations can be very liberating. Interesting, isn't it? I think that it is because our brain sometimes find it easier to work with less. In today's world we're often overloaded with information, so simplifying things can feel so refreshing. 

What To Wear When Travelling? A Printed Dress Worn With Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

What To Wear When Travelling? A Printed Dress Worn With Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

Yesterday I had the 'bride of the Frankenstein' look down. By that I do mean the cheesy horror versions of the book, not the actual book which is a rather brilliant masterpiece written by a renowned British author Mary Shelley. It is one of those novels everyone should read, simply because it's really good. Anyway, if you read the novel, you'll surely know that Frankenstein was the name of the doctor who created the creature (the monster), while the creature remained nameless. Hence, the bride of Frankenstein would (if we want to be accurate) be the wife of the doctor Frankenstein. In the book version, the doctor refuses to supply his creation (the monster) with a companion. Enraged, the creature kills the love of his life. Ups, I just gave away the plot of the book. What was I really trying to say? That I was rather deadly pale yesterdays? Yes, that was it. I mentioned my cut got infected. For most of the day, my neck was terribly swollen. I started (and finished a little before dawn) a novel by American author Thomas Pynchon. The title of the novel is The Crying of Lot 49. As sometimes happens, I was in a perfect mood to read this book. Thomas Pynchon has a reputation of being a difficult writer, but really people say the same of Faulkner and he is one of my personal favourites. So, I guess it's just a matter of taste. What did I think of this book?

All I'm going to say is sign me in for more Thomas Pynchon, please!!! This was actually my first reading of him, and I was honestly blown away. How is it possible that I haven't read him sooner? Well, it's never too late to discover a good writer. I'm actually happy that I dived into this novel blissful unaware of anything regrading the author, the time period it was written in or the novel itself. That made the reading all the more fun. The Crying of Lot 49 has proved to be such an exquisite literary surprise! If this novel is anything to go by, Thomas Pynchon has a really peculiar writing style but for my personal taste it is simply perfect. The narrative in this novel often felt chaotic, but I absolutely enjoyed its potent mix of wild humour, entertaining characters, delicious sarcasm, social commenting and alternative history! I didn't find it hard to follow at all. Maybe it was because of my mood at the time, but I found myself immersed in the novel. If you want to read my goodreads review, here is a link. I will probably be writing a longer review for my other blog. 

Yesterday and today were both 'what a day!' kind of days, with the infection all all. Immersing myself into deliciously delirious Thomas's prose while I was almost delirious myself- what an experience. And how appropriate! I'm feeling better today, though. I'm even in good spirits. As I said, this whole experience has reminded me how much I love reading. Forgive me for being a bit verbose today, but it is quite possible that I have been reading too much lately. Reading good writing is contagious in a way. It influences your brain. It's like a drug, but while drugs make you stupid, reading makes you smart. I don't know why more don't realize that. With the Internet, free eBooks,  public libraries and so on, reading is basically available to almost everyone. I wonder why people don't read more these days. But I guess there are many kinds of reading. Blogging is, often, as much about reading as it is about posting. Now that I think that might be why I like it so much. Do you like reading blogs? Or is that too much of a rhetorical question? I mean you probably do, if you are a blogger or a reader of blogs. That would be all for today. Let me know how you are doing. Have a great start to this week!

What To Wear When Travelling? A Printed Dress Worn With Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

What To Wear When Travelling? A Printed Dress Worn With Sneakers (Travel Outfit Proposal)

Thank you for reading & visiting!



  1. That dress is great on you! I'm glad everything is clearing up with the infection.

  2. You look wonderful in this styling my dear! This dress reminds me Roberto Cavalli project :-)

  3. Te veo genial... feliz verano... un saludo desde Murcia.

  4. I really hope you'll recover as soon as possible! This outfit is very nice and cool and ... I don't like to travel by bus ;) Happy day xx

  5. very n ice travel look
    Thank you for this lovely post my dear
    New post

  6. Gorgeous outfit and works pretty well! I can see how easy you can take it from day to night, thanks for sharing my lovely xoxo

    Love from London,

  7. I love dresses and Converse, cute and comfortable even if your mode of transport wasn't your favourite!

    Sorry to hear you've had some complications post-surgery, but glad you were able to find someone to help you out! Hope you continue to rest and you recover well.

    Hope you are having a good week otherwise! :) It's starting to warm up here which is nice, although it's still so cold in the morning!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. I am so glad that you were/are in good hands!!! It must have been terrifying when the blood wouldn't stop. I am glad you are feeling better! You look charming and very cool in your wild dress - wild in a good way of course! I love the print mix and the casual style with sneakers. I've spent about 1/4 of my life in buses, hehe, certainly don't miss those years! They were frequently late in the USSR, once I was waiting for my bus for 1 hour when the temps outside was -30 C. I don't know how my toes didn't fall off after all...

    I used to read many more books (by that, I mean literature) in my first 30-35 years of life than I do now. I still love reading though, but mostly non-fiction, on various topics, and yes, I do love reading blogs. Especially when it is like yours - sincere, informative, emotional, imaginative. Good stuff!

    Warmest hugs and lots of loving healing thoughts your way!


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