How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal

How to style a denim skirt with patches? Undoubtedly, there are many ways to do it, and today I'll present you with one of them. In my view, patches can make a denim skirt look even more urban, hip and youthful. If you are making the patches yourself or purchasing them with the intention of sewing them onto a denim skirt, pay attention to what kind of style you're after. It is worth noting that patches add additional texture and possibly colour  to the outfit. This is something you might want to keep in mind when styling your outfit. For example, here I styled this denim skirt with earthly colours. I did paired this denim skirt with animal print (a leopard print blouse) but I've kept it all in brown tones, so the look would look more orderly and put together.

Maybe I should also write about how to sew patches onto a denim skirt, since the floral patches on this denim skirt are DIY? Yes, I cut out some florals from a floral material I found at home and sewed them onto this skirt. A very simple DIY, but I think it brought life to this old pencil denim skirts. I don't have any up close photographs of this skirt, I can make them if you want. Basically, I sewed the patches regular style. It was fun doing something creative like this. I might have already mentioned this DIY project on blog. You know I'm always talking about DIY projects here, but hey that's what I like to do.  They're an important part of my style. I love customizing things, almost as much as I love making them. Do you love to customize clothing items? How do you go about it? 


How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

 How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

Anyhow, I always enjoy a subtle mix of print. That is what I was going for with this outfit. The floral patches are quite neutral, so I don't think they contrast with the animal print on the blouse too much. All the denim skirts I own are a bit longer, almost midi, I don't really have any short ones. I find the bellow the knee length super easy to style, so I often go for it. A pencil cut is always flattering. As it has been repeated in fashion circles ad nauseam, pecil skirts look great on any body type. I've bought this skirt in Ljubljana 10 years ago (a whole decade!), and I still wear which I guess speaks volumes in favour of buying a pencil denim skirt. I'm a big fan of high waist skirts (as you might have noticed) for very much the same reason. They are very versatile and soooo flattering. Besides, if you get tired of the high waist cut, you can always wear your top/blouse over the skirt, instead of tucking it in. 
How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

How To Wear a Denim Skirt With Patches? Summer Outfit Proposal.

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hat: old
necklace worn around the hat as decoration: DIY
blouse: terranova
skirt: old + DIY patches
leather bag & shoes: not branded

Recently I've illustrated one of my old denim skirts outfit (you can see which one here), and it made me realize how much I love wearing denim skirts. I would definitely wear something like that again. I think denim skirts look fantastic paired with black basic tops. I always love to see combo of a denim skirt and a white shirt as well. Sometimes you just can't beat the appeal of basic items. How do you like to see denim skirts worn? Do you wear them yourself? Any tips on style them? Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!



  1. The patches on your skirt are beautiful, wah a great DIY! I haven't really personalised many of my clothes, I'm not so crafty! I like the leopard print with the denim too :)

    Hope that you're having a great week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. You look so lovely in this outfit.I love your Denim skirt too so unique.

  3. Your outfit is everything! Thank you for sharing!
    Love, Tiffany Lea

  4. Io purtroppo sono pessima con ago e filo, ma a me le patches sul jeans piacciono molto e infatti secondo me questa gonna è bellissima così!
    Posta il DY!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. You look so stunning

  6. What a lovely look for summer days. Like the way you team this leopard print blouse with a chambray skirt, floppy hat and sandals.
    Xenia from

  7. Jako si ti to lepo uklopila i super ti stoji. Sesiric je posebno pridodao damskom utisku.

    Veliki pozdrav mila

  8. Ma sai che hai avuto proprio una splendida idea a cucire quelle patch floreali sulla gonna? Donano al look tutta una'altra classe!
    E' davvero delizioso tutto il look, ma quello che proprio adoro sono i sandali! :D

  9. such skirts always attract my eye but I always have a hard time styling it. In short I gave in and decided to skip on wearing them. You tips made me want to reconsider.

    Inside and Outside Blog and Instagram

  10. Beautiful Look Ivana! I love the Shoes <3

    Happy Weekend!

  11. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  12. This skirt is adorable! You did a wonderful DIY job and I like how you paired it with this fun animal print top. You always look so fab Ivana:)

  13. You look gorgeous in this outfit! Totally rock the look.

    xx, Deborah

  14. I really like the way you customised it! It looks really pretty! I have had 3 denim skirts over the years- the first was a fitted Button up mini, then a loose maxi in my 20's and now I have a midi-circle one which I bought in a charity shop- I like wearing it with a simple blouse or vest top! I am NOT good with pencil skirts though- they look awwwwwwwwwful on me!

    1. THANK YOU !!! And maybe you just need to find a right pencil skirt for you?

  15. That skirt is darling! Love the appliquéd details!


  16. i think you find the right way to do it! you know i´m not a big fan of denim fashion, but i like it on you, Ivana.


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