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What to talk about today? About art or about fashion? About this Parisian chic outfit I'm wearing, or about an interesting oil painting that I'm working on? Maybe about both? I was just thinking how there are many similarities between art and fashion. In both art and fashion, one can find both sophistication and vulgarity, passion and calmness, elegance and roughness, tradition and rebellion. Within these contrasts, we look for ourselves. I don't think there are any wrong or right answers, I think there are only answers that are right at a certain point of your lives. We look for ways to express ourselves. Yin and Yang. Darkness and Light. Sometimes it is through contrasts that we learn. Sometimes things are black and white, sometimes they are gray. We live, we adjust and we search for meaning. Clothes are often seen as something non important or superficial. Sometimes people are  ashamed to admit that clothes interest them. Makes one think, doesn't it? Art is seen as something more complex, but still most people assume that creative or artistic hobbies are just something people do to relax. Nobody talks about the time and effort a creative hobby can take. In other words, unless your work hangs in some gallery, you're just messing around, aren't you? 

I've been working on this oil painting for a while now. I know where I'm going with it, but finding the time to get there is proving to be a bit harder. I love working with oil paints, though. They are pure magic, if you ask me. As you know, I love painting the sea. I can't wait to finish this one. I think it will look great on the wall.  I might even choose it as the main piece for my living room. I'm really excited about finishing this one! I'm thinking of keeping it monochrome. Right now, it's basically just different shades of blue combined with white. My outfit kind of follows the same colour palette. Black, white and blue. Can't get more classic than that, right?

I have some art themed posts prepared, and I was thinking of posting them before my 4th group exhibition, but I might post them a bit later. You see, our group  exhibition got postponed because one well known artist insisted that his exhibition lasts for 3 months basically. It's really not a problem for me, because I wouldn't have been able to attend the opening anyway, but some people it's a real problem and they won't be able to participate in the exhibition at all. I , for example, had to call all the people I invited to the exhibition (even if I was not able to be there, I was planning for my husband to fill in for me) and tell them the whole thing is off. It's problematic because people freed up their schedule to come and see my work, and now the whole thing is off. The organizers of this event are upset and with good reason. We payed for that space. It's not like it was free,  so the fact it was postponed just because some artist feels like his works should hang there for months is unfair, to say the least. His work is great, though. I have to be honest about that for the integrity sake. I went to see his exhibition and his works are truly beautiful. I will blog about it in the future. 

tee: DIY/ pants: Mango

I think I already wrote about this t -shirt. It's a vintage tee with DIY details. I cut out these hearts from a vintage fabric and sewed them onto this t-shirt. I'm a bin of using vintage fabric for DIY projects, because it is such an environmentally friendly thing to do. I love the end result. Stripes with stripes is always good, right? I already wore this t-shirt here and here. The pants are from Mango, I don't usually shop from this brand but I bought this in an outlet shop, and I only saw where they came from later on. I also bought them in wrong size (S) but they sort of fit, so it's o.k I guess.  I'm not sure does this quality as an outfit post, since it's something I wore around the house, but it is definitely something I would wear. I would just have to put some shoes on. I think this is the first and possibly the only time I'm not wearing shoes on the blog. I usually do wear slippers because like all Croats I have a paranoia of walking barefoot around the home, slippers are a must even when it's really really hot, but for some reason I was barefoot that day.

Now, something a bit more personal and serious for all you artists or creative people out there. If your art makes you feel drained and tired, it doesn't mean you're not a good artist or that there is something wrong with you. Art is draining. Art is time-consuming. Art is difficult. It just is. There is nothing wrong with you. It is normal to feel tired after creating art. It is normal to feel frustrated. It is normal to feel stressed and question yourself. If you're feeling down, PLEASE take time to rest and relax in the manner that best suits your personality and lifestyle. 

There is a reason why artists are more likely to commit suicide. It is true that art can be therapeutic, but it is can also feel anti-therapeutic, if you know what I mean. It depends on what you're currently working on. When you have a creative or artistic hobby or job, people will always assume you're 'living the life' but as with everything in life, there is price to pay. Not that I'm encouraging anyone to live a boring life they're going to hate, but there are risk involved in creative work options. If you're working a complex project, it will take time and energy. People might see it as 'fun', and the end result might be 'fun', but working on it might not be as fun for you personality. The difference between the expectation and reality might make some people extremely stressed. When you put your heart and soul into something, it can make you feel extremely vulnerable. 

I'm not making this up, according to serious and legit scientific studies creative people are much more likely to commit suicide. We've all know of fashion designs and writers who killed themselves. So, if you're an artist, even if you're just a hobby artist,  please take care of yourself. Art can be a creative outlet, but it can also be a creative work. Even hobby art can leave you feeling empty and depressed.  Nobody really talks about it, everyone always assumes that art is something that makes one feel rested. Is it because people genuinely have artistic hobbies if they enjoy art? It might be, but this assumption can make some people feel even worse. Since blogging is also a creative job, this is a word of warning to bloggers out there. If you feel burned out, maybe it is time to take some time for yourselves. Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is hard. It just is.  



  1. It's a shame that the schedule of the art exhibition and with so many people involved, it is bound to affect some positively and some adversely. It's true that art can be therapeutic but yes it can also bring out pain. An artist/painter that I used to work with would tell me that some of his greatest works were born of his pain and dark times in his life.

    1. I think that's often the case. Art can be very therapeutic, but it can also be an energy vacuum so sometimes we need to be careful with it.

  2. I like your outfit :)

  3. You look so classy. Interesting post dear!

  4. Divne slike, naročito ona na kojoj nasmejana držiš slikarski pribor! <3


  5. Lovely art beautiful. You put so much heart and energy to it. I hope to see more 💞😘💖


  6. Thanks a lot :D

    you look superb!! I'm in love with your pants! :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  7. So cool seeing you paint! You have a pretty awesome set-up going. :) And I totally know what you mean about art being draining. I took Art in college for a year, but I ended up quitting it in the end. It was fun, but very time-consuming, plus I felt under a lot of pressure to complete my art projects etc., often when I wasn't feeling inspired or in the mood to create. I totally agree with you though, oil paints really are magic! Always used to be my favourite to work with. <3 xoxo


  8. them are my life ... my soul ...

  9. What an interesting entry and you look especially cheerful in the photos. I think this is one of the rare times I'm seeing you in a bold lip color and what a gorgeous shade it is on you. I really like it. I am sorry about the delay in your art exhibition and I really hope something will open up for you and your team members soon. Do not worry, Ivana! It will happen when the time is right and the universe will see to it. As for the link between creativity and suicide, it is something that I have read and pondered about too. It is a very interesting topic for sure and I am glad you highlighted the bit about self-care as it is important to be balanced :)

  10. ah mi spiace che l'evento sia stato postposto. In ogni caso hai più tempo per continuare a produrre. A me come artista piaci tantissimo Ivana, penso che tu abbia davvero un dono!
    Mi piace anche questo look parigino!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. Umetnica u svom najlepsem izdanju! Sjajan post mila i divno prikazan osvrt na modu i umetnost <3

  12. gosh, i like how you posing on that pictures - so cool!!!

    "What to talk about today? About art or about fashion? About this Parisian chic outfit I'm wearing, or about an interesting oil painting that I'm working on? Maybe about both?" - i think to talk about these two points is a really good choice - i found it interesting!



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