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Why Are People Calling Rihanna Fat? I Don't Understand It, Because She Is Not Fat!

Why are people calling Rihanna fat? You see, I'm a bit confused.  Rihanna went from being an extremely slim women to being a slim woman. She gained a little bit of weight, but she is still slim. Rihanna is a bit more curvy, but she is miles away from being fat. I'm not a fan of Rihanna or anything like that. I think she's pretty and has an interesting sense of style, but that's about it. Sometimes I like her outfits, sometimes I don't. I found her look for Met ball offensive. I don't have an opinion about her or about any other famous person, because I think the only way you can know a person is to actually know them. This is not a response from a fan, it is a response from someone who has common sense.  In fact, I'm nobody's fan, I'm not a teenager and I'm not under the influence of celebrity culture. I just had to comment on this because I feel like the way she has been treated by media is extremely unfair. 

Why is it not o.k to call someone who is overweight fat but it is o.k to call a slim woman fat? Not that we should be going around and calling people fat in the first place! Unless you are a medical professional, criticizing people for their weight is just rude. That goes without saying. However,  lately we can witness a new worrying trend. It forbidden to comment on weight on someone with unhealthy weight in any way, but it is PC to comment negatively on someone with a healthy weight and drag them through the mud. For example, if you just dare to comment on the painfully obvious fact that one famous super morbidly obese model edits her photographs, her army of fans and employers will harass you for months, your social media profiles will potentially be blocked because of 'hate speech', but at the same time it is perfectly alright for media and everyone else to comment negatively on Rihanna's weight and call her a number of terms that are not only offensive, but also medically incorrect. For the record, I think that body-shaming is always wrong, even in cases of people who are super morbidly obese (the word super morbidly obese is an actual medical term, I'm not trying to be funny or anything like that, this a very serious topic). So, body-shaming is always wrong, but in this particular case, what worries me is that people don't seem to realize what healthy weight entitles. Perhaps it is the case of information overload?  

What I find worrying about this whole situation is that people seem to be divided into two categories, those who think media shouldn't drive Rihanna through the mud because she gained a few pounds because talking about weight should be taboo and those who think it's fair game. Nobody really addresses the elephant in the room and that that would be: Rihanna's not actually fat. I'm feel like I'm the only one saying: 'Hello! Are you blind? She is not fat!' This had been bothering me for a while, so I researched it a bit, I literally googled 'Why are people calling Rihanna fat?' and similar sentences and all I found was this article about how it is wrong to call Rihanna fat because you  can't someone fat and  fat is 'a state of being'. That's one of the most idiotic PC sentences I read. I sometimes feel that people resort to politically correct sentences out of sheer laziness. You can't Rihanna fat because medically speaking her weight is perfectly healthy. She is not fat. End of story. Whether or not you can call a fat person fat is another question. I think it's not a nice use word to use, but I also think that it is hypocrisy that obese models are claiming that their medical condition is a body type. Obesity is not a body type, it is a medical condition. That's another fact.

The more I think about this whole Rihanna's weight gain situation, the more confused I feel. I just don't get it. I'm also worried about the fact that people don't know seem to what healthy weight is. Rihanna's weight is healthy and I'm sure that every doctor will agree with me. I would be on the fact that Rihanna's BMI is within a healthy range. A healthy weight is not a single number. You can get a few pounds, and still be perfectly healthy as long as you were not borderline overweight to start with. For example, a healthy BMI for myself (a female person 176 cm tall) is anything from 60 to 72 kilos. It's not only 61 or only 70 kilos, it's all those numbers. It's a range of numbers. That's what the doctors say. The same goes for Rihanna (we're about the same height, she's only a few centimeters shorter than me).  Moreover, you can be overweight and be healthy. Health is a very complex things and depends on a variety of factors. It is possible to be overweight and have a clean bill of health. Although, staying overweight for a long period of times increases health risks significantly. Being fit doesn't equal being healthy. For example, I exercise regularly and I've been on a strict diet for ages, but it doesn't change the fact that I have two chronic illness ( Chron's disease and Scoliosis), and that generally speaking my health isn't that great. Because of my illnesses and general poor health, it is very hard for me to control my weight. I actually need to worker harder than others to keep my weight healthy, so I know a something about it. The fact that I have abs doesn't change the fact that I need to take tons of medication every day. Exercise, clean eating, and healthy lifestyle is not a cure for incurable, immune and chronic illness, although it certainly doesn't hurt.

Here is what I don't understand. People are saying that Rihanna is fat, but at the same time people are saying that Ashley Graham has a healthy weight. I don't meant this as an offense, but according to  you know the medical profession,  Ashley's weight isn't healthy because her IBM is higher than it should be. Ashley Graham is beautiful, she poses well and she has a great presence, charisma and personality. Ashley is adorable, when I see her I just want to smile, because she conveys a very happy energy. However, the fact remains that Ashley Graham is overweight. This doesn't mean she is not healthy. It is quite possible that Ashely Graham is healthy. If Ashley has great genetics and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that extra weight will not affect her health in a negative way. People often mistake the terms obese and overweight. Being overweight carries health risks. Being obese is a medical condition. So, despite Ashley's Graham weight not being healthy, that doesn't necessarily mean she has a medical condition. Basically, she is overweight, not obese. Ashley Graham is the same height as me, but she is 30 kg heavier than me. You can't make me believe me that is healthy. 
My weight is healthy, Rihanna's weight is healthy, and Ashley Graham weight isn't healthy. That doesn't mean that miss Graham isn't healthy. For all I know she might be. It is actually true that often you can't tell a person health status by the way they look. Nevertheless, if someone is morbidly obese, it does mean they have a health condition. You can be beautiful no matter the size, but unfortunately you can't be unhealthy no the matter the size. Certain sizes are unhealthy. Size doesn't equal body type. Every body type is beautiful and healthy. Any body type can be underweight or overweight, healthy or unhealthy. 

dress: vintage + diy

The reason why I wrote all this is because I felt it is something that needs to be said. So much information is out there, but it seems to me that people are not reading that information correctly. As I said, I'm not a fan of Rihanna or anyone else for that matter. There is even one thing I dislike about her and that is her promotion of weed. I'm not up to date whether she still promotes this drug or not, but yeah I'm strongly against that kind of thing, because I believe all drugs are bad. I wrote this post because I believe the way Rihanna has been treated by media recently is both extremely unfair and irresponsible. If a woman whose weight is obviously healthy is being called fat and unhealthy, then that's inaccurate reporting and media should admit its fault and apologize or something along the lines of that. Obesity is a burning issue and a huge health problem in the Western societies. There are so many campaigns about body positivity and what not but people still don't know the difference between the body type and weight. Everyone is talking about fat phobia, but nobody is talking about the fact that people who have regular weight are being called out for having a healthy weight. How crazy is that? Every day women whose weight is normal are being called skinny and unrealistic. The world weight is becoming a taboo. You are not allowed to call someone's weight 'regular' lest someone whose weight is not regular be offended.  I feel really sorry for the doctors because it is their job to talk with their patients about their weight, but they are being constantly criticized for doing their job. Do people honestly believe their doctors are out to get them? According to some YouTubers I watched, some of them actually do. They get offended if their doctors common on their weight. Come on, it's their job. Why are we so afraid to talk about weight? At the end of the day, weight is just weight. It is not something that defines us. It shouldn't be a taboo word either. It is something we should speak about it in a civilized and educated way. We should say no to body shamming but we should also acknowledge the health dangerous of weight problems. The media needs to stop calling Rihanna fat. She has never looked better. 


  1. The only people calling Rihanna fat are internet trolls. Her weight does fluctuate, but even at her heaviest she still looks fabulous. It is not okay to fat shame thin people. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are not a joke - they can be deadly. Over eating isn't good either. I was recently cautioned by my doctor that I should lose some weight.
    In an interview in Vogue Magazine titled: "Rihanna on Body Image, Turning 30, and Staying Real - No Matter What"
    Rihanna was quoted as saying: "I'm not built like a Victoria's Secret girl, and I still feel very beautiful and confident in my lingerie". I agree with her. She does look beautiful in her lingerie.
    I'm sorry to read that you've been suffering with scoliosis and Chron's disease.
    That red dress is very pretty and you look fabulous wearing it in all of the outfit photos above.

    1. Unfortunately, it is not only internet trolls. The media is doing the same thing and it really worries me, they keep writing about Rihanna huge weight gain and huge weight loss when in fact her weight only fluctuates a little and was never unhealthy. I find it really worrying how the media is being so critical of her weight, because it can send the wrong message to the young girls. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. The location is soooo cool. Such a beautiful spot
    And I simply love your summer look. Great styling.
    I never heared someone calling rihanna fat but this is so sad.
    She is a beautiful woman and every shape is beautiful as long as you feel pretty.

    take a look at my Blog and my Instgram

    1. I do agree. You can be beautiful no matter the size. Rihanna has always been a healthy size, so it is really annoying how media is portraying her the wrong way.

  3. What a gorgeous sight on your background dear. Such a spectacular view. Lovely summer look you have here, that red dress really stands out. Anyway, people calling Rihanna fat are pathetic. So sad we still haven't moved past this kind of topics.

    So sorry to hear you're suffering Chron's and scoliosis dear.

    Jessica |

    1. thank you. The photographs were taken in Mostar. It is really sad that there are so many people body-shamming other people, and feeling the need to comment on everything. Honestly, the fact that so many people are talking about someone gaining a few pounds really worries me .

  4. It's very naive to think that medias are fair ... it's totally the opposite. Let's focus on your outfit and not on Rihanna ;) Your dress is very nice and the outfit cool and elegant at the same time! Great pictures as well and I like the natural background!

    1. I do agree, it is naive to assume that media is being fair. A lot of media houses are only interested in what sells.

  5. I wasn't aware of people saying things like that about Rihanna - I must not read enough news, haha! I think we don't really know enough about other people to comment. Most people's weight fluctuates and that's just a fact of life :)

    Hope that you are having a great week so far :) I do like the scarf around your dress! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. weight fluctuation is nothing to lose one's head about, especially slight ones. I guess that our society is sometimes too obsessed with weight. Thank you. I love using scarves as belts, especially with dresses.

  6. Prima fammi dire che in rosso stai da dio, ti devi fare un autoritratto.
    Secondo, non sapevo di rihanna ma in ogni caso penso che solo le persone poco intelligenti possano fare certe affermazioni.
    Io davvero non capisco come uno si possa permettere di fare commenti sul fisico di un alra persona, brava Ivana che hai detto quello che pensi.
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. I actually haven't heard people calling Rihanna fat but it is horrible. Every time I look at a picture of her have I always thought that she was super beautiful and slim. That doesn't change just because she put on a few pounds. And just because she have putted on a little weight can she still be healthy. I think that it is so stupid how people think of thin people as healthy and people who are a little bigger as unhealthy. I mean people with anorexia is obviously not healthier than a person with an average body. I really think that people should focus more on themselves and their own body instead of calling other people fat just to feel better about themselves!

    1. a lot of people with average weight think they are unhealthy because of this kind of comments.

  8. You probably know me well enough by now and you know that I don't say such things lightly, but the simple truth is some people just aren't bright, and they like it that way. No matter how many opportunities all around us to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually - some people feel comfortable to stay ignorant and close-minded. It's their choice, pay no attention to them - and they won't affect you. We all are free to be whatever we want to be, or whatever we choose to be, and anything less than that is fear that each of us have to deal with.

    As for the word itself, I like the movement among some bloggers in the USA regarding being fat and using the word "fat" ... It is only a word! Just as fine as "skinny"... There is no offence in the words themselves. I used to be slim, and now I am fat - it's a simple fact, and there is absolutely no shame in it, unless we choose to think so. The truth is I feel much better about myself now than I felt about myself when I was younger and slimmer.

    1. that is the truth, some people are just close minded, and because of their own insecurities they always have to put others down. I find it worrying that world classifies people on the basis of weight, but even more worrying that some people only value themselves on the way they look or based on how much they weight....that's just doesn't make sense. Nobody can completely control the way we look and why should we? Fat is only a word, just like tall or short, curly or straight hair. Neither being tall nor short defines who we are. I was much healthier when I was 10 kg heavier then I was now and in much better shapes. Body trends come and go, but we only have one body and we need to take care of it.

  9. Amazing outfit, I love your dress!

  10. I didn't know people were calling Rihanna fat but she is not fat! The world is a crazy place. People will find any excuse to be rude to others.

    Your photos and outfit are lovely, btw.

  11. i dont like rihanna and her music. but i like your look - this is a dream summer dress!



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