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My Favourite Trends, Spring & Summer Dress Wish List

Lately I've been wearing dresses pretty much every day. Dresses are a very practical option for spring, because you can just throw them on and you're ready to go. They are so easy to style, aren't they? If you want to look more dressed up, you  can always pair a dress with heels, if you want it to be casual, you pair it with sneakers. It doesn't get much easier than that. Anyhow, I caught myself thinking. What kind of dresses are my favourite ones? Honestly, I can't even answer them, because there are so many different styles that I like and these days we are really spoiled for choice. However, I must say that I'm really into many of the dress trends that have emerged this spring season.  That makes my choice a bit easier because it helps me to decide  what kind of dress I want to wear.

 First of all, as someone who loves prints, I'm pretty ecstatic about the printed dress trends: checkered, polka dots, stripes, floral and geometric. All kinds of print dresses are gaining popularity and I for one am really happy to see that. Secondly, the colour trends this season offers are fascinating. Basically, we have two contradicting trends: pastel and bold colours. I feel like this season is not so much about a certain colour, as it is about exploring different shades. Crayon colours have been really trendy, but so have pastels. Both have a lot going for them and as someone who paints, I'm always excited to see people trying up different shades and exploring colour more. It seems to me that both crayon and pastel shades can look fantastic with a tan. They can also enhance our tan. According to some colour specialist, if we opt for a colour that complements our skin tone, we can create an illusion of having slightly tanned skin even if we are of fair complexion. What do you think? Can a nice dress replace a bronzer? Certainly there are colours that make us look better, so it is good to find out what those are.


We all know that floral print is a classic. We embrace it every spring and summer. It  may not terribly original to wear this print in spring time, but it works and it feels natural. There are blossoms everywhere and I think that for most of us mimicking nature just feels right. Nature is always the best inspiration, so the fact that so many women are choosing to wear floral print for spring, makes perfect sense to me. However,  if you want to stand out of the crowd, I recommend you to choose a bold floral print. Think outside the box a little bit. When we are speaking about colours that are trendy this year, we have to notice that crayon colours are stealing the show. Bold yellow, red and etc. are a great choice for this spring. Bold yellow has been trending a lot lately. So, why not choose a dress with a big floral print that just happens to come in crayon yellow? You can also choose a combined print. Bellow you can see a midi dress that comes in mixed print (lemon and floral) as as well as a mini dress that comes in sunflower print. When it comes to the length, I have a feeling that this season anything goes. Maxi, midi or midi, we can see all kind of dresses on the streets. It more about colour and print, that about length this year, so just choose whatever you're comfortable in. 

unique Lemon Print Belted Dress - WHITE AND YELLOW S

womens Sunflower Off Shoulder Mini Dress - FLORAL M


Again, checkered  and gingham are not a surprising option for spring and summer. Technically speaking, checkered and gingham are not the same print, but they are very similar. These two prints that obviously comes in a minimun of two shades. Most of the time it is a combination of white with another colour. Often it is white paired with black or red. However, this season we're seeing a lot of  yellow and white checkered items. Moreover, some designers have been mixing it up a little bit, going as far as creating something that could be described as a mixture of tartan and checkered print. What will it be, it is for you to decide. If you're going for a sweet look, it's good to choose the classical black and red checkered look. Yellow is also a great option. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you can always look for a more dramatic gingham print. Alternatively, you can also have fun with different styles and cuts. If a dress has interesting details, it will automatically be more fashion forward. I actually have one gingham dress I made myself, I need to find it pronto.

Checked Ruffles Wrap Casual Dress CHECKED: Midi Dresses M | ZAFUL

Shop for Gingham Knot Cami Dress CHESTNUT RED: Mini Dresses M at ZAFUL. Only $19.99 and free shipping!

 The dresses I choose to share with you today are all from Zaful, so that's where you can find them. How do you like them? Have you already embraced some of these summer and spring trends ? If you have, what kind of dresses have you been wearing? I've been wearing mostly printed dress myself. I'm also leaning toward bold coloured ones. As I said, I've already embraced wearing printed dresses, but I haven't worn all the prints yet so  I'm really looking forward to exploring some of the other print options. I also plan to wear more pastel colours. I guess I just want to explore everything this spring and summer has to offer. What are your plans? Do you think we had good luck with trends this year?  What is your favourite spring/summer dress trend?


  1. Odlične haljinice. Najviše mi se dopada crvena. :)

    Kathy's delight

  2. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  3. They are beautiful dresses! I love that first one! It's a shame I don't have so many floral dresses in my wardrobe!

    Hope that you are having a nice week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I don't have that many myself, but I wear those that I have very often.

  4. Anche io adoro gli abitini, li porto praticamente tutta la primavera-estate!
    Le mie stampe preferite sono i fiori, le righe ed i quadretti, quindi quest'anno posso dirmi fortunata!
    Bellissima selezione! :)

  5. Najviše mi se sviđa prva. Volim cvjetne haljine, super mi je taj dezen.

  6. I'm a big fan of dresses because they're such an easy all encompassing way to get an outfit going. You made some lovely picks. That first dress features such a fun and vibrant print and feminine silhouette and it looks really versatile as well.

    1. thank you and you're right, they're an easy way to jazz up an outfit.

  7. Dear Ivana, you are so right, dresses are pretty easy to wear! Your words remind me on one of my colleagues. She says by herself that she has her uniform and this means she wears every day one of her many beautiful dresses with a jacket over it and black shoes :) Personally, I love dresses, too, but could neither say what are my favourites. But one thing is sure: I love your picks! Happy weekend! Have you also a long one?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. thank you. No, we don't have a long weekend (as far as I know).

  8. Thanks for the interesting post) Have a nice weekend)

  9. Nice selection

  10. I am a huge fan of floral dresses. Your selection is just beautiful

  11. Great List! The Lemon-Dress looks adorable :)

    Happy Weekend, kisses

  12. I love spring/summer fashions. All the florals and lovely colours. So pretty.
    Sunset Desires

  13. i like your tatse for cool fashion - i love all those cool dresses!!!



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