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February Recap (art & DIY projects & outfits)

I've put a lot of effort into blogging this February, I hope it shows. As far as the content goes, February was similar to January, mostly a mix of my illustrations and outfit posts (here). This month I was full of positing ideas and I managed to make many of them happen. I feel pretty good about that. The only thing I feel bad about is making my blog monolingual and not using my other languages, but translating texts from English to other languages takes such a long time. It is so much easier to just write in English.  Hopefully, I'll manage to change that and make my blog multilingual again. I need to organize my time better. Fingers crossed. For March I already have a few posts prepared. You can expect more art (mostly fashion illustrations) & outfit posts. 


I shared two DIY projects in February, one about making a Barbie dress, the other was about how to paint a plant container. I don't have any DIY projects prepared for March, but I'm sure that I'll come up with something.  Hardly ever a month goes by that I don't share a DIY project or two.

I love our new dresses! #barbiedolls #barbiecreation #creative #diy

#modaodaradosti #diy #paint #blogger


I shared quite a few outfits this February. I also put some effort into writing and sharing some tips on keeping warm. My style hasn't changed drastically, but I've started to wear more neutral colours. I'm still a lover of bold colours and patterns, but as of late my outfits have become a bit less colourful. My favourite outfit of the month is the one with the denim skirt & leather jacket. 


#modaodaradosti #trstenik #fashionblog #oftd #winterstyle
Let's visit Hutovo blato together! Idemo zajedno u posjet Hutovom blatu!
How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day
#fashionblog #modaodaradosti
Flared #jeans and magetna coat (location Mostar, BIH) #winterstyling #winter
A little black skater dress and a green winter jacket (Ethno village Herceg, Herzegovina)


I only shared one book recommendation this month, but that is because I have another blog for that. If you want to read more of my book reviews, I can invite you to visit that other blog. I didn't manage to do as much reading this February as I usually do, I think I only managed to read five or six novels. Granted some of those novels were quite long, but still in January I somehow managed to read more than a dozen books so I feel a bit unaccomplished in terms of reading. I need to plan my March reading time better. Technically speaking, February isn't over yet, so I hope I'll manage to finish Gli Indiffrenti by Alberto Moravia by tonight and add another book to my February list.

Being a Teen by Jane Fonda (book review and recommendations)


I shared a lot of my illustrations and paintings, so I will include just a selection of them in this recap. You can always visit my old posts if you want to see them all. I finally managed to open an online shop and I will probably continue uploading my art there.

Fashion Illustration Of the Day (a Blue Cocktail Dress Worn With Blue heels)

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Should We Redo Our Work Or Leave It As It Is? How Much Editing Is Too Much Editing?
Happy Chinese New Year!
#modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #art #myart #fashionillustrator
#moda #vodeneboje #akvarel #modnailustracija #fashionillustrationoftheday modaodaradosti


  1. Bellissime foto cara :D

  2. all di là delfatto che mi sono piaciute tutte le tue illustrazioni e tutti i tuoi look, i vestiti delle barbie sono stati davvero i miei preferiti!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. A me sembra che Febbraio sia stato un mese molto produttivo! Hai fatto un sacco di cose a partire dai post sugli outfit (davvero belli questo mese) alle illustrazioni!
    Ed in più sei pure riuscita a leggere molto, almeno per i miei standard, io se riesco a leggere un paio di libri al mese è già tanto!
    Continua così!!! :)

  4. So many amazing outfits, drawings and projects!


  5. What a great Month! You are so creative <3


  6. Really nice outfits here, and it seems you have been busy with your creativity. :) I love that last illustration.

  7. Lovely recap, Ivana! Already looking forward to seeing your posts thorough March and well done for getting ahead of schedule and already preparing some posts - I've done the same thing this week too! I still love your DIY Barbie dresses (that speech bubble is so cute above!) and your fashion illustrations are developing so wonderful over the time I've been reading your blog! Have a fantastic weekend :) x

  8. Such lovely pics, dear. A great review indeed, thanks for the details!

  9. Hi Ivana, what a great recap, dear :) It's great that you're pround of yourself because of putting so much efford in blogging - it's visable and I think that you don't have any problems with organization of your time. I always love your fashion illustration and you got me on the illustration with blue dress - this sketch is so, so beautiful! <3
    Take care, my dear!

  10. cool months!!!

  11. As usual amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  12. Great post.

  13. Yes your great effort was definitely evident and I'm really glad you're back to blogging regularly again.

  14. This is a lovely way to look back on a stylish and productive month! :) I hope you continue to feel good about your blogging in March too, and it's just as productive a month for you :)

    Hope you are having a great week so far! First day of autumn here in Brisbane, although the weather is still very summer-like, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Congratulations on opening your online shop. I always enjoy seeing your illustrations. You are very talented:) Cute Barbie outfits too.

  16. Fabulous round, Ivana! You look stunning in that pix with the lovely stream, dear! xoxo

  17. This is a great talent that you have. Your illustrations are beautiful. Congrats.

  18. What a great round-up. I shall follow your links and get up to date.
    It's a great idea just using the one language, your posts are very visual anyway so I'm sure none of your readers will have a problem with that. xxx
    PS Your hair is looking gorgeous!

  19. I love your illustrations and paintings, you are talented.
    Well done, hugs!

  20. Such a lovely recap! All you pictures are gorgeous!

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  21. Beautiful recap, Ivana and I look forward what you'll bring and showcase in March! xx

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  22. Dear Ivana, yes, I realised indeed that you put a lot of effort into your February posts! Highly appreciated and always entertaining - and mostly I learn even something new! I love all the looks you wore in February and it is interesting that you changed your style indeed a bit. Your favourite look is also my favourite btw :) Happy March!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. thank you Rena, good to know you agree with my choice of the fav look:).

  23. Thanks for the interesting post) Have a nice day)

  24. This is a really lovely February recap! I love that burgundy/pink/ciklama coat on you! :) xx

  25. All your 2018 posts to date have been outstanding. Each time I think oh thats my favorite and then you outdo yourself yet again. Your illustrations have also been getting better. Glad you were able to make the posts you planned and I look forward to the ones you have lined up for March.

    Isn't it tricky when your non English readers can't understand. I believe I have the translate but I don't believe its very reliable and the message gets lost.

    I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and I wish you a great week ahead Ivana.

    1. Yes, it is tricky. My blog was bilingual for such a long time, but translating from English took so much time that I eventually just gave up. Google translate isn't terribly reliable, especially when it comes to certain languages. For example, it translates pretty well from English to 4 or 5 similar European languages but with most languages, it is not reliable at all.

  26. All the post you have published in February were fantastic. You give your hundred percent for your work and it shows clearly. I'm very happy to find a talented fellow like you. Keep it up!
    Visited after a long time after the injuries. I'm still recovering. Hope will find well soon. Have a great Monday! Kisses 😘😘

  27. Love your outfits Ivana, and Love the handpainted pots <3 :)

    Serene xoxo

  28. hey .....
    wow it's so awesome photograph,and Really So beautiful picture,I love these tips,Thanks dear for sharing...


  30. great talent!!

    kisses dear

  31. Estupendo post!!! Feliz semana preciosa!!!❤💛💙

  32. Your creativity and productivity are always inspiring and I am impressed by anyone who is bilingual (or multi-lingual. Do you think that your shift to wearing less colour is seasonally related? Some people like more colour in winter but I tend to wear less. I feel more comfortable mimicking nature rather than going against it, so my colours get more saturated and I wear more colour in general in summer when there is bright sunlight, flowers, bright blue skies etc. There are a variety of reasons for my settling into a preference for wearing less colour but I am curious about yours. Perhaps you don't yet know and perhaps it is only temporary. xo

    1. It may be seasonally related. I used to love wearing more colour in winter but this year I was more attracted to neutral and dark colours. It might be temporary.

  33. Чудесное подведение итогов! Я нерегулярно комментирую, но очень люблю заглядывать в твой блог, мой дорогая - ты живешь интересной, насыщенной творческой жизнью, и мне нравится ее наблюдать!

    Я тоже пришла к выводу, что переводить с языка на язык - слишком затратно по времени (к тому же для меня еще и скучно - уж лучше тогда что-то новенькое на другом языке написать :)). Так что для меня "один блог - один язык" - вполне прекрасно.

    Нравятся твои зимние фотографии, нравится твоя коллекция пальто! Это малинового цвета - просто чудесное!

    С любовью,

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  35. I want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written article and fashion photoshoot. Your style is everything.


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