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Ljubuški ( part one/ prvi dio)

Today I visited Ljubuški, a little city located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, only a short distance from the boarder with Croatia. I was there to dine with my photographer (i.e. my husband) at restaurant Most , which I can honestly recommend to anyone.  Another thing I can recommend (once you come out of the restaurant) is crossing the street and going for a stroll on this lovely path right next to river. Pedestrian or cyclist, you're going to enjoy talking a stroll with a view of Trebizan river. 

outfit details
I wore a vintage shirt ( inherited from my aunt) and a skirt from Bellissima. I just adore this little leaher bag,  a gift from a friend, bought at second hand shop (if I remember well). These sandals with high heels (from Peko) are the most comfortable shoes ever and I'm thrilled it's warm enough for them to grace my feet. 

Danas sam posjetila Ljubuški jer je moj fotograf (a ujedno i muž:) želio ručati u restoranu Most (za lokalce poznatiji kao kod Bage) koji je stvarno odličan i mogu ga mirne duše svakom preporučiti. Nakon što se lijepo najedete u restoranu, preporučavam i   prelaženje ceste i šetnjicu uz rijeku Trebižat. Bikilisti i pjesaci će, sigurna sam, jednako uživati u šetnjici s pogledom na Trebižat rijeku.

odjevna kombinacija
Nosila sam vintage košulju  (tetino nasljedstvo) i suknju iz Bellissime. Obožavam ovu malu kožnu torbicu koju mi je poklonila prijateljica ( a kupila ju je ako se dobro sjećam u nekom second handu). Sandale s visokom petom iz Peka su najudobnije cipele ikada i tako sam sretna što je konačno dovoljno toplo da bi ih mogla nositi.

if you want to check out my previous visit, click here


  1. nice!

    poczuj się jak we Francji na

  2. You look beautiful! I fall in love with the skirt!

  3. You look wonderful, amazing. beautiful pictures

  4. Great outfit Ivana. You look lovely..!

  5. You look so beautiful in your skirt.
    Many greetings Sabine

    Bling Bling Over 50

  6. Dear Ivana, thank you for the description :) Obviously this is a really beautiful place and how wonderful that you had also such a delicious meal! I like your mix with the blouse you inherited from your aunt and the elegant maxi skirt! And wow, your sandals are so wonderful stylish <3 Hopefully your weekend will continue as fantastic as the day today.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. Wow amazing look

  8. It's great that you're always out discovering and visiting different places and I love seeing and learning about them through your blog. You look absolutely lovely, Ivana. The skirt is really pretty and I respect your husband having the patience to be your photographer. Mine rolled his eyes so many times when I asked him to. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. That's an unbelievably cute outfit you've got on there. That shirt is SO nice esp paired with such a fun unusual skirt! The view is beautiful on that walk, there are some Amazing places in B H and Croatia. By the way, you should totally look at clouds! So much fun.That Pacman cloud picture was taken in the Cetina Gorge near Split!

  10. The shirt and the skirt is just perfection combination. You look beautiful, lady. :)

  11. Splendido look Ivana, bellissima la tua gonna!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  12. Bosnia.. definitely a place in my bucket list :)

    Kisses from Lisbon

  13. Ha ha i moj muz zna par dobrih mesta za klopu koja se obavezno obilaze. Divno to stoji crveno a sandale su vrh!!!

  14. Love your look and the place is amaizing!

  15. You look great. I finally get to see your husband...yah!! Have a great weekend :D.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  16. What stunning shots! I really love this whole look, your skirt is simply amazing x


  17. The top is so lovely in color and style and the skirt is fantastic and cool! You are so beautiful, dear, and you have shared another place full of life and wonderful energy. So amazing! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  18. U look just fabulous, the entire outfit is so fun and full of colors.
    kisses! Have a great weekend!!!

  19. Lepa kombinacija i prekrasna priroda!

  20. Nice skirt!
    Happy weekend,

  21. great place and outfit :)

  22. Košulja ti je savršena i taman se fino uklapa u ovo zelenilo :))

  23. wow, really nice pics dear!

  24. divna je bluza! sviđa mi se crvena boja i šarenila i kroj na njoj.
    koliko vidim sandale, i one su mi super :) i da, napokon je došlo vrijeme za gole noge i sandale.
    a priroda je krasna :)

  25. I like the name of this town. Sounds very beautiful (does the name have something to do with love?). And you look beautiful too. So pretty shirt, love its colour and print. And that red detail on the skirt? Just awesome!

    1. yes, I do believe that the name of the city has something to do with love....somewhere online I found that the name of the city originates from king Herzeg's wife, that is from her name...the prefix Ljub- (meaning love), was often used to form old Slavic names.

  26. You look great in red, Ivana! Great shots & love to visit the place some day :D

  27. Very chic look and the skirt looks so pretty and unusual :)

    Lu |

  28. nice photos :D

  29. Hello guapa..te just read on my blog I 'm also in yours.
    We are in touch!
    Kisses !!

  30. Nice outfit!
    I like the pictures!

  31. What a STUNNING outfit! Love the vintage vibe! The blouse is such a beauty, and you paired it so well with this skirt and shoes. I bet you turned many heads in the restaurant that day!

    Seems like a lovely walk along the riverbank, I will have to read your recommendations once I visit your place... some day! It's wonderful to see your photographer/husband, you make such a handsome couple!

    Thank you sooooo much, Ivana, for your thoughtful, warm comments, you really touched me deeply. You are a kind and insightful person, and I really appreciate those qualities in people. I so agree with you - there are so many intelligent, inspiring and very kind women in our part of Bloglandia, and it's magical. xxxxx

  32. Hello dear, you look so sweet! Love your red blouse very much!

  33. Nice place, beautiful photos! Kisses

  34. Odlicne slike! Outfit je presladak!

  35. what a gorgeous skirt! you look so pretty and glowing! great pics!

    Liat Neuman

  36. Oh this shirt is so amazing! I love the print and colors and the slightly loose fit. I love shirts that hang on the body freely, leaves more room for air! :D
    Thank you for the sweet comment on the bloggy, you have a new fan here, I love your writing ^_^

  37. Mene dragi proslo ljeto napokon odveo u Most o kojem mi je trubio godinama! Jako fina klopica :)
    Ti si mi divna u crvenom a kosuljica je super uz suknjicu! :)

  38. Good morning my lovely!! You look gorgeous in this outfit, love the skirt. Stunning. And this place is wonderful too. I hope your weekend was bliss, wish you a gorgeous week :) xx

  39. I love these type of shoes, I just bought a pair on Saturday, love the look so much!

  40. Gorgeous outfit ! Your skirt is beautiful and I really love your top.

  41. i know this skirt already. i love this combo (with this red blouse) a lot. wow this looks great. and these sandals have an unique heel - interesting.


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