I'm back with another post from Hvar town. I will share with you another historical sight worth visiting in Hvar town and that would be this gorgeous Franciscan monastery dating back to 15th century. These photographs were taken back in February on a gloriously sunny and warm day winter day. I remember regretting taking my puffer with me because as the day progressed, it became quite hot. Curiously, the weather lately hasn't been exactly spring-like, so I kind of feel jealous of my past self in this moment. It is nice to revisit these sunny photographs. Moreover, these photographs were taken long before the whole corona epidemic thing, so strolling a historical town on that particular winter weekend was an extremely calming and relaxing experience.  As I said, today I'll speak about this historical monastery and will even take you inside of it. So, scroll down to see and read more. 
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Franciscan monastery hvar
I've been meaning to visit this historical Franciscan monastery for a while and I'm glad I finally got the chance to do so. As I said, we visited it back in February. We first happened about a back entrance of sorts by accident while we were strolling the streets. The doors to that back entrance were probably locked ( I don't remember whether I checked or not) as there was some gardening work to be done. It is  probably not the official entrance anyway, but it is great we got to see the back garden of the monastery with its beautiful olive trees. Anyhow, we continued our descend to the sea level as we planned to enjoy the promenade. We had a coffee in a nearby coffee and then walked for a while, finally approaching the monastery. It is such a beautiful place. The pine and the cypress trees complement the monastery perfectly. Before going inside of the monastery itself, we admired the statues in front of it and the Church of Our Lady of Mercy. I can never get enough of historical stone churches. Something about them really moves my heart.  Finally, we went inside of the monastery and pretty much had the place all to ourselves.  The reason why you won't typically see any people in the background of my photographs is because there aren't any people there. Island Hvar isn't densely populated. Seeing that we visited in off season, there weren't any tourists apart from ourselves. I do consider myself a tourist of sorts. I only do local travel, opting to travel in the place where I live so I'm very much a believer in the whole ' be a tourist in your own area'  movement and philosophy.
Inside of the monastery, we found much serenity. There were several art pieces and statues to admire as well as some historical artifacts. There is also a fascinating museum you can visit, but it wasn't opened when we visited. Supposedly there are some extremely rare and valuable items in the museum, such as a historical coin collection and a map from ancient master Prometheus.  There was nobody around when we visited, but that was alright since I have a degree in Croatian language and literature so I'm (generally speaking) somewhat knowledgeable about the history of this place. I can be my own tour guide if not  most of the time, then at least sometimes. Not that I would mind a real one.  Indeed, I must admit there were some details about this place that I didn't know about, such as their possession of Last Supper painting by Venetian masters Francesco Santacroce and Palme.  There is always more to learn. Moreover, I do plan to revisit this place. Especially now that I learned there is also a library there. Next time I plan to check their working hours so that I can enjoy a visit to the museum as well. Isn't this monastery beautiful? I particularly enjoy the stone details. In places like this, one feels like the time itself has stopped. 

This monastery is the final resting place of a renowned Croatian Renaissance writer and playwright Hanibal Lučić (also known as Annibale Lucio). He wrote one of the first European non secular plays Robinja (The Slave Girl). The play is about a noble born Croatian girl who gets captured by pirates and sold into slavery. Hanibal is also known for his love poetry and Renaissance sonnets. As a teenager I adored learning about his sonnets. I still remember vividly the first time I read one of Hanibal best know sonnets Jur ni jedna na svit vila in high school. I even drew the lady as she was described in the poem.  As an adult I still feel the same way about Hanibal's poetry.  The noble born Hanibal was buried here in 1553 in a family tomb under the main altar. Somehow it feels very fitting that this Renaissance was buried within this beautiful monastery. The monastery itself was build in 1461. In fact, Hanibal's father was one of the nobeles who helped build it. Supposedly, Hanibal's father donated a thousand gold coins for its construction. It is said that the monastery and the church were financed principally by Hvar's nobles and sea captains and commanders. It is  a magnificent structure indeed, standing strong for more than 550 years. A testament to the rich cultural, spiritual and  intellectual history of Hvar town. Plus, it's a truly beautiful sight.
inside of a Franciscan monastery hvar
what to see in hvar city
Franciscan monastery hvar
Here are a few more photographs taken in front of the monastery and the church devoted to our lady of Mercy. I definitely recommend visiting this place if you find yourself in a Hvar town. It is a beautiful, educating and serene, both inside and out. If you don't decide to come in, you can also enjoy a view from the outside. The bell tower is beautiful and even the wall that surrounds the monastery and the church is absolutely beautiful. It is wonderful to see such an old structure (as in more than half of a millennium old!) so well preserved and taken care of. I imagine it hasn't changed that much since the way it was build. The whole area surrounding it, with the beautiful garden and the stone walls looks absolutely enchanting. It was a privilege and a blessing to visit it. 

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As always, thank you for reading and visiting. Stay safe and take care. 


  1. Love your posts about Hvar.

  2. What a beautiful monastery and place! I love how monasteries have gardens, they're usually very nicely done and I always enjoy strolling around if they let them opened for tourists :)


  3. I hope to visit Croatia again soon and Hvar is definitely at the top of my list!
    xo ~Zia

  4. I found this fascinating! I loved visiting the Monasteries in Meteora in Mainland Greece so I would definitely like to visit this plaace in Hvar!
    I agree about historic stone churches- they really do capture your heart! I feel the hushed reverence of many, many years of devoted prayer.

  5. You visit such beautiful places Ivana!

  6. Such a wonderful place! I love the nostalgic atmosphere here!
    The New Wallet

  7. I love the pics. Such a nice post.

    xoxo Sabine

  8. That looks amazing. I love the water, so calm and clear! And great outfit too :-D

  9. These are beautiful photos, Ivana. The monastery looks like such an interesting place to visit. It's a shame the museum wasn't open but it will be a good reason to go back!
    I love your outfit too!
    Julia x

  10. Predivan post i tekst mi se mnogo dopada kao i slike. Drago mi je čitati tvoje tekstove posvećene otoku Hvaru i mjestima na njemu. Crkva je prekrasna u prvoj slici a i ostale su super tvoje slike a u pozadini prekrasno more sa kojim brodićem ukrašeno. Sviđa mi se tvoja bordo-roza kombinacija odlično se boje uklapaju zajedno sa tvojom bojom kose :). Lijep pozdrav!

  11. Such a beautiful place Ivana!


  12. What a pretty little town! Loving your shots, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Oh, you are certainly spoiling us with another visit to Hvar Town! The Franciscan monastery is fascinating, and I'm loving your wonderful outfit choice for the day! xxx

  14. I love that you travel around the area that you live it - that's a great way to experience new places without all the cost and time of getting to the other side of the world. Lovely outfit - you look so good in those berry colours - and i love the tights!

  15. Beautiful! That water is so clear too!!

  16. I love historical places to visit, I know I would love this place and that river is gorgeous too. It is nice to visit your own area and learn new things you may not know. I love your coat Ivana, hope your doing well : ) xo

  17. A lovely outfit, Ivana!
    The Franciscan's tower looks beautiful!

  18. How wonderful that you were able to tour this monastery Ivana. I bet you can't wait to go back when things are more normal.

  19. The 15th Century - Flipping Beautiful Location - Was February Really That Long Ago - Gorgeous Outfit There - Travel On


  20. Oh, and we don't have the hottest weather right now, but maybe it's for the best. We are still self-isolated and it is easier to stay at home in cool weather. Thank you for telling me about such an interesting place. And how I want to go to the sea to breathe this beautiful salty air!

    1. Thank you Anya. Yes, maybe it is for the best.

  21. LOVE THE PHOTO and your style !

  22. Hello
    I never imagined that Hvar had so many places to visit. The monasteries always keep the memory of the times and always have beautiful gardens, in Portugal it is also like that !!

  23. Bellissimo il monastero però a me l'occhio è caduto sl colore dell'acqua, anche lì è pazzesco!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  24. I've never visited a monastery before but I would imagine the atmosphere and history to be quite fascinating. The surroundings of this one are beautiful as well.


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