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Welcome Spring! Are you happy that spring is finally with us? Today I will share a fun DIY Barbie dress project with you. A little while ago, I  decided to sew some Barbie dresses using a vintage material I found in my closet. So, that is what I did. I didn't use any pattern or a sewing machine. Using vintage materials for arts and crafts is wonderful and not only because it saves the environment, but because let's face it- vintage materials are often awesome. I don't think people realize that vintage textile is often better (in terms of quality) than the newer textile.  I'm not sure what this vichy  material was originally intended for, I'm assuming either bedding or tablecloths. I think I found some vintage bedding made from this  vichy (red and white print) material, so that could be it. I first used this gingham vintage material to make a dress for myself (a dress that I yet have to hem).  After that, I made two Barbie dresses from the same vichy material. I blogged about all of that last spring. Do you remember this post- " How to Handsew a Barbie Dress? "? Well, today's post will be similar to that one. If you want to read about specifics, check out that post because that one is more of a tutorial. Today I will just show you the DIY Barbie dresses I made, and a share a bit of Barbie photography.


What says spring better than a vichy print dress? Do you like gingham print? I absolutely love it and my favourite colour combinations (with white obviously) are: red, pink, blue and yellow. This print has such a vintage vibe, perhaps that is why I like it a lot. Let's have a look at this midi vichy dress. As I already said, I hand-sewed this one. I think it turned out pretty cute. You know I love the midi length- and maybe Barbie does too.  I gifted this one (and the other Barbie dress) I made but I kept the doll. I think I already showed you this doll in this Vday post. I decided to keep one doll for myself, so I can use it as a model for Barbie clothes I will make in the future. I might also get a bit into doll photography. Who knows? I do love Barbie dolls. I've always loved them. I have never been a collector or anything like that. I'm not even especially knowledge about Barbies or any kind of dolls really, but yeah I do like them. I often buy Barbie dolls as gifts for kids. I would perhaps buy them for adults, if I had any collectors among my friends.  Long story short, I think Barbie dolls are fabulous!


This is the second Barbie dress that I made. I actually took these images before it was completed. I made the worst measuring mistake- I didn't measure at all. I thought that I could guess the needed dimensions without a second glace. I was wrong. I did fix that soon enough and ended up with a dress that I quite liked. I gifted this one as well. I'm sorry I don't have any photographs of the finished version, but I do have a lot of photographs of this work in progress. What has this experience taught me? I need to buy a sewing machine as soon as possible. I think it's time to say goodbye to my hand-sewing days. I want for the only only reason for me to hold a needle in the future be embroidery. Do let me know what you think about the Barbie photographs that I took. My husband was really impressed by them. It always surprises me what impresses him. Who would have known that making Barbie clothing and taking photographs of it was something that would catch his interest! Anyhow, this was a fun DIY project. I do plan do make more Barbie clothing in the future, but next time I plan to. If you're into this kind of thing, I suggest you to check one specific social media: Pinterest. I saw a lot of beautiful images of doll there. I know there are some Barbie bloggers, so you could look for them too. I can't be of too much help just yet, because I'm just getting into it myself, but I'd be happy to share whatever I learn along the way. 

Are you a Barbie fan? What is you opinion of this doll? Did you play with Barbie growing up? Do you like gingham print? Do you plan to wear it this spring? That would be all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day and enjoy spring!


  1. Io adoravo Barbie da piccola, ne avevo tante ed anche moltissimi accessori, dalle case ai cavalli, al camper, alla piscina, ecc. ed una montagna di vestiti!^^
    Dovrei avere ancora quasi tuttoda qualche parte in cantina ma ormai non vedo più queste cose da anni.
    La tua idea di fare un servizio fotografico alla Barbie è stata davvero originale e simpatica, soprattutto dato che il vestito l'hai fatto tu: è venuto super carino e la fantasia èperfetta per la primavera!

  2. Barbie looks fabulous. Well done! I loved Barbie and her friends growing up.

  3. Troppo carino, idea bellissima!

  4. Your Barbie dress is beautiful! I think you did a great job with it, even if you thought some bits went wrong. I can see why your husband was impressed! My Doctor Who loving friend on instagram, @tamsinhartnell is obsessed with Barbies- you should follow her as she posts loads!!!

    1. I haven't used insta in ages, but when I do, I'll look her up.

  5. You did a great job giving barbie a fashion make over. I love it!

    xo, Maria

  6. You did a great job with the Barbie dress Ivana! This brings back so many memories! I made a few dresses for my barbies when I learned to sew in elementary school. It was so much fun!

  7. She's my style icon ever since
    Such lovely photos

    Much Love,

  8. That's great fun - the scale of the pattern is perfect for Barbie! I love the visible stitching, it really gives her dress a touch of individuality. x

  9. I'm so happy it's spring and I'll be even happier when the spring weather arrives and stays for good! You did an amazing job with that dress for Barbie and the photos show it off really well. I really need to learn how to sew because I want to make clothes for my dolls Rena and Ian.

    1. I'm looking into it myself. So far I found some really good pins and I'm sure there are some free doll patterns online. I need to try them myself.

  10. Bravo Ivanice, predivna moderna Barbi u tvojoj reziji, top!

  11. The barbi looks beautiful. She even looks like a real woman. Very well!

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