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Spring is approaching, slowly but surely. The cherry trees have already blossomed, and to me that's the best indication that sunny and warm days are sure to follow. I have a good feeling about this spring. How about you? Are you ready for it? Are you craving those warm and sunny days? Are you planning your spring outfits yet? In case you're looking for some fashion inspiration, I've decided to talk a bit about some of my favourite spring/summer trends. In addition, I selected some items from FashionMia to share with you. 


There are a lot of fun trends this Spring. I don't think I commented on them  yet, I just hinted at them with the choice of runaway looks I choose to illustrate. Some of my favourite spring trends are:

- Beige all the way 
(because I love this shade and I'm warming up to neutrals. I have a feeling that total beige looks will become new black),
- Lace and mesh materials, as well as mix of materials
 (if you ask me, lace is sort of a classic but it is always lovely to see these kind of materials trending, especially when paired with other materials)
- Mermaid vibes, vibrant beach colours, sea vibes and wet suits 
(because who doesn't feel that California/tropical paradise vibe? Everybody dreams about a day at the beach, at least once in a while. )
- Oversized and statement hats
 (because we need that sun protection!)
- Prints, prints and prints
 (because that is what we live for. Seriously, I love how this spring all kinds of prints will be trendy, from animal to geometrical ones. I'm really looking forward to that). 


I need to clear out my closets before I get to spring shopping, but I'll probably going to buy some long maxi dresses. I love to wear maxi dresses and this clothing item is definitely ideal for spring and summer.  I'm also on a look out for some new swimming suits. I typically opt for  cheap swimwear, because I do tend to swim a lot and go through swimsuits quickly. Sometimes I do invest into more expensive swimming suits, especially if I see something I really like. I do have a lot of swimwear. I wasn't able to do much swimming last few years, but hopefully this spring and summer, I'll be able to spend more time at the beach. 


Styling maxi dresses for spring is not terribly difficult, is it? You can always pair them with blazers and cute jackets. Moreover, you can opt for long sleeve maxi dresses, especially once it gets warmer, that way you can even get away with not wearing a jacket. Moreover, layering is always a good way to make an outfit more stylish. Perhaps layering is really the key when it comes to styling maxi dresses in spring.  Once you've thought about it, you'll realize there is a number of options for styling maxi dresses in spring. I'll write down ideas for you. For instance, you can layer your maxi dress by:

- wearing a vest with it,
- wearing a blouse, a t-shirt or a shirt over it,
-wearing a cropped top over it,
- wearing a body chain over it,
- wearing a scarf around your waist,
- wearing a scarf as a poncho,
-wearing a regular poncho, 
- wearing a skirt over it,
- wear it with jeans or jeggings,
- wear it with leggings,
- wear it with shorts,
- wearing a crochet or sheer jacket over it.


  1. What beautiful maxi dresses! They look stunning on you! You know I love my maxi dresses :) While I do layer them up on cooler weather they definitely get the most wear in warmer weather! They are great for spring and summer :)

    Hoping your week is going well so far :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Loving the green dress! Very nice trends :)

    Anika |

  3. I love the looks, my dear. But the third one is my favorite because, it's really very beautiful! I am delighted!

  4. that floral dress is so gorgeous!! I love how you match the dress with accessories, especially with belt! it's my fav way to take my dress to a next level! x
    have a wonderful day, Ivana!

    1. Accessories are a great way to dress up any outfit.

  5. You look amazing in your maxi dresses hun!


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  7. You look amazing my dear!

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