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We still have months of winter ahead of us, so discussing winter outwear seems appropriate. I've wanted to write this post for a while. I already discussed winter accessories with you. Now, the idea is to discuss my favourite winter coats and jackets with you. Hopefully, I'll give you some options to consider. Winter outwear is a big part of winter fashion. One could even argue that outwear is possibly the most important part of winter style. With a warm and stylish coat, you're more than half way there, one might say. 

So, that's what I'll talk about today. Nevertheless, this post will be mostly visual. I will share outfits featuring my favourite coats and jackets. In addition, I'll share some of my fashion illustrations as well. Considering that this post will be very photograph heavy, I'll try to keep the fashion talk short and just share why do I like certain winter garments and why I think they are useful. Feel free to share your winter style secrets as well. What is your winter go to look? What kind of coats do you like to wear in winter? Do you like puffer jackets? Do you often opt for a trench coat? What are your favourites when it comes to winter outwear? Do you like coloured and statement coats or do you prefer classical black ones? Do you wear fur or faux fur jackets and coats? 


Statement coats can really turn our winter wardrobe around. Coloured coats are a wonderful way to infuse some colour into our winter wardrobe. When trying to decide what colour is best for you, consider both your colour preference and tone of your skin. A coloured coat can come in any colour, it can be grey or beige.  If you like bold colours, then go for bold coloured coats. Pattern coats are another great alternative to classical black coats.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your coloured coats, even if they happen to come in bold colours. I like to style my coloured coats in different way, sometimes by adding a belt and sometimes by wearing them with oversize scarves or faux fur ones. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more, especially when more helps us to keep warmer. 


I have one blue coat in my wardrobe that I wear pretty often, so that's a colour to consider. A blue coat is pretty easy to style. Combined with black or beige, a blue coat can look very elegant. Paired with purple or pink, a blue coat can make your outfit more feminine and girly. If you're not feeling adventurous, you can always play it safe and pair your blue coat with jeans.


Another coloured coat that I wear pretty often is a magenta coat (that often appears purple in the photographs). Besides the cut of this coat (another thing to consider), I really like its unique shades. There is even a bit of animal print on its sleeves, and that's always a plus in my book. 


As much as I love coloured coats, I must admit that classics will always be classics. In other words, having a long and a short black coat in your wardrobe makes perfect sense. If you are a colour addict like myself, you can always accessorize your black coat with colourful outfits. Statement accessories can also look great worn with a black coat. Adding some colour to your look is never difficult. On the other hand, you might want to explore the all black styling. Black outfits can be fabulously fashion forward when done right. Moreover, they can give you an opportunity to experiment with textures and cuts. 


A long puffer jacket is a great option in winter. I have a beige one that I wear all the time because it is incredibly warm and comfortable. Best thing about a puffer jacket is that you can easily dress it up and down. To dress it up all you need is some fancy shoes or boots. A pair of high heeled boots and a nice bag will usually do the trick. Wearing a long puffer jacket in a casual way is no brainer as well. A long puffer jacket can be a life saver when it comes in creating feminine but warm winter outfits. At time times, it is incredibly easy to style it in a casual way. 


A mid length puffer jacket is a great option as well. It is slightly less warm than a long puffer jacket, but you can always layer your outfits to make them more cozy and stylish. With a shorter puffer jacket, you get to show more of your outfit, but still you've got pretty good coverage (and protection from the cold). 



A faux fur jacket or a coat is another great winter essential. Be sure you get it in both its shorter and longer form. This black cape like faux jacket is simply perfect for special occasions. Another faux fur coat I adore is a beige vintage one. I'm sure you have seen it on this blog a number of times. 


I have two checkered alpine pro (not sponsored) ski jackets that I literally wear all the time. The quality is excellent and the patterns makes me happy. I do like to include colour and pattern into my winter outfits and wearing a checkered outwear is a fabulous way to do just that. 

That would be it! A selection of my favourite coats and jackets. Let me know what your winter style essentials are? What do you wear most often? What kind of jackets and coats manage to keep you both warm and comfortable? What kind of coats and jackets make you feel glam and stylish? Do you think we can have both? 


  1. Everything looks amazing! this post is so lovely! xx

  2. Izgledaas predivno! Obozavala sam crni i plavi kaput, prosto savrsene boje!

    A free soul.

  3. All the looks are great
    I love all your coats and jackets

  4. Devo ammettere che io ormai ho solo ecopellicce, praticamente non ho più cappotti ma è che qui a Roma ha cominciato a fare freddissimo e mi viene più da comprare pelllicce che cappotti......
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. si, le pellicce sono perfette per il freddo.

  5. We have to wear coats every day, so I LOVE having a fun variety. I think the only ones I don't have are the black ones. I have way too much fun with statement and colorful coats!!!

  6. You look so lovely in all of your coats! I don't have many coats, they are not such an essential here as winter is so short! I do love my trench coats and leather jackets in winter. I have one cobalt blue leather jacket I love but I'd really like some more colourful ones like you've shown here! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely week and your 2019 has been off to a great start :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Really love that fury black collar, it'd make anything look elegant. And the white dress you have under the fluffy coat <3



  8. We don't have winter here but I can imagine that winter is a really fun season to dress up and spice up our fashion choices. You look super cute on your outfits dear! My favorite have to be the gray and pink one. Also love faux fur. You look exquisite in it! <3

    love lots,

    1. Faux fur is the best, isn't it? thank you for your comment.

  9. I love how you are incorporating real life background photos with your art. It looks really cool! I've been wearing my faux fur coats this season and I am living for them. I really like your blue coat. It looks very chic. The faux fur jackets look nice as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    1. thanks, I like mixing my photography with my art.

  10. You have such a lovely and stylish selection of outerwear. I love the look of wool coats but I also get cold very easily so I usually end up wearing my down coats/parks the most. When it's really cold all I really care about is staying warm. I always joke that I'm too practical to be a fashion girl ;p

    1. I know what you mean, I'm the same way when it gets really cold.

  11. I love the way you experiment with textures and layers Ivana, particularly faux fur - it's a wonderfully stylish way to stay warm throughout their chilly months! Have a fabulous weekend! x

  12. that dark pink coat is such a stunning piece! LOVE it! it looks gorgeous on you, Ivana! have a lovely weekend! x

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