How To Style A Grey Sweater Dress in Autumn? Outfit Proposal of the Day


I was just thinking how grey doesn't always get the credit it deserves. Sure, there are many enthusiasts of the colour grey, but even among those of us who like grey, there are many lessons to be learned. One of the mistakes we make when styling grey items is to forget that grey does come in so many shades. It's kind of obvious, but it's easy to focus on the classical grey tones and forget to explore this colour in all its complexity. Not to mention that styling the lighter shades of grey can be a great way to refresh our autumn/winter wardrobe. Sometimes it does seem to me that grey is one of the most underestimated colours out there. However, that all might change as grey has been trending a lot lately. For example, you can have a look at some of my runaways picks bellow. 

Chanel 2018 Couture 2 Beautiful People  Spring/Summer 2019 3 Chanel 2018 Couture Alexander Mcqueen Spring/Summer 2019
Neutral outfits composed of lighter shades are a great way to stay away from the typically dark outfit combos. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with dark neutrals outfits formula, but it is refreshing to see lighter shades worn in autumn/winter. Lighter shades of grey match neutral shades of green and blue very well. In addition, neutrals can look great paired with pink. Take this  Westwood woman's sweater for example. Isn't it simply gorgeous? Metallic or military green are great options with grey as well.


In autumn, we often get to hear that famous "sweater weather" saying. When the temperatures go down, grabbing a nice sweater is just what we need. Sweaters are a bit like comfort food, aren't they? I mean who doesn't like sweaters, right? A long sweater or a sweater dress is especially useful for keeping ourselves warm. Ladies might enjoy the fact that sweater dress can be very feminine and chic. They are not very hard to style, are they? 

For this trip to Buna recreational park, I choose to pair this grey sweater with an old pair of jeggings and a pair of old pointy heels. It might look like I'm wearing boots but that would actually be faux fur  that came with one of my other pair of shoes shoes. The necklace is my own creation and the belt came from a dress. Fun thing about opting for neutral shades is that you can get more playful with accessories. Both this belt and the necklace are eye-catching and unique, but worn with this grey sweater they don't look too loud. Not that there is anything wrong with pilling on accessories with colourful outfits if that's your thing (and it's often my thing).  I'm just saying that neutrals offer the possibility of wearing statement accessories in a more toned down way.

Sweater: old/ necklace: DIY/ jeggins: old/ jacket: old/ heels: old/ faux fur leg warmers: old
Basically, everything that I'm wearing today I've had for quite some time and that brings me to another favourite subject of mine and that would be : shopping our closets. I'm very keen on shopping my closet, if you want to read why here is a link to an old article of mine titled 10 Clear Advantages of Shopping Our Closets. I have a lot of old clothes in my closet that I try to hold onto as long as I can simply because I like to create memories with the clothing items I have, and I can't do that if I get rid of them quickly. I don't think of myself as a hoarder, I simply like to rewear items. The amount of shopping I do is not that much influenced by the trends or my banking account. I don't buy something new every month. I like to follow trends but generally I do it by shopping my closet (because fashion moves in circles). I tend to shop for clothes only when I feel like I really need them or when I fall in love with a certain item. I'm not saying that it should be that way for everyone, but even if you are a shopping junkie there are ways to make your shopping choices more sustainable. Still there is that question: Do we really need to keep buying new stuff?


With all the fast fashion talk that I've been hearing lately, I asked myself this question: "Do we really need to buy new clothes all the time?". Not that we should stop buying clothes all together. Not all clothes purchases are bad as such. Perhaps we just need to reevaluate our choices. Buy the things we really want and will most likely treasure in the future. Shop our closets frequently. Look for great vintage finds. Sometimes vintage treasure can be found in our family closet and sometimes we need to look for them in stores. Vintage clothes are a great choice for both their quality and sustainability. Taking care of our clothes is also important- that way they last longer. Second hand has its advantages as well. Considering alternatives to fashion fashion is a good way to start buying in a more sustainable way. 


There are many benefits of going for a walk in the nature, especially in Autumn. The foliage can be so beautiful. Some of the benefits of going for a walk in nature can include:

1. Digital detox:
Resting our eyes from the screens is pretty important and what better way to do it than by taking in some beautiful landscape in?

2. Physical activity:
A slow walk is appropriate even for the elderly and chronically ill. Physical activity is an important aspect of overall health preservation and maintenance. 

3. No noise, less stress:
Resting our ears might be as important as resting our eyes. Don't underestimate the effect of silence. In addition, nature sounds like the sound of the creek or the bird song can have a relaxing effect on many. 

4. Fresh air
Fresh air is obviously beneficial for our lungs and overall health. Spending time outdoors can lower the changes of depression.

5. Inspiration
Nature can be a great way to find inspiration. This doesn't only apply to artists or people working in creative field. A change of scenery is a good way to change our routine, which in turn can also mean a lower chance of developing depression. I keep mentioning depression prevention because I think it's a relevant topic these days. 

Typically, I try to do some hiking for the weekend. My health has been terrible lately, I've experienced yet another weight loss due to Chron's disease and when you pair that with chronic pain and fever, you can see why I haven't been feeling like myself. But even when I'm feeling really down, I find that a stroll can help improve my mood. I'm not able to do much sports or fitness these days, so at times household chores and walks are all the exercise I can get.

Once the temperatures get down, it's tempting to stay in all the time, but spending time outdoors can boost our immune system. Well, maybe you won't have much luck boosting you immune system if you're on immune suppressors like I am, i.e the kind of medications immune disease and transplant patients have to take to lower their immune systems to prevent their body from attacking itself but you can still experience the psychological benefits of spending time in fresh air. 


Just because we're going for a walk in the nature, doesn't mean we should chose the most baggy clothes that we have. Besides, for a lot of us, those 'leisure moments' are a good chance to take some photographs. I'm a strong believer that we should get dressed up whenever we feel like it and in whatever way we define it. Dressing up can be a feeling. For someone it might be getting their nails done, for someone having a perfect hairdo or make up day and for someone it might be wearing heels or dresses. I suppose it's all about what makes us feel special. 

This might not seem like the best hiking outfit in terms of my shoe choices, but this pair of pointy heels is old and beyond repair, so I figured why not? They are actually quite comfortable to walk in so there is that. Naturally, if you're planning to do a lot of walking or hiking, you better opt for boots or sneakers. If you're just going for a picnic and you won't walk that much you can opt for dressier shoes.


As unpractical as they might be, I must admit that I'm a fan of 'over the shoulder' outfits. I just find them to be so chic. In Autumn, they are actually not hard to pull of. They can even be practical, especially during those changable day when you're not sure whether you need a jacket or not. You just throw a jacket over your shoulder and there is that. Opt for a smaller bag because that will make things easier for you. If you want to add some colour into your neutral autumn combo, pick a cute coloured bag and you're all set. That would be all I have to say on the topic for today.

Tell me, how do you like Buna in Autumn? Isn't it a beautiful location? I know you keep seeing this place featured here but I can't help not to show it off because it's another one of my happy places. Do you like neutral outfits? Are you a fan of gray?


Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!


  1. Very interesting post.
    Have a nice weekend, dear!

  2. I love grey for the fall and winter!!! And really enjoy long walks outside!

  3. Great idea for a grey outfit for this season and you look really gorgeous dressed like this.
    Wish you a beautiful Sunday!

  4. What a lovely autumn day! You got some great photos :)

    I like how you accessorised your dress too! I used to have a few knit dresses, one very similar to this! then I realised I didn't wear them all that much with the warmer weather here so I ended up donating them. Sometimes I miss them!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) We went to our friends wedding yesterday so that was fun :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. thanks. I know what you mean, I miss some items I donated too.

  5. Love sweater dresses and you have styled this one beautifully. xoxoxo

  6. grey is a great color and the statement looks are super lovely.
    new post

  7. Mi piace come hai abbinato questa maglia grigia Ivana, anche io uso molto capi vintage che provengono dall'armadio di mia madre o cerco di scovare qualcosa di dimenticato nel mio armadio!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Mi piacciono i dettagli che hai aggiunto a questo semplice maxi pull Ivana, sei davvero stilosa!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. I really love to wear grey during the winter time! Specially combined with Yellow or a Deep Red!

    Wishing you all the best,

  10. Grey is not my favorite color. But I like so much the way you wear it in this post! Congrats

  11. I really really liked the way you styled this! I have a couple grey sweater dresses, but have NO idea how to make it look... less like a plain dress, haha. Thank you!

    Junniku blog!~

  12. You look cool!

  13. hi dear, great ideas there, I love yours as well. Kisses!

  14. Thanks a lot :D

    cool outfit and nice tips my friend :D loved it

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  15. Sorry to hear about your Chrone attack, Ivana. I really admire your spirit; keep up the good work & stay cheerful! xoxo

  16. Dear Ivana, so sorry to read you had to deal again with such challenging health issues. Please take care! I'm so impressed you never seem to lose your optimism. Keep it up and especially hopefully you will really recover soon. I think it is really good you nevertheless go hiking and I agree to each single point you listed about the advantages of hiking.
    And yes, we should shop in our closets. Your outfit is the best proof and I really like it how you combined your grey dress.
    Please take care <3
    xx Rena

  17. This is such a great look for fall. A grey sweater dress can be such a chic and versatile wardrobe option as you have shown here. I'm a fan of the jacket over the shoulder look as well. Not the most practical but it looks so cool. I agree about cutting down on our shopping. I still add key pieces sporadically but I try to make sure that they are classic style which are sustainable and well made so they will last. I'm sorry to hear about your health. Do take care of yourself and feel better.

  18. Grey is such an amazing color.
    I adore the casual, cool and yet classy tone.
    Amazing inspiration..

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  19. Grey is very versatile.. Wishing you good health

  20. Hai trovato il modo di realizzare un'outfit caldo, comodo ed elegante, Ivana!
    Ti dirò, il grigio non è tra i miei colori preferiti ma non si può negare che sia uno di quei colori neutri essenziali per creare ogni tipo di look, specialmente in autunno /inverno!
    Quanto allo stare in mezzo alla natura, anche per me è davvero molto importante, io mi sveglio ogni mattina alle 6,30 per andare a correre al parco, e anche se so che può sembrare un sacrificio assurdo (soprattutto in inverno) io lo faccio volentieri perchè so quanto mi faccia star bene passare qualche ora da sola in mezzo alla natura! :)
    Bellissime foto, tesoro!

  21. świetny post :)

    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie:

  22. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

  23. Loved this look, dear! You look gorgeous. xx

  24. Grey is a fabulous neutral that we should all embrace. It's usually better against our complexions and there are SO many varieties!!
    You look absolutely lovely in this!!

  25. Walking in nature is very relaxing. You look amazing in this grey dress. Have a wonderful week ahead. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  26. What a wonderful Post Ivana <3 You look beautiful, grey suits you very well. :)


  27. Super cool post! I love wearing neutral tones in this season! :)

  28. Hi Ivana! I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. Nevertheless you are looking georgeous! Your grey outfit suits you perfect. I like especially your DIY necklace. It is amazing! I like to wear grey dresses myself very much.

    I hope you get well soon!
    Love, Nadine

  29. Long walk in the nature is the best. Really a good time to think. Thank you for the tips. You look wonderful Ivana.

  30. Ivana! You're looking so chic and stylish in this outfit; perfect for the season! The grey sweater dress is so percent and I also love styling sweater dresses for the colder weather. The styling options are limitless! :) x

  31. Love the sweater dress Ivana, you look stunning :)

    Serene XO

  32. These are such nice shots, and I do like wearing knit dresses, especially this time of year. I love this time of year and find it therapeudic to shop my own closet for layering. Grey is a great colour to wear, you look lovely.
    I wish you better health soon dear. <3 /Madison

  33. A very beauiful color for fall-winter... Your outfit is so beautiful! Have a great day.

  34. Such great tips dear! I love them! And you look so pretty!


  35. I completely agree, grey is so underrated! My wardrobe is full of neutral colours all year round, mostly because I just don't feel comfortable in bright colours. Grey is always one of my go-tos, so easy to style and wear. I do have a couple of grey sweater dresses that I enjoy wearing this time of year, and I really love yours, too! You styled it so beautifully. <3 Thanks for sharing, beaut! <3 xoxo


    1. thanks dear, happy to hear you enjoy your sweater dresses too.

  36. Love your sweater dress and styling! You look so chic!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  37. And I like the gray color. It has so many shades. And so many possibilities.

  38. Your outfit is so beautiful. I really like that grey sweater and how you style it. Thank you for inspiration.

    Blog -
    YouTube -

  39. Hello dear! You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress!:)

  40. You styled grey so well Ivana, and you look beautiful! Grey is one of my favorite Fall colors!

  41. Nice!
    Grey is my favourite basic, specially in cold months!

  42. Ottima selezione ed ottimi consigli Ivana.
    Io penso che il grigio sia un colore senza tempo, con il quale non si sbaglia mai...
    Un bacio (e grazie per la tua visita ed il tuo bel commento),

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Choose your perfect sweater with Stileo

    1. grazie anche a te per la tua visita e il bel commento:)

  43. Nature really has its way of sucking out the bad energy, and rejuvenate your spirit with positive vibes. Anyway, love grey sweaters. So versatile and easy to style.

    Jessica |

  44. I think this is the perfect way to wear grey in Autumn! Love the styling!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  45. Grey is always a great idea! I love this colour!!

    Have a nice day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  46. Siva je odlična boja za jesen! Fotke su super! :)

    Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Instagram

  47. Hi Ivana! :) Personally I really like grey - it's very versatile, what's more, in my opinion it always looks good, no matter of ocassion. What about your outfit, you look terrific in this sweater, dear, this shade of grey suits to your skintone and emphasizes your natural beauty, dear! :) When it comes to buying new clothes, I'm trying not buying them frequencly, but in my case, I always ended up with buying something from second-hand, it can be my little addition, but on the other hand - at least it is good for the environment.
    Take care, dear!

    1. thank you. I agree about the grey...and also about buying second hand- it's good for the environment.

  48. Molto carina la tua proposta! :)

  49. so cool idea!!!
    thanks for sharing!

  50. Thanks a lot :D

    super cool tips my friend :) love your combo

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  51. That was a lovely post, I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it!
    xx Janine

  52. I love gray color and like I wrote up you look awesome in this outfit dear - have a lovely weekend

  53. Loving the way you have styled this grey sweater babe.


  54. Molti vedono il grigio come una tonalità spenta mentre io lo adoro ed è per me elegante e sofisticato

  55. You look amazing, hun! It can be so hard to style a sweater dress, but you did it so effortlessly! Happy Friday!

  56. I love your outfit proposal!
    It's very simple but accessories do make the difference.
    You look so well on those clothes!

  57. Love great sweater dresses.. this one looks great on you! :)

    And yeah.. a walk in nature is always good.. especially in heels! ;)

    (I did some jogging today in the forest.. but I was just wearing runner shoes)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  58. Amazing pics! And the look is stunning!

  59. Buna in Autumn is magnificent! I love it. I really do. If I'm around there, I definitely will make it my happy place too, heheh. I really like that you dressed up so elegantly for the walk in nature. What you said about dressing up being a feeling - I really like that! It can mean so many things to different people and you nailed it about doing it in the way you love and enjoy. I love grey and I think it's such a neutral color for any time! But I don't wear it to work out as I find that the sweat stains can show up easily hahaha. :)

    1. yes, you're right, it can mean.diffrent things to diffrent people.

  60. Wow! Really wonderful and amazing outfit!

  61. I love this autumnal look! wooow <3

  62. This is such a beautiful look girl! In love with the belted action. Autumn looks gorgeous where you are right now :)

    xx, mel

  63. Great tips, I really love grey for fall :)

    BIG NEWS on my blog, discover more...
    xx Eva

  64. so cool post!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  65. Light grey is one of my favourite shades and absolute go-to in autumn winter. I also love sweather dresses so this is actually my outfit of dreams. Have a great weekend! x

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag

  66. Grey is one of my favorite in fall. I love wearing such knitting dresses. Walking in nature is my hobby though I am unable to do it regularly. Very well written.
    You are looking beautiful <3
    Have a nice day <3

  67. che bello il tuo look, mi piace indossare il grigio in autunno

  68. HI ! I love the location for the pictures. The idea of wearing one item in several ways is always a plus.

  69. Such a nice ouftit, Ivana! I like that you're including layering, this is one of the things I like the most when it comes to Fall/Winter season, that you can mix tons of different garments and textures depending on the temperature :)

    Since I was a child I used to like gray, contrary to the popular opinion that it is a sad color, but for me it is the perfect color: you can mix almost every color with it making endless possibilities when it comes to style your look :D


  70. Gray looks wonderful on you! Very chic outfit indeed. I am with you on dressing up to just please ourselves, no need for a special occasion - our life IS a special occasion, every day!

    So sorry about your health issues, my dear friend. I wish there was a magic wand to cure all of the problems, but for some reason, there is no such a thing, and we have to work through our issues, one baby step at a time... Hang in there, my dear, and stay beautiful!

    Lots of love.

  71. Loved the styling on the entire outfit

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