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How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

Hiding from the sun a bit with my hat, sunnies and a maxi dress. As much as I love the sun, sometimes there is such a thing as too much, don't you agree?  Sometimes the sun is simply too strong and we need to rely on clothes to provide us with additional protection. Maxi dresses are very popular during the summer months- and with a good reason, I might add. Dresses and sneakers, that's been my fashion mantra lately. My summer style tips often revolves around comfort. It doesn't get much comfortable than wearing a cotton dress and converse style sneakers, does it? A black dress is always a neutral choice, and if you want a bit of colour, you can always accessorize, like I did here by opting for a striped hat and a printed tote bag.  

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

My sneakers are not actually converse, in fact I don't even own a pair of converse sneakers, because there is only as much as I'm willing to pay for a pair of sneakers made of rubber and textile. Their price these day seems a bit over-inflated to me, and as interesting as the history of this iconic pair of sneakers may be, I'm not setting aside 55- 100 pounds to buy a pair of sneakers that probably costs less than 5 pounds to produce. Paying for design is alright, but let's be reasonable, please. I do like the converse style design.  Converse style sneakers sometimes get a bad rap for not being anatomical and causing flat feet, and while that might be true, there are ways to work around it. 

About ten years ago, I had an appointment with a specialist and had special custom made foot insoles made. Now, that is something I didn't mind paying more that 55 pounds for (I still remember the price 66.4 pounds). Besides investing into good quality foot insoles/inserts (something hardly anyone mentions but it is sooo important especially if one of your feet is shorter than the other one), another way to make sneakers even more comfortable is by making sure the socks you're wearing with them are of good quality cotton. One of the reasons why we get blisters on our feet is friction. It all comes down to physics. If you don't want to wear socks with your sneakers, you can try using a deodorant because that should stop your feet from sweating and that in turn can help you avoid blisters. You don't want blisters in the summer, do you? With all the walking you need to do? Summer is the season for strolling around and exploring, so comfortable footwear is a topic worth talking about.

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / #SummerStyleTips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

Light materials are sometimes all we need. During summer, cotton is the magical word. Speaking of magical, aren't these flowers gorgeous? I just adore oleander flowers, but I heard they can be cause allergic reaction, so I've been resisting the temptation to buy an oleander tree. Do you have an oleander tree at home? If yes, is there a way to work around it? I heard wearing gloves is a must when touching oleander as both the tree itself, and the flowers are quite poisonous.  But they are so pretty, though!

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

These images were shot in my old neighbourhood in Split city. If you remember, recently I wrote about photo worthy places in Split city, Croatia. You can read the first part of that post here, the second one should be up on the blog by the end of the summer. Today I want to mention something I talked about in that first post. If you remember, I advised you that when visiting Split, you explore the modern part of the town as well. Why limit yourself only on the old city centre (as gorgeous as it is). I'm a big fan of the neighbourhood I used to live in, that is called Split 3. I would say that many neighbourhoods in Split are very pretty. Many of the modern buildings remind me of boats, the way they are facing the sea makes them look like they're about the sail. I wonder was that intentional, is it a part of their design, or just something  that's in my head. I've been known to be the  imaginative sort. :)

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in# Summer / Strolling Split 3

When I was a little girl, before we moved to Split 4, we also lived in another neighbourhood known as Blatine and that's a lovely neighbourhood as well, but Split 3 has a bit more to offer when it comes to shooting location opportunities. For instance, University campus in Split has some pretty amazing buildings. The whole area is very pretty and certainly worth a visit. The Campus library is a very imposing building as well. Just mentioning it in case you're visiting Split and looking for good photo opportunities. A few notable Croatian architects worked on designing this neighbourhood and surrounding area. This urban part of the city is a great example of how approachable modern architecture can be. You can take long walks here, never coming close to the road. The neighbourhoods were designed that way, with little squares and plazas, so that parents could stroll around with their children and people could meet one another. 


#modaodaradosti #fashionblog

That kind of 'humanized' architecture is what we need. I would say that architects need to always remember that they are building spaces for people to live in. It's as much about functionality as about aesthetics. In that sense, architecture is similar to fashion.You need things not just to look good, but to serve human beings that are using them. Here I'm talking about photo opportunities and picture taking, but still, even for the purpose of photography you'll want a space you feel comfortable in.  Modern architecture is sometimes seen as depressing, but fortunately that's not always the case. When it comes to modern and postmodern architecture, all I can say is that I've seen both things I liked and disliked. It's not white and black. It's easy to get nostalgic and conclude that it was all better 'in the good old days' but the truth is there are just as many talented architects now as there were in the past. I would say that if public wants good buildings, neighbourhoods and public areas, than the public needs to get more involved (if possible), show more interest in the work of architects and so on.

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer / Summer Style Tips / Strolling Split 3 Outfit Proposal



  1. Ahh yes, dresses and trainers are a go-to for me too! It's a perfect combination if you are going to be out all day because in the summer (and winter too) comfort is a priority. These days, there are so many beautiful trainers on the market too, that you don't really have to worry about the combination not being stylish! I will say, that if you have a good pair of comfortable and supportive sandals, they can also be a great option and on the hotter days, they might be better in order to let your feet breath a bit. My one question is, don't you get hot wearing a black dress in the summer? I hope you have been having a great week so far xx

    1. I do agree, comfortable sandals are a very good option as well. I wasn't hot in this dress, I think it's because it is made of cotton. I prefer lighter colours for sunny weather, but if the material is breathable I might wear black.

  2. wow beautiful dress:) you look stunning!

  3. You look beautiful in your maxi dress and a fun cap! And you opened my eyes - I haven't even thought of a possibility to custom order shoe insoles! Though, I'm afraid here in the US the numbers would be with a couple of 00 at the end. So much cheaper to just buy keds or converses (I'm not a fan of either though). But I do have insoles from a pharmacy (probably under $20, but I don't remember) - can't say that they are especially useful to me though, so I always look for shoes with good built-in soles and for brands that are consistent about it.

    I agree about architecture! There are many imaginative urban spaces here in Seattle and Tacoma. They uplift and make us feel comfortable in the city. Though, I must say, the modern architecture in general seems very "intellectual" to me - less soulful than the old buildings. But yes, there are great examples (and less great) in both. It's all about our preferences in the end. Old parts of the cities make my heart sing - make me warm inside, touch my soul directly.

    1. to custom order foot insoles, I think you need a doctor or some kind of specialist to accurately measure your feet and take your foot prints. I don't remember who did mine, but I remember that my physical therapist recommended someone and they came into his office during one of our sessions. I have scoliosis so one of my feet is shorter than the other, hence I need special insoles. Insoles from a pharmacy are a good options as well, at least you know they're anatomical.

      Intellectual is an interesting world to use, but I would tend to agree with it! It often seems to me that modern architecture lacks 'emotion', it is as if they are afraid to let their hearts into their work.

  4. Great outfit! Your dress looks so very comfy to wear and the hat is absolutely a killer! I love such caps so much!


  5. nice black dress
    This is so beautiful and lovely
    Nice content

    New post :

  6. I always love the idea of wearing dress with sneakers and you totally nailed it. Not sure but I absolutely love modern architecture, Ivana. I love all the locations you shoot your pics for the blog. And this one is equally beautiful with those lovely flowers in the background.

    Have A Lovely Week ahead.

  7. Carinissima!

  8. You look amazing my dear! Perfect outfit!

  9. The shoes paired with the maxi dress make a great combination!

  10. I agree, sometimes I definitely think fashion and architecture has similarities with the challenge to balance funtionality with aesthetics. The simple black dress is lovely silhouette that looks comfortable as well as stylish for warmer months.

  11. Mi piace il tuo abito e come sempre lo hai accessoriato in modo molto originale!
    Kisses, Paola.


  12. Hi dear, you look really beautiful. I agree with you about the pricing of converse. Before i make a purchase i normally find where I can get the same thing at a cheaper price. Kisses!

  13. Ljeto i duge pamučne haljine su i meni omiljena kombinacija!

  14. Such a great summer dress - I love maxi dresses year-round, but I wear them so much in summer, definitely. I like Converse with dresses too.

    I'm lucky there is a Converse outlet right near my house, ha! It's not so expensive here for Converse, and I have a couple of pairs! :)

    Hope you are having a great week so far! It's been a busy one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. so great you have an outlet near your home, if I had one I might consider buying the original ones, but they're so expensive here.

  15. Dear Ivana, dresses and sneakers are definitely the perfect combination and I opt also often for such combos! I like it really how you styled the black maxi dress and I can understand why you won't pay more only for the same on a piece. Split is really beautiful and you know the most amazing spots there. Thanks a lot for sharing and I hope you feel quite okay.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I'm still a bit sick but I'm getting better with the help of antibiotics.

  16. This outfit is is the perfect epitome of sporty chic which I love for the summer as well. I love that you always look just as comfortable as you do do stylish in your clothes Ivana. You're right that sometimes there is just too much sun. I've been hiding out under my UV umbrella so I haven't given my hats much a a spin this summer. I've said it before, you would make an awesome travel ambassador for Split. You know it well and your affection for it is so obvious :)

  17. Love this babe
    Mónica Sors

  18. Hi Ivana, this outfit is effortlessly beautiful. I would love to waer a maxi dress especially a black maxi dress with comfy sneakers and such lovely hat. I mostly used to wear sneakers on my trip of Odisha.I don't know much about architecture but I must say you have chosen a wonderful place for shoot. You are looking so pretty even in all pics.
    Have a lovely day <3

  19. A me piaccion le sneakers abbinate a questo abito lungo sai? Non sapevo che avessi un piede più piccolo dell'altro.
    Io ho miofiglio che cammina con i piedi a papera e dovrò mettergli dei plantari!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  20. I agree with what you say about getting involved with architects and remembering that they are building for people. Some really stupid designs around but also some brilliant ones. My little sister studied architecture at University and she used to get cross with some of the lecturers who were only interesting in 'quirky' concept designs- not something really real and practical- she was more of that sort of architect. It didn't work out for her in the end (she couldn't get the first job you need) so she became a primary school teacher but she loves her life now so I am glad that that worked out.
    Split was lovely- I didn't see loads of it though we stayed in a more modern bit of town when we stayed there.
    Yes, maxi-dresses are lovely for the summer. Your one is very practical- it looks comfy and isn't too low cut (lots of maxis are ridiculous). My favourite two came from Asos and they are Grecian-looking. I know you like the Grecian look too!
    I've not seen Oleander flowers before to know that that's what they are called. Slowly learning a bit more about flowers recently!x

    1. I'm trying to learn more about flowers too.
      Thank you.

  21. Beautiful outfit! I remember long time ago it was very trendy here in Warsaw to wear Converse, which are obviously too pricey in my opinion. I have never had any pair of Converse, but when it comes to Dr. Martens black famous shoes, I am a dead keen on it! I love this kind of black dress :-)


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