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Best 6 Dresses For Prom!


Looking for a prom dress?  Here are prom dress styles that you can't go wrong with. I do love checking out prom dresses. It must be my love for special occasion and formal dresses. The fact that I've been making formal wear fashion illustration since I can remember also might have something to do with that. Princess vibes and all that. I'm sure you get the appeal of browsing through pretty dresses. Today I'm talking prom styles with a selection of prom dresses from  online store Angrila. Scroll down to see some eye candy in the form of fabulous dresses.


Can't decide on the colour of your prom dress? That's not a problem as you can always choose a multi or two coloured dress. My first suggestion is this white and fuchsia cocktail dress with lace details. A combination of white and fuchsia is both romantic and eye- catching. Cute and girly, it's simply perfect for prom. You can opt for other colour combinations as well, if you're not a fan of white and/or fuchsia. I think white and black is always a classic combination, but you can also be bold and look for some more vibrant colour combos. White and pastel blue looks amazing together as well. Have a look at the white and blue dress bellow and tell me aren't these two colours simply a match made in fashion heaven?


A long dress is perfect if you want to make your prom outfit more formal. Isn't this grey gown absolutely gorgeous? If you choose a dress like this one for prom night, you will surely be able to wear it again for some special occasion. Lace applications and embellishments always create  a very romantic and feminine feel. I'm very keen on maxi dresses and I like how this dress takes a more sophisticated approach to the maxi design. Grey colour is often underrated, but it is quite an elegant choice. When it comes to this particular gown, I like the fact it's grey, because I think it makes the dress more subtly elegant and chic but at the same time it is very feminine and pretty. I'm just head over heels with this dress. What about you?


Red is the colour of love. You can't beat the colour of love, can you? Crayon red (and other shades of red) have really been trending this season, so if you want to wear a red prom dress, now is the perfect time. Skater dress always look playful, and in that sense they seem perfect for young ladies.  This red dress comes with lovely embellishments that help to make it look more glam and special. Long dresses are always very elegant and I do love a good maxi, but since we are talking about prom, why not explore other options as well? You can be all dressed up  even if you don't wear a long dress. Bodycon red dress options are often just as stunning, but there is something very fun about wearing a skater prom dress.


White is the perfect colour choice for a number of reason. It's always neutral and appropriate, and it can look flattering on anyone (just remember to choose the shade that matches your skin tone the best). It's a colour that conveys a feeling of airiness, elegance and freedom all at once. I love wearing white in the summer, as it is a lovely way to show off one's tan.  If you're afraid you'll look dull in your white cocktail dress, opt for beading. Just like lace, 3D applications and other interesting details, beading always makes a dress more glam and formal. What really makes a special occasion dress special is more the material and the design, then the length of the dress. In other words, who says that you have to wear a long gown for your prom? In fact, if you never wear maxi skirts or dresses, you might end up feeling uncomfortable. I think it is quite important to remember that when looking for a prom dress (or any dress really) don't forget that you will look much better if you feel good in the dress. Moreover, the more you are comfortable while wearing a certain dress, the better you will feel wearing that dress. Since it's your prom and everything, you'd probably want to dance the night away. If a long dress is not what you typically wear or what you had in mind, how about a shorter one? A white or pastel dress with beading might be the perfect choice for you.


Not a girly girl? Not a fan of ruffles, lace and flowery applications? Not a lover of pink and red? If you dislike cute and girly cocktail dresses but you also can't imagine yourself wearing a typical neutral coloured elegant gown, why not try on something like this olive maxi dress. Its rich olive shade is perfect for those who are neither a fan of  vibrant and girlish colours, nor of classical white and black shades. Moreover, its long sheer sleeves are a perfect take on the sheer trend.  When it comes to prom, you always want to keep the sheer parts balanced, as to avoid wearing a dress that would look inappropriate for the event. It's all about balancing how much skin is showed. Speaking of which, a long dress with a slit, like the one showed bellow, is a good way to show some skin, but still keep things classy. 


Finally, no special occasion dress list is complete without the legendary little black dress. If you want to stand out of the crowd, opt for LBD that has interesting details, as for instance: ruffles, sheer parts, peplum waist, beading, lace and embellishments of any sort. Cute details, whether it be an unique cut, lace applications or something else, will help you to feel more special in the little black dress of your choice. One great advantage of little black dress is that it allows you to play with accessories, so don't forget about that. Accessories are the perfect way to dress up a little black dress. 

So, that would be the dresses that made my list. In case that you have an upcoming prom, are you all set? Have you already found your prom dress or are you still looking? Have you ever helped someone pick a dress for prom? Do you remember your prom night? If yes, what was your dress like? Were you happy with your choice? What would be your advice to some girl trying to make her choice? My advice would be that you forget about trends and choose a dress that you will love. With special occasions, I feel it's always more about being in the moment, then being trendy. It's called special occasion because it is meant to be: special! You want a dress that will make you feel beautiful. Don't think about what others will wear and why, and follow trends only if you feel like it. Wear something that will make you happy, something that appeals to your personal sense of style.That would be my advice to all you young ladies looking for that special dress. But as I always say, who says that you need a prom to buy a prom dress? You might find an ideal dress for some other special occasion this way. It's always good to keep one's option open. Vice versa, you can find a nice prom dress browsing some other section of the site. Don't limit yourself and remember to have fun while shopping!


  1. such wonderful picks! i really love the second one, it's absolutely amazing and elegant. x
    have a lovely day!

    1. thank you and yes the second one is very pretty.

  2. They are cute dresses! Fun for so many special occasions! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely start to your week! :) It's starting to warm up here which is nice, although it's still so cold in the morning!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. thank you, and I can imagine it is nice to have warm weather again.

  3. very cute choices! nice working putting everything in one post! very solid


  4. che meraviglia questi abiti, bellissima selezione Ivana

  5. All the black dresses is cute in look. All those are Cute Gift Ideas. Thanks!

  6. To be honest with you, this American concept of 'Prom' makes me really cross nowadays - it is just excessive and it makes kids where I live become really bratty and wasteful. My work colleague is a Teaching assistant so she doesn't earn load of money and her daughter INSISTEd she went to a special prom dress shop where she demanded a £350 dress. Her Mum gave in because, "that's what they do.".
    Another colleague who really doesn't have much money (she is working as a TA during the week and then a carer for elderly people at the weekend) took her daughter to a special shop and spent £200 on a dress and then the girl decided she didn't like it and wanted another dress. Then they all pay to have their make-up done and hair and pay for a Limo or something ridiculous like that! In Essex, where I live, it's just gone crazy. Then they wear the dress once and give it to the charity shop.
    BUT, that said, these dresses ARE beautiful. I do prefer natural fabrics though.x


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