Let's Talk Hair! I'm Sharing My Hair Routine With You. How Do You Take Care Of Your Hair?

My last visit to a hair saloon was bittersweet. Sweet because I'm happy that I have finally found a  new hair stylist and bitter because my new hair stylist informed me that my hair is so damaged that it looks like it was bleached. I was a bit shocked because I thought my hair looked rather nice and anyway it's a feature I've always been complemented on. When I told her that I have never ever bleached my hair (I only dye it occasionally, maybe once or twice a year) she said my hair condition must be a result of certain health problems. I didn't really feel into going into detail right then and there, talking about my operations and all that, so instead of giving her my recent medical history, I just admitted to being severely anaemic. You know, she was quite accurate in her assumptions.  That made me realize not only how important hair care is, but how much hair can be a reflection of our health. I've never though as hair as something affected by our health problems, but it is true that healthy hair isn't something that just happens. We need to take care of our health to the best of our ability. Naturally, we can't control everything, but there are certainly things we can do to take better care of our health and hair. 

It is indeed true that skin and hair health starts within, but there are also things we can do to protect our skin and hair from negative outer influences such as the sun, the pollution and so on. I guess it is just like with everything, we need to find what works for us but we also need to be ready to make alterations if necessary. I think that one of the most important thing is to figure out what works for our hair type. My hair routine is pretty simple, but I think it worked well so far. I don’t think I need to change it, I think that my hair just needs a bit more TLC. For example, I do blow dry my hair in all seasons but summer, but I don’t think I have a choice since my hair is so thick. All of the medications I’m currently on have been known to cause hair loss, and I still haven’t managed to combat my anaemia, but fortunately my hair is naturally very thick, so the hair loss hasn’t been visible at all. In reality, I’m happy with how my hair looks and with little work I think that I will be able to get my old hair texture back.

You know as soon as the hair stylish said that my hair was damaged, I realized that she was right. You know how sometimes something clicks, and you realize that you knew it all along but somehow didn't acknowledge it and/or didn't pay enough attention to it. For a while now, the texture of my hair has felt different. It didn’t look different, but it felt different. When I would wash my hair, it would get very dry, something that didn’t happen in the past.  I definitely plan to invest more time into learning more about hair care into figure. I don’t think I did anything wrong, but I might need to invest a bit more time in it. For now, I've tried home masks with olive and coconut oil and I feel like my hair is getting softer. If you have any hair care tip, by all means feel free to share them. 

My hair routine is pretty simple. I shampoo my hair only every five or six, sometimes even only once a week. I’ve read somewhere that excess shampooing is the worst thing for our hair. Naturally I rinse my hair with water pretty often. The whole ‘no shampoo’ movement is about using less shampoo or about using alternatives to shampoo, it is not about not washing our hair. We can wash our hair with water as much as we like. For example, those who exercise twice a day, will probably also wash/rinse their hair with water twice a day to clear away sweat. When I used to train swimming, I would also wash my hair with water thoroughly after every pool practice. I was never able to let my hair dry natural (expect) when it was really short, so that’s another reason why I will sometimes avoid getting my hair wet.

When it comes to hair styling, I don’t use much products. Even for styling my hair, I will typically use either coconut or olive oil. I only use hair products for special occasions, I don’t even keep any hair products such as a hair spray or hair gel in my home. I don’t typically go to get my hair done, because I enjoy styling my own hair. I love to braid my hair. I think braids can be a great choice for styling our hair in a more natural way. I just read that braids are the most popular choice with ‘green’ hair stylists. I only read about those the other day, btw. Apparently now there are hair stylists who are committed to not using any chemical at all. Moreover, there is an increase in all natural hair products. That sounds like great news. Brushing our hair regularly is another great natural tip for keeping our hair healthy. 

Anyway, my hair is extremely straight. Like every women, sometimes I want what I don’t have and that is curls. In the past, I struggled with curling my hair and I almost gave up on the whole thing. I said that I like to do my own hair, and while that is certainly true, sometimes I do like to have my hair done. Hair stylists always do a better job of curling my hair then I do, so when I want curls I typically schedule a hair appointment. I do like the fact that today even girls with stubbornly straight hair can have nice curls. For ladies and girls whose hair is so straight that natural curling methods are of little help, there are always  hair tools to rely on. We all know that heat can be bad for the hair, but there are ways to work around that. There are products that protect the hair from the heat of the hair irons and hair curlers. Another thing I think is important is finding the right hair tool for us. Every hair type is different, so it is something to take into consideration. So, basically that’s my hair routine. Tell me what does your hair routine looks like? Do you like trying new hair styles or to do like to stick with works for you? What are your hair secrets?

I always feel that a nice hairdo is the perfect way to finish any outfit. It doesn't have to be anything too elaborate, it just needs to look nice. I love how natural hairstyles, such as just letting our hair down are becoming more popular. Do you like natural hair styles?  Because I have talked about hair in length, I'll keep the outfit talk brief. I don't know if you can see it on the photographs because the sun was quite strong that day, but I'm wearing a crepe (pink) dress paired with a navy (blue) top. I always loved blue and pink colour combo. These shoes were a gift from hubby, not the most comfortable shoes out there, but they sure look cute. 


  1. Wow...it look super amazing...thx for sharing Ivana..:-) xx

  2. I love your outfit! you look amazing!


  3. Che carina quella giacca Ivana! E tu per me hai dei bei capelli, io diciamo che li ho molto forti a li sfutto tanto e a volte ne pago le conseguenze!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. When I was younger I changed my hair styles very often but now I prefer one style ;-) You look wonderful in this styling , you have amazing legs!

  5. Great post dear!


  6. When I went to the hairdresser on Thursday, it was also a bittersweet experience. My hairdresser informed me that the ends and front of my hair were staring to get damaged from the amount of heat I use on it. I think it was a good wake up call for me. I take so much care of my skin and body, but often my hair gets left out of the mix. I've always been told I had good hair and I guess that was enough to make me think I didn't have to pay a lot of attention to it. Ouai is a great brand when it comes to haircare.


    1. yes, we do need to take care of our hair, even if we are born with good hair, we can still damage it if we are not careful.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing

  8. So true Ivana, healthy hair isn't something that just happens. I am just as shocked as you were cos your hair always looks so beautiful. I have to admit I'm not the best at hair care especially since I've been wearing wigs. I do rinse the water rinsing especially after work out sessions. I adore the blue top you have over that dress. The sleeves are poppin!!! The shoes do look lovely, beauty is pain sometimes right, LOL. I'm on summer break until August so I'm resting up. I plan to read a few books, not a lot of travel this time. Have a great week.


    1. thank you...and reading books sounds great to me. That's what I plan to do with my summer too.

  9. Thanks a lot :D

    you look fantastic and your hair is amazing :D


  10. Ova kombinacija ti stoji perfektno! Bluza je bas chic. A, tvoja kosica mi izgleda super, i duzina i boja!

  11. Hi beautiful woman! It has been a while since I stopped by and I'm so excited already looking at your content and pictures. I love how you share with us and your loving and kind energy. Are those two little birds that are in the same frame as when you are photographing your outfit? I love that picture so much! As for my hair routine of late, I've chosen to go the less is more route as I am growing out the colored and bleached part of my hair. As much as I love the highlights as they further show off my curls, I feel that the shedding due to the chemical treatment is not worth it at this point in my life. I can compare how strong my roots are compared the colored parts which are porous but only to be expected because I'm actually not into a high-maintenance type of hair routine. But alas, I will not say goodbye to gently-colored hair of course. Like you I also wash my hair using less shampoo, or if I do, I use conditioner first and then only use a gentle sulphate-free shampoo for the scalp region. I go back to conditioner at the end of the process. Funny what you said about wanting curls as when I was growing up, I wanted my hair to be as straight as possible and went to the hair dresser to permanently straighten the mane. Nowadays, I don't ever want to do that because I learn to appreciate what I have and go from there. It's been a liberating journey :) I hope you are doing well there and I just want to wish you a lovely weekend! <3 :D

    1. it's a photo effect, it's not birds...I wish, though....but there are many birds here, it's just hard to catch them with a mobile camera.

  12. Lovely look, dear Ivana, and your hair is beautyful! Do´nt ask me for my hairdo, because I am always strugglyng with my wig ;-)

    xxxxx Nadine



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