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How To Style 'Dad Sneakers'? Outfit Proposal : A Princess Sleeve Pink Dress Worn With Dad sneakers

Here comes an outfit proposal with dad's sneakers. Girl appropriate version that is. If you want to style dad's sneakers in a girly way, you can always try styling them with a girly dress. Makes sense, right? You can make any outfit more feminine by putting on a nice dress. If you want to add additional interest to your street outfit, why not wear a princess sleeve dress? A bit of statement sleeve goes a long way, don't you agree? A few days ago I shared an outfit proposal with this kind of sneakers and I'm already back with another.  Not the most prettiest of sneakers, dad's sneakers are not going anywhere. Even the most fanciest of fashion brands have embraced this trend. So, why not try rocking these babies? They might be ugly (in my eyes they kind of are), but they are probably one of the most anatomically correct shoe choices. 

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How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

If you plan to do a lot of walking this summer, dad's sneakers might be just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps it is what a shoe doctor would recommend. I wouldn't know, I've never been to a shoe doctor. But I did just remember one incident that happened a few years back. I was in a hospital with my husband for one of his post operation check ups , and there was this orthopedist that scolded me in the hallway, telling me to ditch my mules with high heels. Well, I wore those platform mules until they fall apart, so I can't say that I listened to his advice. Maybe he would be content to see me wearing these sneakers. Maybe I'm coming to my senses. Maybe I'm realizing that with the poorly maintained pavements in Mostar city, heels aren't the best choice? Or maybe NOT.

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

To be completely honest, I don't see myself wearing dad's sneakers all the time. I only have one pair. I only wear it occasionally. But I have to admit, I do see the appeal. Wearing a pair of comfy dad's sneakers feels a bit like walking on clothes, doesn't it? Not all sneakers are this comfortable. Running and jogging shoes are typically designed with human anatomy in mind. They are designed to actually protect our feet when we are running or walking. When I bought this pair, I planned to wear it for running. Who knew running shoes will be so popular? Had I known, perhaps I would buy additional pair.  Still, the popularity of dad's sneakers doesn't come as so surprising if you think about it. Chunky sneakers have been trending since the nineties (and even before, right?) so their revival makes sense. Running sneakers have always had street style appeal. Sporty and gym clothes trend isn't going anywhere either. Now that I think about it, the trend of dad's sneakers makes perfect sense. 

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

If you are wondering about the location, these photographs were taken in Mostar city park Zrinjevac. I've only learned the name of this park recently, until now I just called it 'city park'. I had to google the name to see what it is supposed to mean, and so I learned that this park was named after a Croatian noble family Zrinjski.  I'm quite knowledgeable about the history of this family, you'll have to remind me to tell you about it some other time. The main reason why I choose this park as a background for this outfit post, is because this park also has some really nice street art. I already showed you Mostar street art in a couple of posts (last one here). I'm pretty sure I showed you some of these murals before, but some of them are new so I'm happy to share them too. 

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers


As an art lover, I'm always on look out for interesting street art. It's one of the advantages of living in a city. Graffiti and street art are very dynamic art forms, and while some graffiti and street drawings can't be considered art, others definitely can. I even wrote a paper about graffiti back at the University, analyzing them as one would literature. It was a really cool paper, it didn't get me any extra points because it wasn't mandatory, but I enjoyed writing it. Plus, it made me realize how graffiti writing can be not only meaningful, but poetical and beautiful. It all really depends on the person and the motive behind it.  

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

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 I do love this pink dress. I don't know why I don't wear it more often. Do you ever feel like some pieces are special and you want to keep them that way by not wearing them every day? Take this dress, for example. It is pretty easy to style in spring and summer (the colder months are a bit more tricky as these giant sleeves won't fit all jackets) but I still don't wear it that often. I think it is because I'm afraid that if I wear it too often, I'll get bored of it. However, as my fashion illustrations testify, I do love the princess sleeves.

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers

How To Style Dad's Sneakers? Outfit Proposal of the Day, Princess Sleeves Pink Dress Worn With Dad's sneakers



  1. That's a terrific styling idea ! Playing up the femininity of your outfit is such a great to downplay the clunkiness of the dad sneakers. Your outfit is a perfect example! That shade of pink is gorgeous on you!

  2. You look fabulous love the pink

  3. It is a lovely dress and the casual shoes look great with it! I find that I keep things for 'special' occasions too, which is silly, I need to wear things more, especially when I love them! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! It's really cold here and one of the boys is unwell so it will be another quiet one for us!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I had no idea there's such a thing as dad's sneakers, they all look the same to me. LOL! I adore sneakers though, it's so comfy.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. You look so cool in this styling my dear! I love your dress:-)

  6. Thanks a lot :D

    love this kind of sporty-chic looks :D fabulous combo :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  7. Anche a me l'ortopedico disse di non usare i tacchi alti, mai ascoltato ah ah ah!
    Ma sono d'accordo che ogni tanto si possono usare scarpe più comode. Mi piace come hai abbinato le sneakers e quel vestito con le maniche a sbuffo è troppo carino!

  8. Stunning pics!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  9. Definitely a lot of impressive street art! You look lovely in that pink dress. Such a happy hue for summer 💖💞😘

  10. Wow, this dress is so wonderful and fits you perfect.

  11. Your style is very creative!

  12. Yes, dear Ivana, you really should wear this super beautiful dress more often! And it is so cool how you styled it with the Dad sneakers. Personally, I like this trend and try to wear it more often but I have to admit I still love my shoes with heels, too. Thanks that you have chosen this beautiful park in Mostar with all the impressing graffiti. I'm with you that graffiti is more than painting and impressed you wrote even on Universitiy about Graffiti although you didn't get additional points for that. Now I'm looking forward to hear more about the family that gave the park the name! Have a happy weekend, dear Ivana!
    xx Rena

    1. thank you Rena. Graffiti are a fascinating subject, and street art can be so inspiring.

  13. How funny because I just wore an outfit like this IRL. I recently purchased the pink dress and wore it with white sneakers!! I love that there are such fun sneakers nowadays because they are so comfy!

  14. How amazing that you have a park with murals there! This place is so interesting, you must share with us the story behind the park's name as I love the way you tell it to us. Also, the princess sleeves of your dress is super pretty. I don't have this sleeve style in my closet but I am so considering it if I get to have it at a good price. The pink pop of color is perfect as you look like a flower in the background of green. It's funny that you said the sneakers are kind of ugly as I love them and the way you styled yours is just perfect. Perhaps, it's because you do love your mules and tall heels and the sneakers are the exact opposite. No matter the shoes, you look lovely either way! I've not seen you in a sandal, like a flat one, hahah. Maybe one day <3 :D x


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