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How To Wear a Baker Boy Hat In a Casual Way? A Spring Outfit Proposal

How to style a baker boy hat? Today I'm presenting you with my casual monochrome outfit proposal. Why casual? Simply because I dressed having a long walk in mind. Why monochrome? As much as I love colour, I thought that keeping my outfit black and white would help make it more elegant. I wanted to create a casual outfit that will be simple and chic. Baker boy hat (IMHO) falls into the category of  statement hats. This hat is one of Spring trends, but it can be hard to style, because it is a bit on the 'loud' side. Baker boy hat /newsboy cap comes with a boyish/rock chic vibe, so to make it more girl appropriate, I paired it with a pair of vintage white jeans, a vintage white turtleneck and a vintage pepita blazer. What do you think? Do you like this outfit? Would you like to see another outfit proposal with this hat? Let me know in the comments.

Recently I wrote a rather long article about the benefits of shopping our own closets (here). Today I'm living this philosophy by wearing vintage items from my closet. I have actually had this biker boy hat in my closet for a long time. You see, I bought this hat for next to nothing about four years ago and added a leather decoration to make it more 'biker chic'. I love customizing clothes, but you already knew that, didn't  you? A bit of DIY attitude can take us a long way, and adding a personal touch is always a good way to refresh our clothing items. When we are re-wearing clothes, it is always good to throw in something new. This helps to keep things more interesting. The only 'new' thing I'm sporting here is this black and white pair of sneakers. My husband bought these sneakers for me during my prolonged stay in a hospital last year and this was actually the first chance I got to wear them. I'm not very keen of sneakers, I'm afraid. To be honest, I'm a  bit of a heel addict, but once in a while I will opt for a more comfortable pair of shoes. 

How To Wear a Biker Boy Hat In a Casual Way? A Spring Outfit Proposal

How To Wear a #BikerBoyHat In a #Casual Way? A Spring #Outfit Proposal

 A Spring Outfit Proposal #medjugorje

Now, a bit about the location for this post. You probably recognize it by now. The two of us are regular visitors to Međugorje, we probably head there once or twice a month on average. In case you're interested in seeing my precious visits to Medjugorje and/or would like to see more photographs of this place, I'm going to leave you links to my old posts from 2013 (here, here, here, here), 2014 (here), 2015 (here, here) 2016 (here, here, here, here), 2017 (here). Gosh, I really do spend a lot of time in this little village.

How To Wear a Biker Boy Hat In a Casual Way?

biker boy cap: old+ diy
sweater: vintage
blazer: vintage
jeans: vintage
sneakers: no name

 Medjugorje is usually crowded with tourists this time of the year, but fortunately when we got there, it was relatively peaceful. Perhaps because it was still early. Anyhow, we had a lovely walk, had a cup of over priced coffee and drove back. I love visiting Medjugorje, it's such a serene and beautiful area, bathed in sunshine most of the time, so what is there not to love? Expect pricey coffee? Anyhow, I'm thinking about putting together a little insider's guide to Medjugorje, so let me know if you would be interested in reading something like that. There are actually quite a few wonderful and affordable restaurant in Medjugorje, so if you want to know more, I could make a little gastro guide for you.

 How To Wear a Biker Boy Hat In a Casual Way? A Spring Outfit Proposal


See how I styled this blazer previously here and here 

That would be all for today, as always thank you reading. I always appreciate comments & feedback. What are you plans for the weekend? Will you do anything exciting? Tomorrow is Easter according to Julian calendar (which defers from Gregorian one), so Happy Easter to all  of who celebrate it tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend everyone!




  1. OMG I love this jacket, and I love the biker hat <3!!!

    Serene xoxox

  2. Bellissimo questo look monocromatico e il tocco del cappello è super trendy!
    Buon weekend super fashion girl!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Such a comfy and interesting outfit for cool days!♥

    Blog: Witty Sweety
    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  4. You are rocking that biker hat and mostly white outfit, Ivana! And I noticed you changed your blog's layout!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. Wow I just love the Blazer abd the gat. Love the way you gave styled your look.
    Many Congratulations on the new look of you blog. Looks wonderful.
    Have A Lovely Weekend Dear.

  6. Great outfit!
    Happy weekend!:)


  7. Loved how you styled this black and white outfit! The blazer makes everything look more interesting!

    Have a lovely weekend!


    Seize your Style

  8. Ciao Ivana. Sono stata a Medjugorje qualche anno fa come turista. È davvero un luogo speciale e penso che un giorno (forse con i gemelli) ci tornerò.
    Bello l'outfit. Semplice e basico. Il cappello ti sta davvero bene.
    Un bacio,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    News on Fashion – April 2018

  9. Outstanding look, style, vibe and post... Very informative and well written

  10. The jacket is so cute! I love it.

  11. You rock the outfit beautifully love the cap

  12. Dear Ivana, I see you shopped again very successfully in your own closet! I love your look with the baker boy hat and you did right to wear this monochrome look with it! Maybe next time you'll show this hat with a dress? Looking forward to it. And it is wonderful that the place you visited was not that crowdy as usually as it seems to be a fantastic place. Enjoy this Sunday!
    xx Rena

    1. thank you Rena. I will have to try wearing it with a dress because I like your suggestion.

  13. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  14. You look stylish & beautiful in the outfit. Amazing clicks, hunny xoxo:)
    Ashley Stewart Coupons

  15. Lovely to know you're also a high heel lover Ivana! Like you, wearing flat shoes can be a fun novelty though haha :) This jacket goes really well with the hat - you wear it so perfectly babe! I love your new blog design by the way, such a great way to step into the new Spring season :) x

    1. thank you dear. Nothing beats high heels, right?

  16. I love that you already had this hat in your collection Ivana!! My mom is like that---she keeps things and then they are in style again!!
    What a lovely look at this town without all of the people---both my husband and mother have been there!!

  17. I love hats like that, you've styled it so well!

    Corinne x

  18. As usual very interesting) thanks a lot for sharing!

  19. I love the comfort here Ivana. Great ensemble here especially loving your converse. You always have great scenery when it comes to your photos.

  20. Buon inizio settimana cara Ivana!
    Kisses, Paola.


  21. I wish I could pull off hats like you! I'm just not a hat person. I love them on others though.

    I like your casual outfit, I have some shoes similar to yours, COnverse, and I love them so much, perfect for casual outfits like this :) I do like this place you visit, it's beautiful.

    Hope you are having a great weekend! We had a busy one, some Church Online people flew over from the US so the weekend was full of activities :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  22. Totally in love with your outfit, babe! Wow, you've got a new blogger template. Honestly, I prefer this cause it's bright & neat xoxo

  23. Hey Ivana, I couldn't come here due to my bad health. I had missed a lot friends blogger posts. I'm so happy to see your outfit post as I was looking for your outfit for spring. This outfit is so beautiful and decent. I love how you have kept the color of this outfit graceful and the way you have edited the pics is wonderful. I love the picture with shadow pics idea. You are looking so cute <3
    Will be more busy in the coming days due to a visit to my parents and in laws. What about you? Will you go anywhere for holidays?
    Have a happy Monday :)

    1. thank you. I might go to see my parents this week. It's not settled yet but that's the plan.

  24. Ivana questo cappello è proprio delizioso e ti sta molto bene! Anche io devo fare shopping nel mio armadio!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  25. Super fashion, I loved my hat and jacket
    Xoxo and good week

  26. Ivana, I really like that you show us your outfit photos in real scenarios, is like a win win because we can see your style but also knowing a little more about the places you frequent.

    As I told you in previous posts I really like the idea of shopping our own closets and reuse garments from the past or appeal to DIY tutorials, there are many ways we can get fashionable without spending too much money and that's one of the best things we can do for our pockets but also for the planet ;)

    Love everything about this look, is very Chanel by the way, and the hat is definitely the HIGHTLIGHT of the season, have seen them in a lot of Instagram accounts and blogs and I'm sure we will still seeing this for some months so use it as much as you can, is super cool :D


    1. thank you so much, you always inspire me with your comments.

  27. Your husband has great style! I love those sneakers. I want a hat like that! I've always loved the style and you can do so many fun things with it. Great outfit.

    1. thank you, he has many great items in his closet, I can't resist borrowing them.

  28. Cute look!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  29. Talking about closet shopping, I do that too! And I enjoy it. I've not been shopping for clothes since forever and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible because I have tons already and some are just stuck somewhere in the corner waiting to be de-cluttered. I really love this baker boy style hat as I've seen it around but due to the weather here and my penchant for avoiding wearing anything over my head, I get to appreciate it on you. I feel like it is quite chic the way you styled it in this monochrome casual outfit. And yes to the sneakers! I'd wear those because you know me and my feet. Hahah. I didn't know they sell overpriced coffee in a small village. Please do a gastro entry because you know I love food. You look really beautiful appreciating Medjugorje (I do not know how to pronounce this!) And yes to the blazer too because it's so pretty! Take good care my closet-shopper friend :D

  30. i´ve seen you most recently in a black outfit, now in a very bright look. this clothing style is right my taste, specially those cool pants. but, i dont like these kind of sneakers - dont know why...;-(


  31. You look amazing Ivana ;)
    Thanks for linking up with Modish Matrons

  32. I absolutely adore this outfit on you, Ivana! One of my all-time favorites!
    Great pictures as always!
    Thank you for joining our Modish Matrons team!


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