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Fashion Illustrations of the way: Purple, Green and Blue ( Watercolours and Markers)

Happy Monday dear people! How are you? I hope you're doing well. Today I will share my new art with you with you, mainly my 3 new paintings/illustrations.  The medium for all of them is markers and watercolour on paper. Basically, all of them are mixed media paintings/illustrations. They are a bit more artistic than the other fashion illustrations I've been working on lately, but that was kind of the point. At the moment,  I like how they turned out, but who knows I might get very self-critical later so perhaps best to share them right now. These 3 paintings were created without a plan and without a reference of any kind, straight from my head to paper you might say.  Improvised art can teach us a lot, I think. Besides making time for studying and learning about art, I also try to make time to just improvise and create art in a more spontaneous way. Using a reference can be a great way to improve our drawing skills, but I think that drawing without a reference is just as important.  There are so many things one needs to do if one genuinely wants to improve one's rendering and drawing skills. First of all, you have to draw a lot. Draw slowly, draw quickly, draw with a reference, draw without a reference, draw draw draw in every way possible. From research to work, work, work, it's an never ending process really. However, there is also a bright side. You end up making a lot of art. That's always good, right? 

This fashion illustration of a purple haired girl in a green two piece was an eleven minute challenge. I drew it with makers and coloured it with watercolours in 11 minutes. I didn't really time myself, but I made a video recording so I know how long it took. I was thinking about sharing this video on my YouTube channel, but the quality isn't first class so I'm still undecided. Anyhow, I love this greet set. Two piece outfits (especially when we're talking about tops and shorts) can be so perfect for spring. I certainly created this green top and shorts set with spring in mind. Speaking of set outfits and spring, two piece dresses are also pretty cute. A lot of girls are sporting a matching set of a cropped top and skirt. What do you think about that? Do you have any two piece outfits and sets? How do you like this illustration?

Purple hair girl in a green two piece

 Here is another quick fashion illustrations. This one is dominated by purple shades. I actually drew and painted it immediately after the first one. I didn't time myself but I tried to challenge myself to do it as fast as possible. I've heard it said that challenging ourselves to draw in less time is good thing. Supposedly, it can teach us a lot. It makes sense to me. Setting a limited amount of time to draw something sounds like a practical way to develop our drawing skills, so I've been trying to do that. This second fashion illustration depicts a girl wearing a purple off shoulder gown. What can I say? I've been loving the ultra violet trend lately. I added a background to this one and it seems to me that the overall feel of it is more emotional, than what a standard fashion illustration should be like, but I love mixing fashion with art, so that's alright by me.

A Girl Wearing an Ultra Violet Gown

Time for my third painting. Here is a painting in the portrait style, but it is not really a portrait, just an imagine from my head. It reminds me of another painting of mine, one that I painted a few years ago. Anyhow, what happened with this painting is that I first painted with watercolours, but because I didn't like how it turned out, I decided to add the finishing touches with markers. The dominant colours are blue and green. How do you like it? 

My True Colours



  1. Ormai te lo dico sempre che sei brava anche queste illustrazioni sono perfette e poi fatte così a mano libera hanno anche più valore!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. È stato un piacere leggere il tuo post!! Complimenti ❤️

  3. Beautiful paintings, it was fantastic with blue and green
    Xoxo and good week

  4. Your illustrations are wonderful, I always enjoy them very much!! Love all the blues and greens and also, your outfit is stunning, you look fantastic!! xx

  5. Improvised art seems like it would be a wonderful way to improve your skills. I love how you are constantly trying to find new ways to challenge yourself and it's obvious your art benefits from that.

    1. thank you so much, I do hope my art benefits from it.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post!
    Have a nice day)

  7. Hello Ivana! Hope you're doing well!

    As I told you on Instagram I really love the new design of the website, it is always good to change the look of our blogs and I really want to say CONGRATULATIONS for this new look in Moda Odaradosti, the way it displays your art and photos is way more better than the last template ;)

    Now talking about the blog I really like that you're including more pictures of the process and your experiences on how drawing is molding your everyday life. Love to see you painting and displaying the artwork in the trestel, and ooh thanks also for sharing a little bit of your studio :)

    I love all the illustrations but my favorite is the girl with purple hair. And as you I'm currently trying to use more references, especially for the poses as they are hard to remember if you try to draw them just by remembering, of course it is possible but I'm sure it is hard and a picture with a reference is definitely a good way to improve the artistic work!

    Best! Gonna check all the other posts and as usual thanks for all your support here and on Instagram!


    1. gracias Pablo. I'm happy you like my new blog layout. I totally agree that using references is a great way to improve our drawing skills or our artistic work. Have a great day.

  8. Sempre belle le tue illistrazioni, Ivana! Mi piace soprattutto la tua abilità nel combinare i colori!
    Molto belle anche le foto con l'esposizione delle tue opere, hai avuto una bella idea e stai anche davvero bene con quel look!

    PS: Carinissima la nuova grafica del blog!

  9. These are great paintings again, dear Ivana, and I am especially happy to see YOU painting this time as well: these artist-in-the-studio photos are beautiful. Oh, and I love your skirt!
    Hugs and best wishes at the beginning of the week!

  10. I love the colors you used for your illustrations. So pretty! You always do a great job. Don't be hard on yourself. I love your outfit! Those heels and that skirt look so good on you :D

  11. Dear Ivana, these illustrations are just great and beutiful, you are too good, keep it up your work! And also looking so fashionable and stylish in your outfit! xo

  12. such wonderful paintings! they are really adorable x

  13. Ivana I love your work and am a fan. All 3 illustrations are beautiful.My fav would be the girl in the purple dress. I wish I could draw like you. You are gifted. Have a nice day and continue to make these beautiful arts.

  14. Wow! The Pics and your Illustrations are wonderful, i love this Post a lot!

    kisses <3

  15. Queste Illustrazioni sono davveroo belle! Mi piace molto l'accostamento dei colori!


  16. Fantastic works, dear! Your illustrations are always beautiful and colorful.

  17. Ivana! I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this first photo of you in the post! You look like a true artist (and also loving the stiletto heels! haha). I love how you experiment with so much colour in your illustrations; they're always fun and cheerful to look at :) Hope you're having a wonderful week so far! x

  18. Odlicne ilustracije. Predivne boje!
    Super izgledas u suknji.

    Kathy's delight

  19. You're so talented! Cam't believe you did that in only 11 min, amazing!

    Love from Costa Rica,

  20. I really like your new blog layout! These are all lovely illustrations and you look so pretty! I really like that you're in the photos too and we can see a bit behind the scenes of your illustrations :) xx

  21. Very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  22. What lovely artworks! It's nice hearing more about how you make the pieces and how you are always trying new things with your art :) I like the purple pieces too, I've been loving that colour a lot.

    Hope you are having a nice start to your week! After a busy weekend spending time with some friends from Church who flew in from the US, I'm enjoying a quieter week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  23. Nice post

  24. Thanks a lot :D

    your work is really amaizng my dear :D so cool draws!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  25. Ivana....what a fabulous talent you have for these illustrations!!

  26. These are lovely! My Mum's favourite colours actually, and mine! I like the second one the best!
    Nice new layout by the way!

  27. By the way, I love your outfit as you show us your art! I can see how tall that heel is and I applaud you for being able to carry yourself so gracefully in this type of footwear. Is it a stiletto? I think it is but I'm not sure. I love the emotional painting style of the girl in a purple dress as I feel a background can set the tone but I understand that for fashion illustration you want the focus to be on the subject. You look so very peaceful and at home showing us your creativity and I really like this art room of yours as it looks so spacious and serene. You are right about the natural beauty of our original hair - I cannot wait to have all the colored bits of my hair to be chopped off :) xoxo

  28. I fall in love with your illustration. Well done.

  29. i like those "making of" pics about you painting these pictures. you got so much talent and you know how to use it.



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