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Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)

I told you that you're going to see more of this coat, didn't I? Here I styled it with a turtleneck, a skirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of boots with high heels and a black leather bag. I braided one braid to the side of my head, like I sometimes to. It's a very practical hairdo and it can save you from a bad hair day. You know those days when your scalp is starting to get a bit oily but it is still not time for another hair wash. What to do when your hair gets quite oily but it is still not time for a hair wash? I usually braid all of hair. I opt for boxer braids or a fish bone. Speaking of which, how often do you shampoo your hair? How does your hair routine looks like? I'm curious. I usually shampoo my hair only once or twice a week. Years ago, I heard some hair model say that she only shampoos her hair once a week because too much shampoo destroys our natural oils and so on and I guess I took her advice to heart. It is good to note that shampooing and washing the hair are not the same thing. If you stick with shampooing your hair less often, you can still shower every day (and rinse your hair with water in the process). People who do intense sports and/or sweat a lot will probably need to shower more frequently.  In the Summer when you swim every day, naturally you're also going to wash and rinse your hair every day because salt isn't great for the hair (or so they say). Shampooing less simply means washing your hair with shampoo less often. Lots of people swear by it. It might not be for everyone, but it is worth a shot. What are your hair secrets? 

Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)

Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)


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This year I decided to read more classic and non fiction. I had obviously read tons of classic as a literature student back in a day but I believe that you can't read too much of a good thing. One of the authors I opted for is William Faulkner. Previously, I read Light in August and The Sound and the Fury from this author and I was really impressed. I heard that Absalom, Absalom! is considered to be his masterpiece so I went to for that. I was not disappointed in any way. This tragic family saga takes place before, during and after American war of independence. Focusing on a Southern family, it is told by several (unreliable) narrators. The modernist writing is quite complex and at times even challenging, but at the same time it is hauntingly beautiful.  I would even go so far to say he is one of my favourite authors from USA. I plan to read more of him. You can read my full review of William Faulkner's novel Absalom, Absalom! here.

Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner ( Book review and recommendation of the day)

Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)

Today I also have a restaurant recommendation for you. I ate at Pablo's restaurant in Mostar a few times already and I rather like it. My options for dinning are always a bit limited (because of Chron's disease), so I only tried one thing on a menu ( bruschetti tuna) but it was delicious every time. My husband was able to try out more things on the menu (lasagne and different breakfast options if I remember well) and he seemed pleased enough. The decor is very sweet, urban but cozy. The atmosphere is nice and quiet. The staff is friendly. I checked the reviews on Trip Adviser and they're extremely positive, so the foreigners seem to like it as feel. If you're in Mostar and are looking for a peaceful place to eat, I would recommend this one, not only for food, but for a lovely location as well. I already wrote about this street that was originally named Stephanie's Alley (after Belgian princess Stephanie who visited it in 1988). I actually already recommended this restaurant back when it was called a pub, since then the place was adapted and the name changed, but from what I've seen, the food is pretty much the same, so my old posts are still relevant here and here.  Anyhow, I just love this street, probably mostly due to those gorgeous platanus trees that were planted for the visit of Prince Ferdinand and princess Stephanie visit. Honestly, these trees were the first thing that caught my eye when I arrived in Mostar year ago. I've been planning to paint these trees for ages, but I keep postponing it. Maybe I'm just afraid that I won't be able to do them justice?

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)


  1. Bellissima :-* il cappotto è carinissimo comunque :D

  2. Lovely post!!

  3. Dear Ivana, how wonderful to see your beautiful coat again! Thanks for your recommendation about Pablo's restaurant - obviously this is a good an quite place to eat. About my hair: fortunately normaly it don't get oily and I normally don't wash it more often than once a week. It happens nevertheless that there is a pause of 2 weeks between my hairwashes but as I use dry shampoo it doesn't matter :) Love also your sweater btw!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. that's good to know. I see we have a similar hair routine.

  4. I love the way you express yourself...
    Nice outfit...

  5. Love that coat!Great post:-)

  6. I love your coat! The style and color are beautiful. Shampooing does strip the hair. I need to stop washing mine so much. I've been trying to use more conditioner. The restaurant sounds really good.

  7. Fai bene a sfruttarlo molto, è delizioso quel cappottino, ed ha un colore che ti dona anche molto!
    Quanto ai capelli, io in inverno li lavo 2-3 volte a settimana, a seconda di quanto si sporcano dato dhe tutti i giorni vado a correre o mi alleno.
    In estate, come hai detto, se faccio il bagno al mare o in piscina li sciacquo tutti i giorni ma in quel caso faccio lo shampoo solo due volte a settimana.
    La tua aconciatura è carinissima, anche a me piacciono molto le trecce, ma di solito per far prima, quando vedo che ho i capelli che non ne volgiono sapere di stare in ordine faccio uno chignon o una coda.
    Buon week end tesoro!

  8. Delizioso il tuo cappotto cara Ivana è bella la soluzione legare capelli per proteggerli grazie mille

  9. Love that last photo of you! :) This looks like a nice cosy outfit too, particularly that beautiful coat.

    I don't wash my hair every day, but some days I use dry shampoo. It's a mum essential as I so rarely have time to wash my hair in the shower, haha!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! Our weekend started early with a day off yesterday for Australia day. Good way to end the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I haven't tried using dry shampoo, but I heard it's a good way to prolong our good hair days:).

  10. Gorgeous coat, such a beautiful color on you! and shape of course! Love the sweater too. <3

  11. what a great combo of an bordeaux colored coat and black tights! and i see under it a big polo neck - so cool! i love polo necks, specially in the cold season.

    your take an umbrella with you - did it rain...?


    1. I agree, polo necks are a perfect way to keep warm in colder months.

      We had a lot of rain this month, so I took the umbrella to be on the safe side.


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