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Is Spring a good time to visit Split city? Je li proljeće dobro vrijeme za posjet gradu Splitu?

Is Spring a good time to visit Split? Absolutely. It is not only good time to visit it, it's a great time. The weather is warm and the city is not as crowded as it can get during the Summer. The prices are lower (the room we booked in Heritage Hotel Diocletian was only 30 euros). If you want an insider's advice, here it is. Split is gorgeous during Spring time.  If we're talking about late Spring it will probably be warm enough to go for a swim. Naturally, for those coming from colder climates even early Spring will be warm enough.

  Historical and beautiful. Those two words are what comes to my mind first when I think of Split city. As a history geek, the first word is very important to me. However, the second word is very important as well. This city is stunning. The beaches are fantastic. The views are mesmerizing. Finally, there is the fact that I will always consider this town to be my own....and that my dear readers, that's priceless.

Je li proljeće dobro vrijeme za posjetiti grad Split? Svakako. Ne samo da je to dobro razdoblje za posjet, to je odlično razdoblje. Vrijeme je toplo, a grad nije nagužvan kao što zna biti tijekom ljeta. Cijene su niže (soba koju smo mi rezevirali u Heritage Hotelu Diocletian je bila samo 30 eura). Želite li savjet starosjedioca, evo ga. Split je predivan u proljeće. Govorimo li o kasnom proljeću, vjerojatno je dovoljno toplo za kupanje. Naravno, za one koji dolaze iz hladnijih klima čak će i rano proljeće biti dovoljno toplo. 

Povijestan i lijep. Te mi dvije riječi prve padaju na pamet kada pomislim na grad Split. Kao nekome tko voli povijest, prva riječ mi je veoma važna. No, ni druga riječ nije za baciti. Ovaj grad je prekrasan. Plaže su fantastične. Vidici su čarobni. Konačno, tu je i činjenica da ću ja ovaj grad uvijek osjećati svojim. A to dragi moji, e to je neprocjenjivo. 

grad Split

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  1. Great post babe!! I heard so many amazing things about Split and I'm sure summer is such a great time to visit. Thanks for all these tips :)

    XO, Jessi

  2. Judging by your photos spring is a lovely time to visit. Look at those beautiful blue skies!

  3. İts looks like great. Time to go to Split city.

  4. Ivana sei stupenda. Mi piace molto il tuo stile e mi piace tanto la location.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  5. Great post and photos.
    Thanks for following my blog, and I'm already following your blog.

  6. Spring seems like an ideal time to visit most places and it seems like the beautiful city of Split is no exception. I've enjoyed getting to know more about Split and it's surrounding towns through your introductions and I hope that I will get to see it all in person one day :)

  7. Spring time sounds perfect for a visit :)

  8. Thanks for givign us a personal guide and visual inspiration to visit Split. I've never been but it looks wonderful this time of the season. <3 /Madison

  9. Hi Ivana! Split looks amazing on your photos, I'd love to visit this city someday, especially on late Spring, when it's still off the main season, the prices are lower and there aren't so many tourists there. I really like when cities have rich history and they're located nearby sea - if you would ask me, I'd say that this combo is one of the best when you look for perfect place for holiday. What's more, looking at your photos it seems that it's warm now, which makes me want to go there ASAP, because here, in Poland, I'm still looking for real Spring, with sunny days. Glad to hear that you and your husband spent in Split wonderful time, Ivana :)

    1. yes, I do agree.... when a city has a rich history, it makes the visit all that more interesting.

  10. Draga Ivana!
    Mislim, to je dobar idea! To su vrlo lijepe fotografije. Želim vam ugodan odmor.
    Pozdrav iz Njemačka

  11. Good old Diocletian's palace! That's a great price for your accommodation! I really want to go back to Croatia! You are tempting me!
    Nice photos! I did laugh at the green one as you remind me of Elphaba from Wicked on it!

  12. As usual stunning post ) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Such a lovely place and I love your red pants xx

  14. When a city is beautiful, doesn't matter the season!

  15. There's a sea and great architectural views so yeah definitely a Spring/Summer visit worthy. Great shots and you look very pretty. Love that denim on you. Wonderful Ivana :)

  16. Wonderful and very relaxed photos of you, my dear!!!
    For three weeks I was away from my computer (but I was not traveling ...), so I hope you forgive my long silence! My postings of the past were all pre-programmed. Now I am back here and try to make up my blog visits.
    Hope you had a wonderful start into May - lots of hugs,

  17. Ah, pa da u proleće mora da je najlepši! Baš mi je želja posetiti Split i uživati u njegovim lepotama. Divne ste fotke napravili, slatki ste baš

    1. jako je lijep u proljeće, meni je osobno možda naljepši ljeti, samo je onda ta gužva nedostatak. Turista ima svake godine sve više i ljeti je pun puncat što bi reklo.:)

  18. Super slike. :) Mislim da je proljeće ili jesen idealno vrijeme za posjetit bilo koje mjesto/grad u Hrvatskoj, posebno na moru, ako kupanje i izležavanje na plaži nisu nabitnije stvari kod posjete. Meni je isto predivno bilo u Dubrovniku prošli vikend i nema šanse da bih ovaj posjet mijenjala za ljeto. Baš bih mogla na jesen ili sljedeće proljeće u Split na dva, tri dana. Bila samo tamo više puta, ali samo u osnovnoj školi baš s ciljem razgledavanja.

    1. Meni je osobno sada Split još ljepši nego prije, barem što se urednosti tiče, sve je tip top, svi parkovi su sređeni. Kada sam ja bila u osnovnoj školi (koliko se sjećam), mogle su se naći i heroinske igle po ulici, sada je srećom barem nešto takvo nezamislivo.

  19. thanks for this city guide. nice and cool pics again from you. you have the luck to have a great sea in your region. i must travel a long time to reach the sea...;-( i would love to take a walk on the seaside like you did.



  20. OMG - HOW BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo love the sea - you must have had a fantastic time there. Great pants :)))) XXX Margot :)


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