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Restaurant Kolo (recommendation) and a beautiful sunny day / Restoran Kolo (preporuka) i lijep sunčan dan

Today's post is a continuation of the last one ( you can read that one here). The location is only slightly different. We’re still on the banks of river Buna, we have only changed the restaurant. The scenery is equally beautiful, that's for sure. Where are we now? Close by, in fact, only about five minutes  drive away. Now, we are in restaurant Kolo. Why are we here? Well, among other things, to try the best fig cake ever. Smokvara is the name of this traditional Herzegovian cake and this restaurant has the best I tried. Do you like figs? If you do, consider ordering using it in cooking, baking and preparing deserts. If you come across it (smokvara), do try this cake. It is really something. Traditionally it is prepared with home made fig jam. Herzegovina, as well as Dalmatia, is known for figs so finding home made products with figs is quite easy. In Dalmatia, we often use dry figs in our cakes. When I find the time, I might a bit about that. Figs are full of vitamins and minerals, you know. Just like grapes, they're on the superfood list.

Današnji post je nastavak prošloga (možete ga pročitati ovdje). Mjesto snimanja je samo malo drukčije. Još uvijek smo na obali rijeke Bune, samo smo promijenili restoran. Krajolik je jednako lijep, to je sigurno. Gdje smo sada? Blizu, zapravo samo nekih pet minuta vožnje. Sada smo u restoranu Kolo. Zašto smo ovdje? Između ostaloga da bi probali najbolju smokvaru ( tradicionalni hercegovački kolač) ikad. Volite li vi smokve? Ako da, probajte ih koristiti u kuhanju, pečenju i pripremi deserta. Ako pak naiđete na ovaj kolač (smokvaru), probajte ga jer je stvarno nešto posebno. Priprema se , tradicionalno, s domaćim pekmezom od smokava. Hercegovina je kao i Dalmacija, poznata po smokvama, pa nije teško pronaći domaće proizvode od njih. U Dalmaciji, često koristimo suhe smokve u našim kolačima. Kada pronađem vremena, možda napišem nešto više o tome. Smokve su inače pune vitamina i minerala. Kao i grožđe, spadaju u takozvanu  super hranu.

 Another reason is being able to have a cup of coffee on a small island. Having a drink while the river flows around you is such a lovely experience. I highly recommend it for purpuses of relaxation. Do you know any such spot where you live? If you do, make sure you experience them. Here on this very spot, I always feel like I have just stepped into National Geographic documentary. Such a dreamy spot it is. Well worth walking over that little bridge. The restaurant is open during the whole year, but this little island isn’t. During the winter, it is usually submerged under water. So, better make use of it while the weather is nice. I keep revisiting river Buna and I always enjoy these visits. I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking you with me on repeated virtual tours of this place so often. That would be all for today. Have a lovely Sunday!

Još jedan razlog posjeti je uživati u šalici kave na malom otoku. Sjediti na piću dok rijeka teče oko vas je tako lijepo iskustvo. Preporučila bi ga u svrhe upuštanja. Znate li kakva takva mjesta tamo gdje živite? Ako znate, iskoristite ih. Ovdje na ovom mjesto uvijek se osjećam kao da sam zakoračila u neki dokumentarac National Geographic-a, To je tako bajkovito mjesto. Vrijedi za njega prijeći ovaj mali most. Restoran je otvoren cijele godine, ali ovaj otočić nije jer tijekom zime nalazi se pod vodom (prekrije ga rijeka). Tako da ga je bolje iskoristiti dok je vrijeme lijepo. Stalno posjećujem iznova Bunu, a nadam se da i vama ne smeta što vas vodim na ove ponovljene virtualne šetnje ovim mjestom. To bi bilo sve za danas. Ugodnu nedjelju želim!


“Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows. There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.” 
― Charles DarwinThe Origin of Species


  1. It looks like an amazing spot, love your dress :) xx

  2. Wow! You look so pretty!!!Have a successful weekend dear! xx

  3. Nice place and nice look. Loves.

  4. Very beautiful location. The restaurant is cool.
    And I love your outfit so much! That dress is a stunner! You look gorgeous, Ivana.

  5. Lovely look! Great photos! Happy new week!


  6. Mnogo volim restorane pored vode, lepa preporuka! :D

  7. Great pics and cute look!

  8. How nice to be able to see and learn more about the charming spot where you celebrated your anniversary. I'm so intrigued by that cake just based on your description of it. I like figs but I generally avoid them because they're high in sugar. That photo of you two is so sweet!

    1. thank you sweet...yes, figs are very high in sugar, that is why it is important to eat them in moderation.

  9. what a great place to be with your loved one! :)
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  10. great pictures like always! this dress is so beautiful.

    kisses dear

  11. Naravno da nam ne smeta jos fotografija sa ovog predivnog i opustajuceg mesta. Nisam nikad probala smokvaru, ali volim smokve u kolacima tako da ne sumnjam da bi mi se svidela :-)
    Veliki pozdrav

  12. You look lovely! I hope you're having a good time! It looks so peaceful there :) xx

  13. Ja sam valjda od rijetkih koja ne voli smokve, ali baš ih ono ne mogu ni vidjeti na fotkama, ne znam ni sama odakle se stvorila ta odbojnost, pogotovo jer ih i svi oko mene vole :D Jako ti lijepo stoji ova dugačka haljina i sviđa mi se opušteni ambijent, mogu zamisliti kako ovdje sjedim satima i uživam u mirnoći prirode :D

  14. Smokve su uvek dobra ideja. Jako ih volim, a ne sumnjam da bi mi se i kolač svideo. Koliko je to mesto opuštajuće, nemam reči. Da mi je da se stvorim tamo ovog trenutka :) Pa još uz kaficu i voljenu osobu, ma može li lepše? :)

  15. What a beautiful spot to dine and celebrate your anniversary, Ivana. Love your look, the dress is so lovely. Beautiful bag, btw.

  16. Such a beautiful, heartfelt portrait of the two of you!! They say, couples who stay together long enough, start looking alike. You definitely look like such a couple - I can sense the connection between you from this photo, and I think there are some similarities there. :)

    Love this outfit on you, Ivana, you look so beautiful and charming! This hairstyle is simply gorgeous on you. And the location is dreamy - I'd love to share a cuppa and a slice of this yummy cake with you in this restaurant some day. :)

  17. Marvelous dress Ivana and this place is fabulous. Kisses :)


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