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Is blue the colour of forgiveness? (a blue dress and a green scarf) / Je li plava boja zaborava? ( plava haljina i zeleni rubac)

Colours. Patterns. Summer. Funny how it always comes down to Summer. Sure, I like wearing patters and bold colours all year long, but bold colours sure do look more cool with a bit of tan. The same seems to apply for pastel colours as well. Or do I simply like the tanned look? At any rate, colours  and patters are two things make me extremely happy. They can turn even a simple summer outfit into something that feels interesting and fun. Scarves are one of my favourite accessories.  Perhaps because they're a great way to infuse a bit of colour and pattern into any outfit? This dress originally came with a black bow. I liked it, but I like tieing a colourful scarf in the place of that bow even more. Customizing clothes is always a lot of fun. Do you like customizing clothes? I sure do.

Blue dress. Blue is the colour of forgiveness and forgetting, or so one of the characters from Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King claims. I liked this colour symbolism, but I must be honest and say I wasn't crazy about the novel. In fact, it was a great let down. It started so well, but the characters were so one and two dimensional it got ridicolous. The protagonist was likeable but that was about it. Stephen King should spend less time making fun of other writers and more time perfecting his own craft. If you are interested, you can read my review of this novel on my other blog( here ) and on my goodreads profile (here). If you have a goodreads profile, feel free to send me a message. I would love to connect on this social network as well.

Boje. Uzorci. Ljeto. Čudno kako se sve gotovo uvijek svede na ljeto. Naravno da volim uzorke i jarke boje nositi i drugih mjeseca u godini, ali jake boje svakako izgledaju privlačnije kada je koža malo preplanula. Isto, čini mi se vrijedi i za pastelne nijanse. Ili ja možda jednostavno volim preplanuli izgled? Kako bilo, boje i uzorci su dvije stvari koje me čine jako sretnom. Mogu pretvoriti čak i jednostavnu odjevnu kombinaciju u nešto zanimljivo i zabavno. Rubci su mi jedni od najdražih modnih dodataka. Možda zato jer su odličan način da ubacimo malo boje i uzorka u svaku modnu kombinaciju? Ova je haljina došla sa crnom mašnom koja mi se sviđala, ali mi se više sviđa nekakvu šarenu maramu zavezati umjesto nje. Uvijek je zabavno prilagoditi odjeću sebi. Volite li vi sebi prilagođavati odjeću? Ja naravno.

Plava haljina. Plava je boja zaborava i oproštaja, barem tako kaže jedan od likova iz romana Gospodin Mercedes Stephena Kinga. Meni se svidio taj simbolizam boje, ali moram bit iskrena i reći da nisam bila luda za samim romanom, dapače baš me razočarao. Počeo je tako dobro, ali likovi su bili toliko plosati da je to postalo smiješno, samo je protagonist bio simpatičan, ali to je bilo otprilike to. Stephen King bi trebao manje vremena govoreći drugima kako ne znaju pisati, a više se baviti usavršavanjem svoga zanata. Ukoliko vas zanima možete pročitati moju recenziju romana na mome drugom blogu ovdje i na mome goodreadsu profilu ovdje. Imate li goodreads profil, slobodno mi pošaljite poruke, voljela bi se povezati s vama s na toj društvenoj mreži.

franjevačka crkva u Mostaru

Dress/Haljina: not branded, nije markirana
scarf/rubac: vintage
sandals/sandale: not branded, nisu markirane
bag/torba: Croatian folklore bag/ hrvatska folkorna torba


  1. You look awesome in blue! The dress is awesome :)


  2. very sweet.

  3. Ma kako si samo preslatka u toj plavoj haljinici, ovo mi je definitivno jedan od tvojih najdražih ljetnih look-ova dosad! :) Nadam se da uživaš u vikendu!

  4. Haljina je prelepa,savršeno ti stoji!!!Obličan post,fenomenalne fotografije!Blog ti je divan,ako želiš pogledaj ti moj i učlani se ako ti se svidi pa se javi da uzvratim!

  5. This dress is super, in my beloved color, I have the similar with 3/4 sleeves

  6. I didn't know that blue and forgiveness go together. I do have many royal or navy blue work clothes. You look super retro with the scarf as a great pairing to the blue dress.

    Hahaha... You could blame me any time. I love blaming people for their mouthwatering food photos on their pages too! My appetite had been crazy too! OMG. I just keep eating. I know what you mean!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed Chinese food at the Asian restaurant that you have discovered. And I hope they serve those food that you'd wanted to try when you saw my travel and food posts.

    Thank you for your lovely words always!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. thanks Jo! This restaurant has a lot of dishes on the menu and it will be fun working by way through it:). I'm sure I'll end up trying at least some of those I saw at your blog:)

  7. Very nice outfit.

  8. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great weekend! xx

  9. What a pretty dress! I love the Peter Pan collar and how you styled the scarf. your hair looks so cute styled like this. I almost thought you had gotten a pixie cut in the first photo :)

    1. thank you sweetie. I love Peter Pan collars too.

  10. I long gave up on trying to read anything by Stephen King. I find his writing style way too verbose and have a hard time getting through his books.

  11. Lovely look!

  12. stai benissimo, delizioso questo abito

  13. Blue is one of my ultimate favourite colours (I have way too many so it's hard to pick one but blue has always been special to me). Love this dress on you lovely & completely agree with you - bold & bright colours are stunning for summer and go so well with tan. I am super pale at the moment so can't wait to go on a holiday (we're off in September) and enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach <3
    xox Nadia

  14. great post

  15. You look beautiful in blue! Lovely photos!


  16. Your hair is so adorable, so lovely! Wonderful blue dress, so well-fitting on your lovely figure. And that scarf is pretty as well. Hope your next book selection is more satisfying :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. thanks sweetie:) yes, my new one is better:)

  17. love scarves too!!!! all the colors look better on the tanned body!!!(i think) Love your post and photos!!!

  18. Very beautiful and pretty. The color is looking good on you and going with the weather also. The dress is cool and easy to wear. Lovely...:)

  19. beautiful dresses!
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  20. Very cute dress, Ivana! My favourite shade of blue, looks fantastic against tanned skin! Very picturesque ruins on the background of your pics.

  21. Delizioso questo look, assolutamente bon ton!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  22. Preslatka haljinica u savrseno plavoj nijansi! Stoji ti perfektno i da, slazem se na preplanuloj kozi sve boje nekako lepse izgledaju. Ja sam jos bela kao sir, ne volim gradska kupalista, a na more idem 10-og avgusta i prosto jedva cekam.

    Ljubim te puno

    1. hvala draga, jako mi je draga ova haljinica.

  23. Hello dare! I read this book one year ago and I liked this book ;) It is very gripping plot ;) On my blog you will find reviev about book that I read recently ;)
    follow4follow? let me know dare ;) xoxoxox


  24. Tender and sweet like an ocean wave, like you.=))

  25. this dress looks really good on you. and these sandals with this little heel are very cute...;-)

    "Do you like customizing clothes?" - i do this not very often.



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