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collage 1, all items from Modani
How do you go about creating an outfit? Where do you look for inspiration? I myself have many tactics. Sometimes I like to concentrate on a certain accessory and start from there. When thinking about inner design, a similar tactic can be employed. Take for example this white stood. It can be used as a chic footstool or as an additional sitting place for your guests. A piece like this one can direct you in furnishing your home. I always feel drawn to white furniture because it makes any room lighter.

Furnishing our home is as challenging as getting dressed in the morning. Just like with our personal style and clothes, we like to keep an eye on the trend but still we want something that reflects our own personal style. While we may chose an outfit that is composed of trendy clothing items and probably have fun while doing so, most of us have clothing items we always come back to, those we can rely on.

collage 2, all items from Modani store
 When furnishing your home, try to connect the pieces together. No, everything doesn't have to be matchy matchy but usually people want some sense of connection between their furniture and since it is your own personal space you will want it to reflect your own personal style.  Let your living room have a meaning to you. You will want it to look nice for others, but it is your home so you're the first person you should be trying to impress. Our home should be our oasis.

collage 3, Modani store

 Make a list of colours and styles you like than give it some thought. What is it that you really need? What will best suit your needs? Write down all the things you want to buy or that you like and then try to connect them in your head. You will want your living space to be clutter free and functional. Ask yourself how you can best achieve that. Be realistic in your expectations but don't forget to dream.

collage 4

 It is not probable that you will change your furniture every year so try to think about items that will last you for a long time. Just like every woman needs a white shirt or a LDB in their closet, so you will have to think about those practical and timeless pieces. When I was asked by Modani to think of a way to infuse my personal style into a living room, I realized that I'm most drawn to the elegance of black and white. One can always build on that, by adding silver accents for example and thus creating that modern look we all look for.

Take a look at this black modern sofa below. I've picked it out because it is such a statement piece but at the same time just like LBD, it feels very timeless. All you need is some good accessories and you're all set. We all need something we really love in your closets and the same goes for our home.

collage 5, all items from Modani

 Whether you start by choosing an item that will be your setting point or by already having a clear vision in your head, make the process as fun as possible. If fashion and clothes can make us feel better about ourselves, so can a lovely furnished home. Give it some time and don't be afraid to invest some effort, it is always worth it in the end. I hope that at least some of you are inspired by these collages I have put together. I wish you all a great start of the week.


  1. love it<3


  2. Great interior ideas, Thx for sharing, Ivana, I love black and white, it's such a clean look.

  3. It's funny how modern homes seem more difficult to furnish to me than traditional ones... contemporary furniture is reduced to the essentials, the corners and the edges, and it makes it that much more necessary to coordinate it with similar items, where as many traditional items seem to mash together quite well. I love that this is an inspiration for you, Ivana! Functionality is very important both in terms of fashion and living for me. :)

    1. you're right...modern houses require different pieces and we must always thing about the space the furniture will be placed in...functionally is very important.

  4. I like how you compare getting dressed to decorating a room. There are indeed a number of similarities and the effort is worth it for sure. All these modern design pieces are really fantastic.

  5. Beautiful and stylish furniture and decorations!!


  6. I love the black and white decorations in the interiors! Very nice inspiration Ivana!

  7. Inspiration can be drawn from so many things. Gorgeous furniture.

  8. Your taste is very similar to my own :) That couch especially catches my eye! Great post :) xoxo

  9. Great comparison between interior decorating and fashion styling!


  10. Great inspiration!

  11. These are marvellous ideas. I love decorating, so much fun!! I hope you are well doll & everyone at home keeps healthy, it is a time for catching colds and such. It's been raining here, so that doesn't help. Happy Tuesday xx

  12. Mnogo mi se sviđa što si ubacila i ovu tematku kojom sam ja blago rečeno opterećena! Svaki komad nameštaja je predivan i tako uklopljiv u razne ambijente.

  13. Oh such pretty inspiration, I especially like the first picture :)

  14. Predstavila si lijep stil, jednostavne, ciste linije, minimalisticki i moderan. I meni se takav stil prije jako svidjao, sada sam se vise orijentirala prema vintage i shabby chic! Ali svidja mi se bijeli namjestaj!
    Pusa iz Italije,
    Sonia Verardo

  15. Nice sofa! and love the lighting,too!!

  16. It took us a month to completely furnish our new home. While it was fun to go shopping but after a couple of weeks, it became extremely exhausting. I refused to take our time because I desperately wanted our place to feel home. During those time, I actually got my inspirations from blog posts such as this, it was extremely helpful to me.

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  17. Home decor is not really my thing, I leave it to my mom :p But I love seeing beautiful decor :)

  18. Davvero delle bellissime idee Ivana!

  19. Quante magnifiche idee, mi piace soprattutt la prima immagine!
    Fabrizia - Cosa mi metto???

  20. Ma che belle idee per decorare la casa!
    Tutte molto raffinate! :D

  21. Adoro gli arredi in bianco, li trovo elegantissimi Ivana!!!

    The Princess Vanilla

  22. what a beautiful inspiration =)

  23. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  24. Che belle ispirazioni!

    Outfit casual con jumpsuit e sneakers su lb-lc fashion blog

  25. Trendy

  26. Gostei do blog, estou a seguir. Amo decoração! =)

  27. Great designs, thanks for sharing.

  28. Cool inspiration!!! I love them all!!

    thanks for sharing the great designs.

    check out my blog

  30. Your ideas for Home are very nice.


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