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More Photographs? A Perfect Evening in Split City / Još fotografija?

I was asked for a better view of the painting on the back of this shirt, so I've decided to post more photographs of the outfit I wore it with. (additional DIY on this shirt are those gold buttons I've sewn onto myself)  I think all fashion bloggers face the dilemma about much photographs to post. Sometimes we have a lot of them and decide to include only a few and sometimes (for what ever reason) our posts are loaded with them. 

Having another look at this particular series of photograph, I came to conclusion that more is better. The real star of these photographs, it seems, is neither myself nor this painting of mine, but Split city. Doesn't it look absolutely delightful when the sunset paints the mountains pastel pink and  blue while the sea turns into most wonderful shade of silver? Even when the finally sun sets, it's still beautiful and full of life.

Netko me zamolio za bolji pogled na sliku koja se nalazi na poleđini ove košulje, pa sam odlučila objaviti više fotografije odjevne kombinacije u kojoj je nošena. (Usput ima još jedan uradi sam projekt na košulji, a to su ova zlatna dugmad koju sam sama ušila na nju) Mislim da se svi modni blogeri suočavaju sa dilemom koliko fotografije staviti u objavu. Ponekad ih imamo puno, ali odlučimo staviti tek nekolicinu, a ponekad (iz bilo kojeg razloga) naše su objave krcate njima.

Pogledavši ponovo ovu seriju fotografija, došla sam do zaključka da je više bolje. Prava zvijezda fotografija, čini mi se, nisam ni ja niti ova moja slika, nego grad Split. Zar ne izgleda posve divno kada zalazak sunca oboji planine u pastelno rozu i plavu dok se more pretvara u najkrasniju nijansu srebrne? Čak i kada sunce konačno zađe, još uvijek je prelijep i pun života.


  1. Baš sam htjela reći koje divno svjetlo :) Super mi je ova košulja, kao što već i prošli put rekla i sjajno ti stoji :D
    I moram dodati, ajme ovaj brod na :D

  2. Suknja je jako lepa, košulja takođe. Baš ulepšavaju pogled na more.

  3. Great photos and I really love your outfit. Is that a dress you wearing under the shirt? The print on it looks amazing :-)


  4. Slažem se za količinu fotografija. Sve zavisi kako ko voli, ja nekad imam toliko njih da objavim baš dosta, ali se vodim time da ko stvarno voli i prati i moj blog neće imati ništa protiv, pa i ja sama volim da vidim dosta slika na omiljenim blogovima, tako da samo napred što se mene tiče ;)
    Split zaista deluje rajski. Kombinacija je predivna i originalna i sve se nekako savršeno uklapa! :)

  5. Slazem se s Tijanom sto se tice fotki... sve ovisi sto, kako, kod koga... ipak, primjetila sam da cak i vise volim naizgled previse nego premalo. Bude mi nesto super i ono, dvije fotke :/
    Ovo mi je super kombinacija a Split jako volim tako da je uvijek dobrodosao gost!

  6. Hello dear, love very much your shirt and location of course! Such a wonderful place!

  7. Beautiful photos!!! I love your skirt!!!
    Have a nice day!! my g+ for you!!!!:))))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. I can't take my eyes off your bag. It's so cute :p
    And beautiful light in the pictures :)

  9. The sun is such a marvelous artist, indeed. I'm always amazed by the way sun light changes everything around, all the nature looks in absolutely different way in the sunshine, especially at sunset.
    Those photographs are really beautiful and eye-catching, you look wonderful there. The shirt which you've decorated by yourself fits you really great;)
    Have a beautiful day, Ivana!

    1. that's so true...The sun is really an artist we can look up to! thank you for your comment<3

  10. Beautiful shirt and dress! You look gorgeous and these pictures are awesome!

  11. Nice look,kisses.

  12. Nice look and beautiful place!

  13. Eh sì, il numero delle foto per post è sempre un dilemma! La tua città è bellissima, che colori! Molto carino anche il tuo disegno sulla camicia. Buona serata!

  14. Te ves preciosa, me encanta como has combinado el look.

    Muchos besos.

  15. Io ne metto sempre troppe a parte quando mi vengono male!! Bellissimo questo look, adoro la borsa!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. Ivana outfit je divan, a kako sam posebno ljubitelj DIY projekata moram posebno pohvalit košulju, prekrasno si je oslikala!!

  17. I really like your blog!!
    I'm your newest follower i hope you will visit me soon :3

    Alice's Pink Diary

  18. E' proprio bella questa camicia e poi mi piace un sacco indossata così sopra l'abito!

  19. Dear Ivana, now good that you decided to share all the pictures you liked! Because I love it always to see you and the wonderful Split and can't get enough from both of you <3 Thanks for showing your stunning DIY-shirt so detailed, I love still what you created. And it looks like the weather is still wonderful in your region, hopefully your cold has gone.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    International giveaway: Top form by the reason of problems

  20. Che belle queste foto, mi piace tantissimo anche il tuo look! :)

  21. Divan je Split, ali tvoja šik kombinacija je pre pre... Kosulja je divna, fantastican DIY!

  22. Che belle foto, il tramonto è spettacolare! E che bello anche il tuo look così colorato! Ma quello dietro la camicia è uno dei tuoi disegni vero? ;D

    un bacione,


  23. Hahaha, it is true, there is always that issue of too many photos or not, but i guess in some cases it is just hard not to share and it is okay. I keep thinking that cute dress you have under the top is a skirt from the back :)). Really nice.

  24. Predivne su slike odmah mi fali more! Ja sam za vise slika! ;)

  25. Che bella la tua camicia DIY! Sei sempre carinissima!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  26. Really, really wonderful pictures, and your outfit is so great, so cool and unique, I love it :)

  27. Wonderful! and I'm a bit jealous.

    and nice top.too!

  28. It looks so good with your dress! Fabulous night views!

  29. You are very elegant <3
    Love the back of your shirt and your dress :)

  30. Is a great way to promote your talent wearing a shirt painting by itself. Awesome!


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