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outfit post/ odjevna kombinacija (once a bookworm, always a book worm)

This outfit post is really special to me because it encorporates several items that I have made myself. The first one is a necklace that I have made recently using fabric, faux leather and feathers (all recycled materials i.e things I already had at home). The second item would be the bag that bears inscription 'Once a book worm, always a book worm.' The bag is recycled. I have painted the little books and written the proverb on it with textile paints (I'd written about it in detail often enough) Finally, there is a skirt to which I have attacked lace ( by sewing it) All in all, a very enviromentally friendly outfit. 

It might be said that this outfit is about two things: DIY and flowers. There are flowers both on the skirt and the blouse and that is not the only reason why I have matched them together. I don't usually wear skirts that are as short as this one so matching it with an oversized blouse only made sense. In this way I didn't feel like there was too much skin showing. The other things I need to mention are these white sandals made from wood and leather...they'r so divenly comfortable and my husband proved once more that he is the greatest expert when it comes to buying shoes. When he says something along the lines 'buy this pair, they are of good quality', one should most definitely listen to him. Tell me what do you think about this look? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Do you like to recycle things? Are you a book worm like myself?

* Ova mi odjevna kombinacija stvarno nešto predstavlja jer sam većinu stvari sama izradila, bilo u potpunosti, bilo djelomično. Ogrlicu sam napravila prije par dana koristeći tkaninu, eko kožu i perje (sve materijali koje sam imala kod kuće). Torbicu sam sama obojila i ispisala tekstilnim bojama i tako iskoristila/ prenamijenila ovaj stari ceker. Na suknju sam nadodala čipku ( većina nas ima kući takvih komada čipke, a jako je jednostavno ih samo prišiti na nešto)..sve u svemu jako ekološki, puno recikliranja ...sve se vrti oko tog uradi sam elementa i cvijeća... Cvijeće se nalazi i na bluzi i na suknji, a spojila sam iz zajedno i zato jer inače ne nosim tako kratke suknje, pa ova velika prozračna bluza osigurava da ne bude previše kože otkriveno. Moram spomenuti još i sandale, od kože i drveta...koje su strašno udobne i dokazuju da nitko ne zna odabrati cipele kao moj muž. Kad on kaže da je neki par cipela kvalitetan, onda je sigurno tako. Onda, kako vam se sviđa moju ruho? Uživate li i sami u uradi sam projektima? Volite li reciklirati stvari? Jeste li kao i ja knjiški crv?



sunglasses: DM, necklace: my own creation, blouse: gift, skirt: DIY, bag: DIY, sandals: Peko---location: Mostar (BIH)


  1. Ma quanto sei creativa??? Praticamente te lo sei fatta da sola questo look!
    Sei stata bravissima, e sei anche supercarina! :D

  2. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)...Thx for sharing..:-) xx

  3. Meni se čini da bi ti i ni od čega napravila nešto :) Sve mi se mnogo sviđa, volela bih da sam makar malo kreativna po tom pitanju, mada se u suštini nikada i nisam okušala u tim stvarima. Što se knjiga tiče, ista priča ;)

    1. to mi i muž kaže...da ga ne fascinira toliko to što napravim već to što to napravim iz ničega:) i kako mi to padne na pamet.

      hvala ti!

  4. Lepo si skombinovala celi outfit: belo-belo i crveno-crveno. Ni za ogrlicu ni za suknju ne bih mogla pogoditi da su DIY, izgledaju kao da pripadaju trgovinama ;) Možda ćeš jednom da kreiraš odjela za koju firmu, nikad se ne zna :) xx Maja

  5. Super izgledaš, odlična mi je suknja i baš mi se lijepo uklopila u ovu kombinaciju :))

  6. Odlična! Ogrlica mi je jedan od najdražih do sada a suknja... stoji ti predivno! Češće si "priušti" ovakvu dužinu! Sviđa mi se spi+oj cvijeća i čipke! :) Jako lijepa i naklon na tolikoj kreativnosti... ja baš nsam od takvih, barem što se DIY tiče jer sam strahovito nespretna! :)

  7. Bello! :)

  8. Ma che bella la tua gonna, molto particolare! Lucy

  9. ma che brava!!!

  10. Carinissim look. bella la gonna!

  11. Hi,

    Lovely post! Lurvv your blog..looks amazing! <3

    Check out my latest post:

    would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin?

    Follow me & I'll follow you back.. x

  12. amazing mix and match look,nice pics
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  13. Adorabile Ivana! Grazie per i commenti dolcissimi che mi lasci sempre :-) La borsa l'hai dipinta tu giusto?
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  14. Floral! Pattern! Crochet! Oman honey you're speaking my language- love!

    Thank you for visiting my blog babe, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  15. Sei davvero brava Ivana e il è molto carino e femminile!

    June maxi recap+GIVEAWAY on lb-lc fashion blog

  16. Dear Ivana, you should wear more often short skirts as you look wonderful in them! How good to have a husband which is a shoe expert, I like your shoes, too. And yes, I'm a book worm! Before I started blogging I read at least 3 - 4 books a week, in my first blogger year, which was 2013, I think I read less books as never before in my life. But since the beginning of 2014 I read again at least one book a week. I'm not as skilled as you and I don't do often DIY and I'm also not such a good woman like who recycles a lot which always impresses me so much <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I also read about one book per week now and it used to be a lot more...However, I think that now in summer I will have more time to read so the number might increase. Have you ever thought that blogging is a bit like reading? Maybe that is why we don't read as much as we used to...In fact we're both reading a lot...but now both books and blogs (not just books anymore)

  17. Jako interesantan i na prvi pogled "nespojiv" outfit, ali si sve tako super iskombinirala da mi se bas jako dopada! :)

  18. Lovely details. Your skirt is beauiful :)


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