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Split trough my eyes (photography post)---Split mojim očima (fotografije)

Konačno sam bila u Splitu, dan je bio savršen, sunčan i topao...a ja nemam uz sebe fotoaparat. Okrutni, okrutni živote! Morao je poslužiti prastari moj, koji valjda ima manje piksela od moga mobitela (ali ja ne znam prebacivati slike sa mobitela)...čudi me da više i radi.

Some of the pics I have taken yesterday, and like today it was a very sunny and warm day in Split.  You could hardly guess it is this time of year, the winter being almost here. It's surreal feeling walking by the sea, some people are in speedos (the brave ones or the athletic ones) and some in long coats (like myself). I didn't have my best cam with me, but the day was so lovely I had to take photos.


  1. Lovely x

  2. Absolutely wonderful, maybe if I have get the opportunity I'll definitely visit, xoxo.

  3. Sunce i more... ah... zavidim :-)

  4. I was reading about your city in Wikipedia, and I didn't know that its so big and ancient! It also looks gorgeous on your photographs, the architecture is just wonderful)
    I love such sunny weather and when I'm going out I always try to take a camera with me)

  5. Looks like a lovely warm day and I enjoyed seeing your photos

  6. Vidim imala si sreće bio je divan sunčan dan. I šta pričaš za fotke, odnosno za stari fotić, pa većina fotki se ne bi posramila da završi na razglednicama ;)

  7. Split je definitivno na mojoj listi želja! :)
    Probaj Dropbox aplikaciju za mobilni, ne može biti jednostavnije :)


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