Rainy days/ Kišni dani


 In the grey colour of time,
there is a thing, 

in the rain, in the wind, in the shadows,
there is a thing, 
in the grey colour of time,

its name I do not know.  *

poem by Croatian poet Miroslav Slavko Mađar. 

 This is what I wore yesterday, an appropriate outfit for a cold, rainy and windy day.  I like to contradict the grayness of the rainy days with some colour. Do you think it is a good idea? What about you?  Do rainy days make you feel melancholic? What kind of outfit can improve your mood?


U sivoj boji vremena 
ima jedna stvar,

u kiši, u vjetru, u sjenama,
ima jedna stvar,
u sivoj boji vremena.

Ne znam joj imena. *
pjesma Miroslava Slavka Mađara

Ovo je što sam nosila jučer, prikladna odjeća za hladan, kišan i vjetrovit dan. Volim proturječiti sivilu kišnih dana sa bojama. Što vi kažete? Mislite li da je to dobra ideja? Čine li vas kišni dani melankoničnim? Što nosite za popravljanje raspoloženja? 


  1. To tell the truth, rain irritates me, but it may be full of romanticism at the same time. It's really nice to stay at home, have a cup of hot tea, read on of the most favourite books or to bake a tasty pie, while listening the sound of rain drops. However, when I have to go somewhere, rain is annoying!
    I've got to say I love those beautiful snapshots you have shared and a pleasing poem! The grass and plants are still so green and fresh over there, I even envious of you a bit:)

    1. Thank you...and I often appreciate the beauty of rainy days...but sometimes I do miss the sunny days.

  2. I love the mixing colors dear... I really do, your color sweater is amazing... Now I´m sick and here is so hot, that I can´t even rest, is horrible =(

  3. It was an really good idea that you wore bright colours on this rainy day, they make the day fresh and bright. I like it to do the same. To be honest weather doesn´t really influence my mood, and there are even some rainy days which I really like because than I can stay at home (what I also like) and do enjoying things, like reading and writing. And the view outside the window confirms me only how comfy it is at home.

    Nevertheless my husband and I took our daily walk, equal how the weather is, and we use simply at rainy days our umbrella :)

    Wish you a happy weekend with the perfect weather for you!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. I like to walk when it's raining as well...that's what umbrellas are for, right?...and then being home, nice and cozy, while it is raining is also very nice.

  4. Ma che belli maglioncino e stivaletti!

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  5. Pa da, potpuno se slažemo kad su kiša i vedre boje u pitanju :) Baš mi se sviđa, originalno i efektno ;)

  6. I like that sweater and I hope you have a nice weekend.


  7. Although I do admire the places you present in your blog.I really appreciate rainy days.
    Before spring ,before holidays,before May.....
    With love
    Best Dressed Poland

  8. Meni to sve zavisi od raspolozenja, ali da budem iskrena, ja volim kisu
    I svidja mi se dzemper :)

  9. Jako orginalan look i jako mi se svidja kombinacija boja! Mene uvijek ta kisa nekako rastuzi :( Volim je je jedino ako sam ja u krevetu ispod tople dekice sto je gotovo nikada :-)

  10. Colour in greyness is a great idea! I really like your sweater, your channeling a 60's vibe, xoxo.

  11. Hello Ivana,

    i wished i could be with you under this umbrella...;-)

    You wear a lots of (different) colours - i think a need sunglasses...;-) very colourful.




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