working out philosophy/ filozofija vježbanja

With arrival of spring, many of you will decide to start working out. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However, the fitness industry (as the diet industry) is most of the times aggressive and not always truthful.  So, here is what I have to say.

- There is no such thing as a perfect work out for everyone.

Depending on your age, job, responsibilities, health etc... a certain exercise regime may or may not be good for you. There are so many factors that have to be taken into consideration. So, don't chose the work out that promises a certain result, chose a work out that works for you!

- Exercise to get rid of stress, don't stress over exercising

The truth is that human body need physical activity. Any kind of exercise will do really. When you're cleaning the house, it counts...when you're running after a toddler, it counts...when you're shopping all day...yes that burns calories too! and fulfilling martial duties is also good exercise;)

The important thing is that the exercise you have selected fits you...your needs...Are you a student? a parent? a CO? all of these factors are to be taken into account. Some things you may want to consider is how many hours a day do you spend sitting down... For example most people avoid doing back exercises. Don't forget about your spine muscles, they are really important. Posture is almost everything when it comes to appearance!

- Forget the body that you're dreaming about and enjoy the body that you have

Fitness industry says that you can shape your body any way you want to. That is not completely true. Genetics controls how we look in most cases. Besides, it  is a wrong approach to things. You should care more about how you feel. How much energy do you have to do things? How do you feel during the day and things like that...

Women and fitness

One more thing...abs actually make your waist wider. Yes, that is a fact. If you have side muscles on your tummy and they get bigger...think logically. This is not to say that you shouldn't have abs. I'm just saying you cannot have everything! You cannot have tiny waist and a six pack. Obviously men don't care about having tiny waist, but let's be frank, most of us ladies want it! I've read a very good article on this topic written by a fitness instructor and I couldn't agree with her more on this subject.

Most of exercise regimes ignore the female body altogether.  Women constantly do exercises that were designed for the men. The best thing is to focus on your health, not looks. However, I'm aware that we all want to look a certain way...and that is ok, as long as it is not some mad idea and as long as we're realistic about it. Some goals are achievable...but you might want to be careful about what you do when exercises, because the results may not be what you have wanted.

For example, I've always been a capital swimmer but I have to tell you finding clothes that fit is a nightmare because of the fact that swimming made my back wider. Look, I happen to like wide shoulders...but if you don't, you might want to take care about the type of exercise that you do. I see many women slaving away in the gym wanting to be slimmer and they end up being wider...Muscles are healthy (in moderation) but they do make you bigger. I'm just saying, if you're putting the energy into something, you should get your money's worth, sort to say.

 I just think it is unfair how the fitness industry promises things that it cannot give to you. There are exercises and sports that are recommended for achieving an hourglass shape and they include: running, basketball and ballet ( The list doesn't end here, surf the web I have seen some good articles on the subject)

To sum up, don't trust everything you read. Don't trust me or any other person. Trust yourself and what you have found out for yourself! Every body is unique and we all live different live styles....Find the work out that works out for YOU!


  1. odličan post! ja sam totalni ovisnik o vježbanju, ali ne odgovara mi svaki dan isto... ponekad trčim, nekad se penjem, nekad doma vježbam s utezima... u svakom slučaju, uživam u vježbanju, a još više u rezultatima. ali da, svatko mora pronaći ono što njemu najbolje odgovara.
    i još samo da odgovorim na tvoj komentar na mom postu; iskreno, i meni je bilo teško pronaći skinny jeans koje mi odlično stoje, shvatila sam da mi odgovaraju one s malo višim strukom i one koje su lagano elastične, tako da, možda i tebi dobro stoji neki model, samo ga još nisi pronašla, ali ako smatraš da ti nikako ne stoje, nema smisla siliti, kad barem traperica ima u svim mogućim varijantama... i hvala ti puno na lijepom komentaru!

    1. slažem se, ja isto nemam neku rutinu vježbanja već biram ono što mi u tom trenutku odgovara.

      Da, možda jednom i ja uspijem naći model uskih traperica koji će mi pristajati, ali nije lako ih pronaći stvarno.

  2. A me piace moltissimo andare in bicicletta!

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  3. Very well, my dear :*

    Many kisses,


  4. Great pictures,
    Great outfit,
    Great sunnies,
    Great IDEA!!!!!

    Best Dressed Poland

  5. Svaka čast za vežbanje, ja sam lenština koja ne radi ništa :(

  6. Nice pics! :)

  7. Darling you're sooo right!! I really like today's post! Let's hope many women read it and understand that each of us is beautiful in her own body and shape! Of course we can exercise to get fitted, but without obsessing...
    BTW thanks for your nice support concerning the sponsors for my blog!!

  8. you have such a beautiful blog! would you like to follow each other?


  9. I have the same position, you are absolutely right with your thoughts!!! Great pictures, well done, my dear))))))!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  10. This is an important post, thanks for that, dear Ivana and your good advices.

    I like to move but only in a soft and easy way, with walking and the yoga-like 5 tibetans. In the summer I like mountain-biking and moutain-climing.

    You´re looking really fit and sporty!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  11. Very cool!

  12. Cool post and sports/exercise outfit, xoxo.

  13. Ovo je bas super clanak... upila sam svaku rijec i slazem se u potpunosti:-)

  14. Great post, complitely with u!

  15. odlican post , i da stvarno ne treba vjerovat sve sto se procita! pogotovo vezano za vjezbanje :D

  16. Tako se dugo spremam da vezbam! Motivirala si me :)


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