petak, 5. travnja 2013.

Fashion illustration Friday/ Modna ilustracija petkom

As one of the illustrations is showing, it is raining. Is the spring fashionably late? or just too late? What is your opinion? The other illustrations are inspired by vintage style, especially this car that just scream Gatsby to me. I'm not quite sure is it an actual model from the infamous Jazz age ( I was inspired by a random photo) but it looks like it is.

Lipi moji, danas sam ispekla pet, šest pita (krompirača, sirnica itd), a kiša pada i pada. Dijelim neke svoje ilustracije. Neke su nadahnute starinskim stilom, kao ovaj autić gore, a neke su komentar na kašnjenje proljeća. Je li proljeće zakasnilo ukosno ili neukusno? Što vi mislite?

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  1. Ti si jedna jako kreativna dama... odlicne ilustracije... auto me apsolutno odusevio :-) i ovdje kisi i kisi :(

  2. Daj šalji jednu pitu ovamo :))
    Ovo proljeće je već a bitch, pojavi se i odmah nestane, poludjet ću više od kiša i vjetra :)

  3. Bellissime le tue illustrazioni, piove anche qui!

    Facebook page

  4. ma sono meravigliose!!!! speriamo smetta presto di piovere...


    ♥ Margherita ♥

    Frivolezze Provinciali


  5. Your post is another point supporting the advantage of late spring.
    Undoubtedly it is inspiring,thought-provoking.
    Great post:)
    Best Dressed Poland

    1. thanks:) I always try to look at the bright side of life:)

  6. You're an artist, sweety. Congratulations! All so beautiful!

  7. Beautiful illustration!!! great work, Ivana!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! g+ and my like in bloglovin for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. Nice illustrations!
    Great job:)
    best, zia

  9. Ivana tu hai un grande talento, brava! Mi piace tantissimo quello che ritrae la ragazza con maglia e berretto rosso.
    Io nel disegno sono proprio negata purtroppo...

  10. These are wonderful! Love the Great Gatsby!! I want to thank you so much for your marvellous comment on my blog...I really appreciate it and I understand what you say so well!! I think too, that if I say I'm a feminist, I should be dressing more like a boy and not like pretty things or dresses! I agree that it's the one thing they have wrong, instead of shunning the very essence of being a woman...we should be celebrating it and enjoying ourselves & dressing as we want, because we have that right! I'm far from the Carrie in Sex & The City type as well...women from long ago have taught us many things to be proud of and celebrate & we should rejoice in that & not want to hide it and become like men...we can surpass men and look great doing it in our dresses, skirts or whatever we choose to wear!! So happy for your comment & I appreciate it so so much!! Thank you :)))) I wish you a wonderful weekend <3

    1. I agree with you:) we should celebrate our gender and everyone should be free to be dressed however he or she likes.

  11. Dear Ivana, did you make this wonderful drawings? I´m impressed -you have really many skills!

    I don´t think that this year spring is absolutely late, although I remember some years when it was warm in February or March and I have worn shorts. But for example 2012, when I started my new Job on April the 16th, it was cold, too, because I remember that I have worn boots, winter blazer and a scarf ...

    But to be honest I believe that this year especially in Bavaria the summer wouldn´t become absolutely hot because in the mountains there is so many snow it it will take a lot of time until the snow melts! And during there is snow we have always an very icy wind.

    Wish you a great weekend, dear friend!

    xx Rena

  12. Wow, sei davvero brava!!!

  13. Not in Greece. In a few days we will wear our bikinis and we will go swimming.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  14. Super su ti ilustracije, a verujem da su i pite isto tako dobre!

  15. Nice illustrations. Great day.


All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.