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My take on the stripes trend: little white dress " bijela haljinica sa prugama"

February is behind us and today it is so sunny and warm  that one can think about spring trends. (Not as sunny and warm to actually wear this dress outdoors but you get what I mean) As for spring trends, one that  I like in particular would be the stripes trend. 

In connection with that I'm presenting a little white dress with stripes. This dress is just the perfect dress for has stripes, it's white with red dream dress basically. These photos were taken last summer, as you can probably guess from the cool brownish tan I'm sporting. 

Dragi moji, evo danas je lijepo i toplo i sunčano i da mi se razmišljati o proljeću, mogu razmišljati i o proljetnim trendovima malo. Jedan koji mi se posebno sviđa su prugice. Volim ih vidjeti na svemu, a u svezi sa tim... Ovo je moja haljina iz snova, ima sve što volim...bijela je, ima prugice i crvene detalje.

Usput palo mi je na pamet.... crna mala haljina nije baš najsretniji prijevod engleskog izraza LBD ili little black dress(a vidjela sam kako se koristi taj izraz) U svom jeziku imamo sufiks (-ica) koji se koristi kao umanjenica, stoga je bolje reći haljinica nego mala haljina. Primjećujem da engleski jezik pomalo, ali sigurno kvari neke domaće izraze i oduzima nam riječi koje imamo u svome jeziku, a sve zato jer nam se neda razmišljati pa sve doslovno prevodimo. Ima tko kakav komentar na to? 


  1. Ajme što si slatka u ovoj haljinici :))
    I slažem se s tobom što se tiče engleskog jezika i izraza, i ja imam dojam da se sve manje razmišlja i samo doslovno kupimo izraze koji nam pašu. Ja recimo znam masu ljudi koji u razgovoru koriste more engleskih fraza i riječi pa onda to sve zvuči ko neki bućkuriš hrvatskog i engleskog, to me zna strašno iznervirati.

  2. You look beautiful in everything!
    These tennis colours are so springlike.
    Have an exciting weekend!!

    Best Dressed Poland

  3. You are beautiful! I love this dress, it's lovely! You are always so elegant and sophisticated .. I admire you so much! Thank you for reading my story, it is an honor if you do it! I embrace you with sincere affection and I wish you a nice weekend! Kisses!

  4. OO, that dress lis really so nice. Have a great weekend,.

  5. wow very very nice my dear!

  6. Hola preciosa!!
    Me encantan las fotos son preciosas un besazo y feliz finde

  7. wow your legs are fabulous!!the dress is stunning ,you are looking awesome with that dress dear!

  8. lovely dress!!

  9. Your dress is so cute! I love that!

    xo, G.
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  10. Aww lovely dress! Congrats with the beginning of spring)))

    gvozdishe on Facebook

  11. This dress is really meant for summer, can´t believe that we would have one again! I like this stripe-trend very much, too, today I bought a striped balzer :)


  12. The dress suits you perfectly. You have an amazing figure! xoxo.

  13. What a beautiful dress and it looks so nice on you! Love the vertical stripes and red accents. Perfect!

  14. that dress looks really cute on you :)

  15. So pretty :)
    Your dress is adorable :)

  16. Thank you!! :) U look really pretty! :)

  17. odlično ti stoji ova haljina, a sama po sebi mi se veoma sviđa, stvarno ima sve što je potrebno za proljeće u jednom!
    Hvala ti na komentaru!
    Čitamo se ;) :**
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  18. This is one of the coolest outfits I have seen!!You have just styled it so perfect!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  19. Hello Ivana,

    your dress with stripes looks really good.

    Unfortunately it looks like your belt is broken - i'm sorry. I hope you can fix it.



    1. the belt is not broken, it is supposed to be that way. I will show it again in one of my new posts, so you will be able to see it more clearly. It is a really practical belt.

    2. "the belt is not broken" - good to hear.

      Thanks for this information.




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