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Eternal city (part two) / Vječni grad (drugi dio)

 As you can read (if you have the supermen's eyes) this is the University of Engineering.  It was not exactly one of the sights, but we did walk by it on our way to the basilica of S. Peter in chains, so I took a photo of it.

In front of basilica of saint Peter in chains (in italiano :San Pietro in Vincoli). As the name would imply it has something to do with saint Peter's chains. Actually, the chains are kept here and you can see them in the basilica.
Another amazing thing you can see in the  basilica is the statue of Moses. I found it to be absolutely perfect work of art but as a fan of Michelangelo I might be bias. 
The chains of saint Peter. If you had read the Bible you'll will know the story.
detail from the inside of the church

I was really impressed by this painting on the ceiling. It is absolutely beautiful. 
The grave of a famous Croatian miniaturist Juraj Julije Klović (in italian known as Giorgio Giulio Clovio - Croata) is here, but you would have had heard of him only if you are really into art.

Now moving to another place you have to see when you're visiting Rome....

 I think  all of you know what this is- the Colosseum. Its past is bloody and dark but it  is a monument to architecture ingenuity of the ancient Romans.
Everyone is taking photos...and what are you're supposed to do in front of it?

A little refreshment...eat healthy and all that...but to be honest I just like fruit.
It really is something to look at, isn't it?
Another must see.....Forum Romanum or what is left of it. The Forum Romanum once was a center of political, social and religious life of ancient Rome.

Next stop was the church Ara Celi. Beautiful church, located near the Forum Romanum. Significant to our tour because a Croatian queen Katarina is buried there.
inside of the church

 As you can read in the photo this is the grave of Katarina, the last queen of Bosnia (before the Turk invasion). Her husband was killed by the Turks, her children taken away and she died alone in the Rome. Sad story.

It was a very windy day and later on it rained heavily. Not that it stopped us from seeing what we came to see.
This is the view outside the church.

Now a few photos of yet another church that we have visited that day, the first barque church in Rome. This is the church of Gesu. Its full name is the Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.

This is the original painting. You have probably seen it before.
detail from the church
Magnificant painting at the center

If I'm not mistaking, this obelisks (located on piazza Navona) is known as Agonalis. Rome has the most obelisks in the world and if you want to see all of them you can find them on wikipedia.
a more detailed view...isn't this something? look at the details on the sculptures.

It was raining all day and at the end of it I was soaking wet. But you have to smile, right?
On the the most famous sights in Rome is the pantheon. It is considered to be one of the best preserved of all Roman buildings. Originally it was used as a temple of all gods of ancient Rome.

What I found particularly interesting was watching the rain fall trough the round hole in the roof. (if I can call it a roof or that round circle a hole, I mean it was designed that way) The sight of it was just magical.
 It was dark inside hence the photos didn't came out perfect.

This is a very famous fountain (Fontana di Trevi) I wasn't in the mood to fight all this people just for the sake of a photograph.

Finally, this is the church of saint Jerome in Rome. It was the last church we have visited that day and the only one in which Croatian was spoken.

The church of saint Jerome is as far as I know  the only Croatian church in Rome (In Croatian Crkva Svetog Jeronima) 

Evo, sada da ne prevodim sve, iako nisam rekla ništa previše bitno ili nešto što nije već dostupno, na fotografijama se može vidjeti:

- Crkva svetog Petra u okovima
- Koloseum
- Crkva Ara Celi
- Crkva Il gesu ili crkva presvetog imena Isusova
- Obelisk Agonalis
- Fontana di Trevi
- Panteon
- Crkva svetog Jeronima

Ukoliko imate kakvih pitanja, pitajte!

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful.. you! :D My friend.. here it's raining and cold! Bbr..
    :)) I like very much colosseum.. I'm an archaeologist and I love everything talks about history :D Kisses and a hug, sweet rose. Goodnight! :D

    1. so much history in one place...thank you for your comment:)

  2. Amazing photographs, the paintings on the ceilings have always been my favourite, xoxo.

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  4. I hope that taking so many photos did not ruin your pleasure of sightseeing..I experience this kind of distraction myself.
    Pictures are great !!!!

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  5. These are so beautiful! I can only hope that someday I can go there too!

    Lucky, lucky gal :)

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  6. Prošla sam čitavu Italiju i nekako uvijek nikako do Rima doći, a strašno ga želim vidjeti :))

    1. mene jedino muči što imam osjećaj da nisam vidjela Rim nego samo neka mjesta...stvarno čovjek mora malo duže negdje biti za vidjeti nešto kako treba.

  7. beautiful pics my dear!

  8. whao!!! stunning pictures, love your outfit too...

  9. I'm happy you liked my city!^^
    And you was lucky to visit Pantheon in a rainy day, this is a thhin pretty unknown, but that hole was biult for that magic effect!


  10. What an incredible architecture! I am always amazed when I am in Rome!


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  14. Rome! I miss it soooo much! Great photos dear! I really like your blog! If you’re interested in following each other on GFC and Facebook, it would be a pleasure! Love, D.



  15. That looks really so nice and I love history and places like that. I hope.. I will see it on my eyes one day. Have a great day.


  16. THE COLOSSEUM IS INCREDIBLE. So beautiful from your photos.

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  17. Hi beautiful, I loved your posts about ROME, beautiful all photos¡¡


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