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a statement necklace (DIY)/ ogrlica kao modna izjava (moji radovi)

When you're designing a necklace yourself, in some sense every necklace is a statement necklace. You're making a statement if it's your creation, right? Anyway, when it comes to necklaces, I go for the unusual.  If I 'm creating sometimes for my friends, I try to tone it down a little but when I'm doing it for myself I channel my inner craziness;)

Kad sami pravite ogrlicu za sebe, na neki način svaka je ogrlica nekakva modna izjava, samim time što je vaša osobna kreacija, zar ne? Kako god, kad se radi o ogrlicama, privlače me one neobične. Kad radim nešto za prijatelje (dobro većinom za prijateljice), onda napravim jednostavnije stvari,, ali kada radim nešto za sebe, onda pustim mašti na volju....

Kao što vidite ima tu pomalo svega, perlica, žice, a ovo na samom kraju je kamen obložen fimom. 

Ova je ogrlica gore vrlo ekološka, napravljena je od žireva. Da, od žireva! Samo sam ih prebojala zlatnim lakom, iscrtala i probušila. Ispod je žica, a mislim da se to i vidi na slici. Uglavnom, davno sam ovo napravila. 

Ova zelena ogrlica jako mi je draga, zato što je asimetrična i baš neobična. Zimi se može nositi i preko pulovera. Inače volim nositi ogrlice preko ovratnika (koleta) i pulovera, to mi se uvijek sviđalo. Kako je danas baš hladno, baš mi se ova zadnja kombinacija čini baš najprikladnijom. Što se vama čini? 


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You made some beautiful necklaces.
    I saw you went to Rome. I want to go there too.

    XO Arezu

  2. La prima è la mia preferita, bravissima!!


  3. You're wonderful! Your creations are beautiful, you're really a princess :) Lots of love.. <3 <3

  4. Dear Ivana, you´re such a creative woman and btw I couldn´t recognize any craziness by your side :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Svaka cast, ali moj glas ide ogrlici od zireva :-) divna mi je i forica totalna :-)

  6. OO, that is great. I did today DIY too.. But I will give that post later. I always love to do something creative. Have a nice day.

  7. wow, what an amazing diy!!
    my favorite one without doubt, the first one!!!

    hope we follow each other to stay in touch, i dooo


  8. Nice necklaces!

  9. Wow these are really nice :)

  10. Belli Ivana, li sfrutterai moltissimo quest'estate.
    A presto cara, buon weekend!!
    p.s. don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

  11. Good morning my dear Ivana,love both necklases,lovely photos!thank you so much for your comment dear!!wish you an amazing weekend,many many kisses!

  12. Beautiful necklaces
    Following you now, hope you will follow back <3

  13. woww amazingg!
    love you so much♥♥

    new amazing post upp♥!!!

  14. Zadnja mi je najdraža, super su mi i boje i čitava ideja :))

  15. Really nice creations, great job ;)

  16. Che belle, Ivana, le adoro tutte!!! Caterina

  17. These kind of things mean much more compared to those from shops.
    They have many layers of beauty!!
    All the best:):)
    Best Dressed Poland

  18. Hello Ivana,

    this are nice ones - good job!!!




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