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DIY post: how to make a statement collar and some other stuff/ kako napraviti sam ukras za kosu i osvježiti košulju ukrašavanjem ovratnika i još ponešto

Danas sam vam pripremila par jako jednostavnih stvari koje možete sami uraditi. Today I have prepared for you a few very simple DIYs.

1. Istaknuti ovratnik to bi bio hrvatski prijevod od "statement collar" koji je u zadnje vrijeme u trendu.  Zapravo ovo nije prvi put da radim ovakvo nešto, već sam jedan ovratnik ukrasila ili kako bismo mi u Dalmaciji rekli kolet. Prvi put stavila sam zlatnu dugmad, pa je izgledalo pomalo kao nakit, ali ovaj put odlučila sam se za nešto jednostavnije. Pošto jako volim košulje, nemam srca nijednoj tek tako odrezati ovratnik, pa je varijanta koju sam odabrala jednostavno ukrasiti ovratnik košulje koju već imam ( u ovom slučaju već ukrašen bojama za tkaninu). Sve što vam treba je par botuna (dugmadi) u boji i igla i konac. Jako jednostavno!

In short, this would be my take on a statement collar trend. I don't have the heart to cut the collar of any of my shirts so I just decorate the collars on the shirts that seem appropriate for it. In this case the collar was already painted on with colours for it (by me a few years ago), so I just had to sew some buttons on it and called it a day. This is a very simple DIY, all you need is a needle and a few buttons.

Što vam se čini? Meni ovakav ovratnik baš djeluje veselo.
So, what do you think? To me it looks somehow very playful.

2. Vrpca za kosu
Vrlo jednostavan način rađenja ukrasa za kosu je umetnuti traku fijokić (mašnu) u običnu ukosnicu. Možete se poslužiti žicom da je učvrstite, a možete je i samo svezati. Vjerovatno kući imate malo satenske trake, ako ništa možete rastaviti onaj ukras koji dobijete u svatovima i tako napraviti mali ukras. Što vas se čini?

3. DIY How to make your own  satin bow?
To make your own satin bow, all you just need some satin cord (you can buy it anywhere) a bobby pin. To make a bow from a satin cord and attach it to an ordinary bobby pin. Very simple as I said and it's much easier this way. I've seen films about old times and women always used to tie their hair with satin cord but that looks kind of difficult and  I think that after a few times you would have to iron the satin anyway that is what I meant when I said this seems easier.

 šminka ...ovo je pomalo nespretan pokušaj slikanja šminke. (svaka sugestija o slikanju je dobrodošla) Za predprošli Božić dobila sam od nevjeste razna sjenila pa sam odlučila malo promjeniti nešto i pokušati staviti sjenilo u nekoj veselijoj boji. Ne šminkad se baš puno inače, iako mi ne bi bilo loše da se češće mažem zbog problema sa tenom, ali to je duga priča. Ovo bi bio nekakva dnevna šminka, malo maskare, tuša i malo sjenila roze boje. Što vam se čini?

Now a somewhat clumsy attempt of taking a photo of my make up. Any tips on the subject would be more than welcomed! I'm kind of boring when it comes to make up so I decided to try something new with a pink eye shadow. What do you think?

3. Kako oslikati običnu bijelu košulju?  Osim prvog prijedloga, a to je uređivanje ovratnika, možete uvijek nešto napisati na košulji. Ja volim slikati, ali pisanje je jednostavnije, pogotovo za vas koji možda ne volite crtanje i slično (ipak ne zaboravite na šablone to vam uvijek može pomoći). Zašto ne spojiti modu i moju ljubav prema jezicima.Mislim da ovo nisam spomenula prije, ali jedna od novogodišnjih odluka mi je naučiti hebrejski. 
How to refresh an ordinary white shirt? Besides the first DIY that involves a statement collar, you can always write something on it. ( For those of you who don't enjoy painting this is the perfect DIY) I love printed tees, so why not write on a shirt? Indeed, why shouldn't I join my love towards languages and fashion? All you need is some colour suitable for the job and you can buy that in any hobby shop.

I don't think I have mentioned this before but one of my resolution for this year is to learn Hebrew.  I like the sound of the language and the script is beautiful. What do you think about this DIY?


  1. I love your DIYs! So cute :)

  2. So great,love the collar and the ribbons in your hair. Happy Monday doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. So great!


  4. You're so creative and sweet! :D Make up is perfect, I love that colour and your eyes are beautiful, my dear :) A big kiss and a hug <3

  5. You look so pretty!!! I love your makeup!!!
    Have a good week! and my g+...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. I like posts like this, thanks for sharing, xoxo.

  7. you look so pretty, such a cute collar!

    ❤ Margherita ❤

    Frivolezze Provinciali

  8. Gorgeous eye make up Dear ! You look so pretty <3

  9. I do like this! Bows are always so cute- and I like the matching makeup. Learning Hebrew! That's so cool- I heard it's a hard language to learn!

    This is Christine from BASI, by the way. I saw you have your badge up! yay! I wanted to remind you to please add yourself on our online directory which I sent you so that I can introduce you and your blog to the rest of the BASI family, and so that we can welcome you on our BASI Facebook page! :D I look forward to your reply!

    God bless,

  10. So simple but yet so stylish make up. Loved it!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  11. oh very cool idea!! nice :D
    thanks for your visit!!

  12. Hi lovely,thank you for your nice comment!
    I'm following back on GFC
    When you have a chance, take a look at my latest post :)
    Fashion tea at 5

  13. Super ti stoji mašnica :)) i woow hebrejski, držim fige da si ostvariš želju :)

  14. Nice idea!



  15. Hello Ivana,

    i like this red coloured smokey eyes Make Up!

    Nice one!!!




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