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How To Find an Ideal Floral Dress For Yourself? (Zaful Wish List )

What are the clothing items that you associate with summer? In my case, it's printed dresses. Printed dresses are definitely my 'go to' outfit in summer. You just throw them on and you're ready to go. Printed dresses are quite easy to style. Moreover, with these kind of dresses, often the 'less is more' rule applies. Meaning that accessories are optional because the print creates enough visual interest on its own.  Naturally, you can wear all the accessories with them that you want, but it is entirely your personal choice. Sometimes it is refreshing not to overthink the accessories, isn't it? I love the fact that there are so many different floral prints trending right now. From vintage floral print to bold floral prints, there is a floral print for everyone this summer. It's all about finding the one you like the most. Speaking of which, today I prepared a little guide for finding an ideal floral dress with a selection of dresses from Zaful


How to find your an ideal floral print dress for you?

1. Think about the prints that  you usually wear or those you would like to wear. What kind of floral prints do you generally enjoy? If you like, for example, tops with sunflower print, maybe it is time you try a dress with the same print. Do you like bold prints or more subtle ones? Do you like tiny floral print or oversize one? Whatever might be your presence, this summer you're in luck, as all kind of floral prints are trending, from abstract ones to bold ones, from subtle vintage ones to big floral ones. You can do no wrong. 

2. Think about colours and shades that look good on you. Colour theory is no sham, we all have colours and shades that make us look better or worse. Once you identified the your colour palette, shopping for that ideal floral dress should be a bit easier. Floral dresses tend to be colourful, but it is is always good to pay attention to the most dominate colour of the dress. If you aren't certain what it is, sometimes it helps to stand back a little further away and see the dress from the distance. Without the print to distract you, this way you should be able to identify the dominant shades and decide whether they are those the kind that looks good on you. 

3. Think about the length and the cut you would like to wear. Do you feel more comfortable in a maxi then in a mini dress? Then go for maxi. You want something in between? Then choose a midi floral dress. Perhaps you already have a lot of dresses in certain cut and you want your floral dress to be something different. Alternatively, you might already be quite certain of what length and cut works best for you. In that case, go for that. If you're shopping online, make sure you pay attention to measurements. That way you'll be sure you'll be getting exactly what you want, be it a mini, midi or a maxi floral dress. 

4. Think about materials and details. What kind of materials do you like? Do you like sheer fabrics or do you prefer something else? If you don't like anything sheer or transparent keep in mind that darker fabrics tend to be less transparent than lighter ones. Still, even a lighter dress might  not be transparent if it has a dense print that is colorful enough. If you're buying a store, a good trick is to put your hand under the fabric. If you can see your hand, you know it's transparent. If you're shopping online, try to see as many images of the product as you can and make your judgement on that. Moving on! Details are important as well? Do you like romantic details like ruffles? Do you like dresses with buttons? Write down all the details you typically like in a dress. You can even try to imagine what your ideal floral dress should be like. That should help you narrow down your choices. 

5. Think about your favourites. What are the items in your closet that are dearest to you? It doesn't have to be a dress, it can be anything. Think about why do you like that particular item? Is it its design? Is it its print? Is it the material or a combination of things? By taking the time to figure out what you already like in your closet, you'll be better able to make a good choice. I said that you don't have to look only at dress, but it will probably help to look at  dresses you already have (or those you would like to own) and figure out why you like them so much? Perhaps you can look for the dress you already have but you worn it once too many times? Anyhow, thinking about your clothing favourites does help in pin pointing your personal style- and that helps with finding the ideal floral dress.


4 /5

If any of these dresses has caught your eye, or you want to check out Zaful, yuo save up a by using these  Zaful coupons: 

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  1. These are all great tips! (And choices might I add!) I've always been the kind of girl to gravitate towards more neutral colours and apparel without prints, however, this summer I have really been gravitating towards more colourful printed clothing such as army green, blue, tomato red, and mustard, and patterns like polka dots and florals. I know shocking right?! lol. I mean it's hard not to try wearing prints because that's pretty much all there is in the stores. I haven't shopped at Zaful before but I gravitate toward a lot of their clothing so now must be the perfect opportunity to check it out! Thanks for the coupon codes!

  2. These are some amazing tips! I loved the beige floral dress and the blue mini dress, they both are so cute!
    I am back after a month long hiatus, hope you’ve been well! Missed reading your posts! :)
    Ankita Bardhan | Real Girl Talks

  3. Thanks a lot :)

    great tips and super cool selection :D

    Instagram // Facebook Official Page // Miguel Gouveia - Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  4. In love with the last one in blue!

  5. Beautiful post! I like floral print.
    kisses. ♥

  6. Amazing pieces! Love these dresses!

  7. They are very cute dresses! Thank you for sharing! :)

    I find I wear dresses a lot in summer, they are such easy instant outfits! :)

    Hope that you're having a great week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Che carini i vestiti che hai selezionato, il mio genere è decisamente quello corto in stile boho!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. Floral dresses are my favorite to be honest. I love the black embroidery option the most!

  10. Great tips dear. I do pick dresses based on style and color too. Anyway, nice picks you have here. My fave would be the blue wrapped style dress. It's simple, but really chic and classy.

    Jessica |

  11. Nailed it with this wishlist! I'll take one of each, please ;)


  12. You gave some great tips for picking out floral summer dresses. I really like the short black floral dress with bell sleeves. So stylish!


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