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Touching Up Old Marker Drawings & Making Some New Marker Art

Hello, how are you? I'm fine. Yesterday I had spent the whole day working on a commission painting and I must admit that I'm exhausted. The painting is nearly finished, but still needs a bit of work. I've been working on it for days now, and I can't wait to see it done. It is a family portrait, so I'm kind of stressed. I mean, it is such a huge responsibility to paint something like that. You are basically creating a painting that will hang in somebody's living room forever. I might show it to you tomorrow or some time this week if you're curious. Fingers crossed that I manage to finish it. Anyhow, today I decided to step back a bit and show you something a bit different, that is, my marker art.


Not only have I been retouching some marker art lately,  I've also been drawing more with markers. The plan is to share it all with you today. Let me know what you think. I already shared one drawing on Instagram yesterday, and today you can see them all, the old and the new. 

Originally, I had drawn this marker illustration only in purple, but recently I've decided to add a bit of blue. Lately I've been obsessing with purple and blue combinations. I don't know what it is about the combination of these two colours, but I love it, especially in drawing. As you can perhaps see because I put it next to a mini bag on the photo above, this illustration is a typical A4 format. 

Right now, this illustration is available on 24 products on Redbubble site. It is not available in my tictal shop yet, but I might upload it in the future. The same applies to the other illustrations I'm sharing today, all of them are available on Redbubble, and here is my account if you'd like to have a look. I do like how this type of drawing looks on products. Maybe I'll make more space for this type of creations in the future, we'll see. 

 pillows / studio pouch / mug / travel mug laptop skin / iPad case/skinSamsung galaxy cover /  

This illustration below was also originally done with a purple marker, but recently I decided to add a bit of a blue marker. I guess I just like the combination of these two colours: purple and blue. I also added a bit of green marker. If you remember, I shared the original drawing (here) on Instagram a long time ago. I'm pretty sure I shared the others as well. 

In this third case, I did the same thing, added a bit of blue marker but I'm not sure am I happy with alterations or not. I think I'll wait for a bit and then see what I will do. Maybe I will keep it as it is, maybe I will make some changes, maybe I will draw another sketch based on this one. Probably the most difficult thing to learn when it comes to art is knowing when to stop. I think I already wrote about it on my blog, but yes deciding on whether or not we should edit or retouching our work can be quite tricky.

This forth illustration was inspired by Summer. Just like with the illustration above, I had initially drawn it in one colour, but then decided to add other colours. I think it's a fun illustration. Maybe I will make more art like this in the future. We'll see. When it comes to art, I use all types of medias and I'm currently painting in at least six or seven different styles. It can all get a bit overwhelming at times, but I still find it hard to decide on solely one medium. There is so much I want to do and try. It will be fun to see what will happen in the future.




This fifth illustration I'm sharing was originally a watercolour, but I decided to add some finishing touches with markers. I do like how it turned out and I think it looks cute on products.  As you can probably see from these illustration, I'm often inspired by nature, more precisely by nature based mythology. I've always loved stories of fairies and forest creatures, so that's a big inspiration for me.

                                                                           NEW ART 

Now, some of my new creations. The fashion illustration you can see below was done with coloured pencils and makers. It depicts a very fashionable bookworm wearing a sheer polka dot blouse and a blue skirt. Do you like reading? Do you like polka dots? Would you wear something like this. I totally would and perhaps I will.  This was a fun fashion sketch to do. I need ti remember to do more art devoted to bookworms. I love reading so it makes sense to create art inspired by reading.

Markers and coloured pencils on paper


My final illustration was actually inspired by one of my own outfits. The house depicted in the background was based on one of historical houses you can find in Mostar. How do you like it? I love fashion illustrations that come with an interest background, but perhaps you have already noticed that.


That would be all! I've actually run out of markers recently because I've been using them so much. As I said many times, I'm not sure are they my medium or not but I'm ready to give everything a try. Right now, the plan is to focus more on working with acrylics but I might repurchase more markers in the future. I might even order some copic markers. If you have any art brands to recommend, feel free to do so. 

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  1. Dear Ivana, I'm convinced that your commission work will turn out perfectly as usual! And they will be happy to see this drawing each day in their living room. Looking forward to see the finished work. And I like as usual the drawings you show here. You created wonderful drawings with markers and it is so cool that you can buy all these pieces with this drawing at that shop. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful and very happy week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I do hope so. Portraits are probably the hardest thing to paint.

  2. Your illustrations are so beautiful!! And they look great in all the different object! I would love to see the final result of your work! :)

    Have a lovely Monday!


    Seize your Style

  3. How fun is this! Lovely illustration and so fun on the shirts and mugs!
    Thank you so much for the sweet comments about my daughter - that really meant a lot to me. It can feel isolating to go through something no one else seems to be going through, and it's nice to hear that I'm not alone, and she's likely to be perfectly fine.

  4. Trovi sempre tecniche e modi nuovi ed originali da sperimentare, Ivana!
    Mi piacciono molto i tuoi lavori con i pennarelli, hanno un'aspetto molto moderno e vivace!
    Il mio preferito è l'ultimo!
    In bocca al lupo per il ritratto di famiglia che stai facendo, sono sicura che sarà bellissimo! :)

  5. Such wonderful illustrations Ivana, you did an amazing job as ever, very cool and original. The products are lovely too, the mugs in particular. Kisses! xo

  6. Wow, that's really cool! I love your illustrations on clothes and goods.

  7. Great Work Ivana, the Illustrations are fantastic! You are very talented <3


  8. A commission painting of a family portrait sounds really exciting Ivana. Yes it is a big responsibility but I'm sure you wouldn't have been tasked with this if your clients didn't love your work and think that you couldn't deliver. And it's really cool that you've started selling your art on Redbubble :)

  9. Io lo voglio vedere Ivana e poi non ti devi preoccupare perché la gente compra la tua arte non quello che vorrebbero che tu disegnassi!
    Belli i rework e belli anche i nuovi disegni!

  10. To be honest with you, I am not so keen on markers generally, because I find them hard to control- they can 'bleed' colour which I am not happy about, but you seem to have found a happy compromise with them and have produced some really excellent work! I like the new one- you have somehow achieved a delicacy with them that I could not achieve!!x

    1. yes, they can be a bit unpredictable especially when used on ordinary paper.

  11. Wow, this is really beautiful and a great talent that you have right there.

  12. Thanks a lot :D

    OMGGG! I can't believe :D This is an amazing new, my dear! I'm so proud :D
    I want a t-shirt :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  13. What a great idea. Looks so good.

  14. I'm happy to hear about your commission painting. It is really exciting, I'm so excited to see your work. Whenever I saw your art, I want to try my hands in drawing but always hesitate. The illustration on the tees and the other things look so beautiful. You are really very talented girl. I wish you a lot of success in this field!
    Have a lovely day <3 Kisses <3

  15. I LOVE that idea and your works <3 impressive !!!
    Amazing colours, you have great and big talent dear, Gratulations !!
    Wish you a lot of success in this :***

    Kisses :**

  16. Oh very interesting darling


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