Can We Talk About the Backpack Trend? An Outfit Proposal of the Day: Pairing a Backpack With a Leather Jacket.

I liked the backpack trend right from the start, but for some reason I wasn't in a hurry to get a backpack. I'm often that way. I often like to wait for the hype to wind down before I buy something. It is not so much about waiting for a discount, as it is about that precious feeling of doing things in my own time. However, not pursuing trends is probably not a bad strategy if you want to economize on your clothing expenses because it gives you a chance to decide what you really want and prevents you from buying something just because it is in. Not that there is anything wrong with following trends. I sometimes do, and sometimes I don't, for reasons I just explained. 

I honestly do enjoy paying attention to trends, I especially enjoy that feeling of people getting exciting about something or finding they have something in common. Trends are not a bad thing at all, they keep things interesting and they often remind us to shop our closets and wear items of clothing we have totally forgot about. Moreover, I love reading about trends. Nevertheless, as someone who is not prone to impulse buys, I tend to follow those trends that are here to stay.

Can we talk about the backpack trend? Do you own a backpack? If you do, what kind? Do you like to wear backpacks with casual outfits or to you prefer to dress them up? Perhaps you already learned how to make most out of all the ways one can wear  backpack? If you have, please do share. When this whole backpack trend appeared, I knew what kind of backpack I wanted to get, an elegant one, the kind that can be worn both with formal and informal clothing. I didn't have anything fixed in my mind, but I knew that I wanted a backpack that looked like a fancy bag and could be worn as well. 

Can We Talk About the Backpack Trend? An Outfit Proposal of the Day: Pairing a Backpack With a Leather Jacket.

Seeing that I'm a bit lazy with shopping and all, I only bought my ideal backpack around the start of this year. That particular day it started raining out of the blue so my husband and I went in a store to buy two umbrellas. When we decided which umbrellas we want, I noticed this backpack. It was exactly what I had in mind, but was too lazy to look for. Black leather, elegant, with an adorable gold clasp. It even had the red, white and blue series of stripes (like the flag of Croatia, the country I'm from). You all know how much I love stripes, don't you? Long story short, I bought it and since then I'm wearing it all the time.

Now I'm sorry that I haven't jumped on this whole backpack wagon before. Backpacks are so practical! Backpacks leave you with free hands to use anyway you want, they prevent posture problems and make you look trendy instantly. I'm really happy that this backpack trend (that started a few years ago if I remember well) is here to stay. When something is trendy, usually it means that we get to have more options. Naturally I had a backpack or two, before I bought this one but those backpacks were of the practical kind, the ones you take hiking not the kind you can wear for a coffee date with a friend.


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Considering that I have a bad case of scoliosis, I shouldn't wear bags at all, especially not heavy ones. When we wear a bag on one shoulder, we're basically making that shoulder drop. It might not seem like a big thing, but doctors are actually warning women about it. If you like to wear big or heavy bags, make sure you at least rotate the shoulders you wear them on. This way you can prevent potential back problems. Prevention is always important. They say one has to suffer for beauty, but that doesn't always has to be the case. Often we can find comfortable solutions that are just as stylish, if only we give it some thought. I mean looking fashionable, stylish or cute isn't exactly rocket science, especially today when there are so many different styles of bags available. So, be wary of your bag wearing habits.

My back problem is a bit more complex, so it is not like bag choice will play a big role in it. I'm only writing about it to warn those who might have back problems because of it and aren't even aware of it. Many people today lead sedentary lifestyles that result in almost no back muscles, so even habits like wearing a bag on the same shoulder can be potentially problematic. Even people who do work out often focus on developing their abs and never think about how important back muscles are. One PA teacher told me that I wouldn't believe how many bodybuilders have back problems because they focus too much on abs muscles. My point? Back muscles are important!

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Anyway, today I'm sharing with you one of my firsts January outfit. Somehow I didn't manage to share this casual outfit before, perhaps because there were so many other things going on in January but I do love this styling. This was the first time I styled this backpack and this is the outfit I came up with- a very classic pairing of a denim skirt with a vintage leather jacket.  I wore this vintage leather jacket so many times ( for example here, here , here and here) and the reason why I love it so much is probably because I got it from my hubby. He wore it when he way younger. I think you can actually see it on the photographs and sense how much I adore this leather jacket. It makes me feel like a rock star and you have to love an item of clothing that makes you feel like that.  In one of my old outfit posts, I wrote down reasons why is a leather jacket always a good choice, so let's remember them again: 


1. It can be worn with everything. Seriously, with anything! Name one other clothing item that can be worn with sportswear ( for example joggers) and a gown without making you look like a crazy person? I dare you to it. Can you think of anything? I can't. A trench coat comes close, but if you wear a trench coat with your gym clothes you won't look as cool as you would be if you worn them with the leather jacket. Yes, trench coat is very versatile, but nothing is as quite versatile as a leather jacket.

2. It looks fantastic on both genders. It does! It is one sole items that I equally adore to see on both men and women. A good leather jacket is not only timeless, it is unisex. This is good news because you can steal it from your sweetheart. You can share it! How romantic! You can even wear matching ones for Saint Valentine's day.

3. It is the perfect item to get any outfit dressed down. It really is. Like I explained in my first point, wearing a leather jacket makes any outfit more cool and effortless. Pair a leather jacket with a skirt and you automatically have that urban feminine chic down. 

4. From a strictly practical point of view, a leather jacket is great because it blocks wind. It really keeps you protected against the wind (that was its prime function back in the day). It is also a great protection against the sun ( I see some of you thinking WHAT? but when you live in a region when sun can gets quite intense even in Winter, you get it). When a day is hot and sunny yet windy,  it may be all that is standing between you and a cold.

5. You might get confused for a rock star. ( And who doesn't want that?!!!!) I mean does this clothing item has that badass vibe or what? Invoke your inner rebel. Wear it with pride. Rock it. Own it. Leather jacket can be a very powerful clothing item when you wear it with the right attitude.

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leather jacket: vintage, backpack (not sure about the brand, I bought in Borsa store in Mostar), denim skirt: Amadeus, faux fur leg warmers: nosens, boots: not sure about the brand


  1. Super kombinacija! Ja sam dugo vremena pružala otpor ruksacima, prošle godine su mi se počeli sviđati. Dok se odlučim kupiti jedan, vjerojatno će već izaći iz mode ;)
    A kožnu jaknu još nisam našla pravu, sad sam već došla u fazu da bih od lažne kože.

    1. jakne od lažne kože su odlična stvar, ja sam ovu od prave ukrala od muža, inače sumnjam da bi kupila tako nešto, izbirljiva sam, a kvalitetne kožne jakne su često i dosta skupe.

  2. Backpacks have been really in, and it's the cool thing it seems.

  3. Anche io sono davvero entusiasta della moda degli zainetti, sono carini e super pratici soprattutto se ti muovi in città e devi prendere il bus o la metro!
    Quanto al seguire le tendenze, essendo io una persona molto curiosa e desiderosa di provare sempre cose nuove, quando arriva un nuovo trend può capitare che qualche volta mi piaccia tanto fin da subito e mi ci tuffi immediatamente, altre volte invece ho bisogno di più tempo per capire se faccia per me ed in che modo potrei sfruttarlo, altre volte ancora non mi piace e non importa quanto sia di moda non lo considero proprio (tipo il trend dei jeans strappati).
    Super carino e molto stiloso il tuo look, una bella giacca di pelle ha sempr il suo perchè e vale la pena averne almeno una nell'armadio!

  4. Your outfit is really cute! I do like the backpack trend but I haven't bought one yet. I'm so used to handbags it feels strange XD I think that last time I wore a backback was to school up until I was about 12 probably XD xx

  5. I bought a cute and stylish backpack last year and I can't stop wearing it! They are super comfortable and easy to style!!

    Love the one you have!!! It's super cool!


    Seize your Style

  6. No, no, don't worry about not jumping on the trend immediately, sometimes it takes a bit for us to like something - or even someone :) So, now that you are wearing it, it looks so amazing, dear Ivana! It surely looks good for both genders and I really loved your outfit! I have some backpacks that are old,but still look good - they were fashionable some time ago. I just don't know whether I will wear them now, but I guess I will - they are so practical! You look so beautiful, dear Ivana, I hope you have a beautiful day!

  7. No, no, don't worry about not jumping on the trend immediately, sometimes it takes a bit for us to like something - or even someone :) So, now that you are wearing it, it looks so amazing, dear Ivana! It surely looks good for both genders and I really loved your outfit! I have some backpacks that are old,but still look good - they were fashionable some time ago. I just don't know whether I will wear them now, but I guess I will - they are so practical! You look so beautiful, dear Ivana, I hope you have a beautiful day!

  8. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice day)

  9. Nice backpack

  10. I am a HUGE fan of backpacks & I couldn't agree more - they look fantastic on anyone :) So important, like you said, not to overpack so it's too heavy.
    Your post was also a brilliant reminder to take care of my back better!
    xox Nadia

  11. Il tuo zaino é davvero bello e mi piace molto indossato con la giacca in pelle e la gonna in denim!
    Buon San Valentino tesoro!
    Kisses, Paola.

  12. I love backpack, though I don't have much such kind of bag in my closet. You are right that it should not be over packed. You look so pretty. Love this post.
    Have you Great day dear 😍

  13. I hope you are feeling fine, I am very glad to see you smiling! Happy Valentine's day with you beloved one!

  14. I can completely understand why you prefer for the hype to die down before investing in a trend, it becomes more personal to yo then and less running with the crowd, at a guess! :) I love your backpack and you wear it well Ivana, you look so cool and stylish! Happy Valentine's Day!! x

  15. I honestly haven't used a backpack since my school days. While I think they're cute and practical, they can be a pain when commuting because I don't want to be the rude person who doesn't take it off my back so I keep hitting people with it. Your backpack is adorable and it works perfectly with this outfit :)

  16. I think they look super cute, well depends on the style. I like yours a lot, it goes well with the jacket.

  17. Hi! I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day for yesterday! Love the backpack!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  18. Dear Ivana, for sure I like backpacks! And you did it right that you finally bought such a kind of a bag. Sometimes it really makes sense not to jump immediately on the bandwaggon and I think you strategy (or how you are doing it with trends) makes totally sense! Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like backpacks and therefore so far I didn't buy one. But who knows what the future will bring :) Love also your outfit, yes, a leather jacket definitely is very versatile! And no doubt: I love your denim skirt.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  19. Looks really interesting! As usual great post)

  20. I like backpacks and you did is absolutely right. I loved the way you styled your outfit. In love with your denim skirt. The leather jacket has made this look even more stylish <3Have a great day <3 Kisses <3

  21. I've been noticing the backpack trend. I had such heavy one's in school and such HaHaHa that I'm not interested in investing in one. They can be cute. Love yours! Love leather jackets! That's an ongoing trend that I will continue.


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