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Potraži me u predgrađu....Search for me in the suburbs....

This post is long overdo. Actually these photographs were taken as far back as last Spring. I know, they've been in the archives for a while now. All the reason more to finally share them here. The location where these photographs were taken is Rodoch. If you want to see more photographs from this place, you can check out this recent post of mine.

Ova objava dosta kasni jer zapravo ove fotografije su uslikane prošloga proljeća. Znam, znam, već su dugo u arhivi. Razlog više da ih konačno podijelim. Lokacija za ove fotografije bio je Rodoč. Želite li vidjeti više fotografija iz ovoga mjesta, možete ih vidjeti u ovoj nedavnoj objavi.

Ova dvorišta puna neba i ptica                        These yards filled with sky and birds
uđu kao muzika stara                           like old music access a place
nekad duboko u nas                      somewhere deep in us
i tu zauvijek ostaju.                       and remain there forever
Tu ćeš sresti                              You will meet there
davno poznata lica               long known faces
jedan je kuštravi dječak              one boy with messy hair
uvijek u proljeće tu,                is always here in Spring
ti znaš zašto dolazi. *                     you know why he comes.

                                                              lyrics from this song/  stihovi ove pjesme


I will probably never get tired of wearing this midi skirt. This time I decided to pair it with a dress! I often wear dresses as tops. I think that one of the reasons I do it of practical nature. I own more dresses than tops. Do you ever wear skirts over dresses? What do you think about it? Speaking of this dress, it features embroidery I did myself. Do you like this embroidery trend? Have you ever tried doing embroidery?

Nikada mi neće dosaditi ova suknja dužine do gležnjeva. Ovoga puta odlučila sam je uskladiti s haljinom. Čestom nosim haljine umjesto majica (topova). Mislim da je jedan od razloga čisto praktične prirode. Imam više haljina nego majica. Nosite li vi ikada suknje preko haljina? Što vam se čini od toga? Kad smo već kod haljine, vez na njoj sam sama radila. Sviđa li vam se ovaj trend veza na odjeći? Jeste li sami nešto slično probali? 

Slikovni rezultat za modaodaradosti embroidery

scarf/marama: dar
dress/haljina: old+ DIY embroidery ( stara haljina, a vez je moj rad)
shoes/cipele: nosens

This area is know as Varda. Its located about Rodoch. The view from there is quite stunning, wouldn't you agree? I'm always amazed at just how much beauty there is in the area surrounding Mostar city. During Spring, everything is so green. I love it. That would be all for today. Thank you for reading!

Ovo područje je poznato kao Varda, a nalazi se iznad Rodoča. Pogled odavde je jako lijep, zar se ne biste složili? Uvijek se oduševim koliko ljepota ima u ovom području koje okružuje grad Mostar. U proljeće je sve zeleno i jako mi se to sviđa. To bi bilo sve za danas. Hvala na čitanju!


  1. wow beautiful amazing photos :)

  2. I like how you styled the scarf, looks so chic, maybe can add fedora or floppy hat then you totally look like French girl :)



  3. You look super cute :) Love the combination of outfit!

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I really like this photos and this outfit!

  5. In love with your outfit and location!
    That skirt is precious
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  6. The outfit, the view and the beauty surrounding is absolutely great, Ivana. I love me a great skirt any time. Gorgeous! :)

  7. Nice post Beautiful! Thanks for sharing xx
    OHIAMIHT | By Thi-Mai

  8. Nice post Beautiful! Thanks for sharing xx
    OHIAMIHT | By Thi-Mai

  9. It may be a year later but it's like you've come full circle since it's around the same time that you took these last year. Glad you shared them. Rodoch looks beautiful and the spring spirit is alive in these photos. And it's easy to see why you can't get enough of that pretty midi skirt. The style is so classic and versatile.

  10. Such beautiful flowers and pics)) You look so classy Ivana. The skirt is adorable!

  11. SO much that I love about this post! I love your clever embroidery! I keep meaning to embroider stars onto a shirt, but I am scared to ruin it! Your midi skirt is fab- I like them for swishing in!
    The views of Mostar are refreshingly empty of human signs!x

    1. it is not actually a view of Mostar...this area is located near Mostar. It is above Rodoch ( a sort of suburb of Mostar city).

  12. A dress? I would have sworn it's a skirt and a top. It's beautiful Ivana, and the embroidery is amazing. Girl you have many talents, that's for sure. Love the spring spirit in the pics above and you look beautiful in this elegant outfit.
    New update: A Cheerful Gift From My Knitting Pals

  13. I swear you live in a beautiful place, Ivana. Yes, these pictures are from last Spring but gosh, you are surrounded by beautiful nature. I have never tried the whole dress as top trend but I'm also not very experimental with my wardrobe.

  14. Very chic outfit ! This skirt is perfect on you :)

  15. Predivne fotografije i uopšte ne smeta što nisu najnovije. A, tek stihovi, baš, baš mi se dopadaju.


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