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Inspired by Tijana / Nadahnuta s Tijanom....

Time for another Inspired by.... feature. So, recently I illustrated Tijana from blog fashionabejita. The medium I  have chosen is watercolour on paper. It feels nice to be doing aquarelle art again, but to be honest at the moment I'm enjoying drawing just as much. Yesterday, I've done a few colour pencil drawings. So, it is mostly  pencils drawings and watercolours these days. Sometimes I even combine the two because mixed media is always fun. Right now, I'm really missing working with oil paints, but well there are only 24 hours in a day. Probably it will be a while until I take up oil painting again. I don't really have a favourite medium, I always felt comfortable working with different techniques. Anyhow, this painting was inspired by this post. It is a wonderful post, do check it out.

Vrijeme za još jednu Nadahnuta s...rubriku. Ilustrirala sam, nedavno, Tijanu s bloga fashionabejita. Medij su vodene bojice na papiru.  Lijepo je opet raditi akvarele, ali da budem iskrena, trenutno jednako uživam i u crtanju. Jučer sam napravila nekoliko crteža bojicama. Tako da u zadnje vrijeme, većinom su u rotaciji bojice i vodene boje. Ponekad kombiniram oboje jer je uvijek zabavno iskombinirati medije. Trenutno mi nedostaje baš slikanje s uljanim bojama, ali nažalost u danu ima samo 24 sata. Vjerojatno će potrajat dok opet ne počnem slikati s uljanim pojama. Zapravo i nemam neki omiljeni medij, uvijek mi je bilo ugodno raditi s različim tehnikama. Kako god, ova slika je nadahnuta ovom objavom. Divna je objava, obavezno je pogledajte.

Inspired by.....


  1. Divan post! :D


    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Very sunny and joyful, especially now, when autumn comes.=)

  3. That's amazing!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Very sunny and happy illustration! I love your inspired images))
    Have a nice day, Ivana))

  5. Beautiful, really nice post!

  6. Lovely post :)

  7. Beautiful! Have a nice sunday! Kisses:))


  8. Hello there Ivana! Hope you're doing right!

    I really love Tijana's style, she always brings up that happy-youthful attitude that is so contagious regardless of your humor, and I have to add her pictures are stunning and I always end up inspired after visiting her blog. So I think she's one of the best references you could find for your art. I love the result and I'm happy to see that you're always changing ways of doing things :D That's the best way to keep up your creative moto, I swear ;)

    See you in the next post and happy October, Ivana!

    1. thank you Pablo, I'm doing ok, thank you. Yes, I love her style too!!! the post that inspired me to make this painting was full of positive energy.

  9. Lovely image! I also love to draw or paint, but I'm usually short of time... In these days I have to sew a few mouses for Claire-Genevieve :D

    1. that's so cute! I bet she loves to play with toy mouses.

  10. This illustration has such a fun and careful spirit!

  11. All the vivid colors and the solid mountains behind. Dramatic and lovely stuff, dear!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  12. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  13. Evo Tijanice :-) Odlicno si je ilustrovala, zaista si prenela njenu pozitivnu energiju iz fantasticnog posta :-)

  14. Ja, pa ja tek sad vidim ovo! Šta sam sve propustila. Ja mislim da mi je ovo tvoja najdraža ilustracija do sada (kada sam ja u pitanju). Mnogo mi se sviđa kako je ispalo i kako si prenela pozitivni duh koji izvire iz originalne fotografije. Čak mi je tvoja verzija još nekako draža i pozitivnija. Hvala ti na svemu! Baš si me oduševila <3


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